Top 50 FIFA 21 Players

 The new edition of the FIFA franchise comes with a list full of changes in the average player. Like every year, there are ups and downs in the rating, and it's good to know who remains with good performance on the football field. In the following list, you will see the 50 best FIFA 21 players according to the average, that is, the general rating. We also inform you in which teams they are in and in what year their contracts end. Know now!

PlayerHalfPositionAgeEquipmentEnd of contract
Leo Messi93DE33FC Barcelona2021
Cristiano Ronaldo92DC35Juventus2022
Robert Lewandowski91DC32Bayern Munich2023
Kevin DeBruyne91MCO29Manchester City2023
Neymar Jr.91IS28Paris Saint-Germain2022
Jan Oblak91BY27Atletico Madrid2023
Virgil van Dijk90CFD29Liverpool2023
Kylian Mbappe90DCtwenty-oneParis Saint-Germain2022
Mohammed Salah90DE28Liverpool2023
Sadio Mane90IS28Liverpool2023
Marc-André ter Stegen90BY28FC Barcelona2022
Sergio Ramos89CFD3. 4real Madrid2021
Manuel Neuer89BY3. 4Bayern Munich2023
Sergio Aguero89DC32Manchester City2021
Karim Benzema89SD32real Madrid2022
Casemiro89DCM28real Madrid2023
Thibaut Courtois89BY28real Madrid2024
Joshua Kimmich88DCM25Bayern Munich2023
Tony Kroos88MC30real Madrid2023
harry kane88DC27Tottenham Hotspur2024
Eden Hazard88IS29real Madrid2024
Raheem Sterling88IS25Manchester City2023
paulo dybala88SD26Juventus2022
Ederson88BY27Manchester City2025
N'Golo Kante88DCM29Chelsea2023
Samir Handanović88BY36Inter de Milan2022
kalidou koulibaly88CFD29SSC Naples2023
Luka modric87MC35real Madrid2021
Cyrus Immobile87DC30Latium2025
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang87DC31Arsenal2023
Bruno Fernandes87MCO26Man Utd2025
Angel Di Maria87DE32Paris Saint-Germain2021
Jadon Sancho87MDtwentyBorussia Dortmund2023
Heung Min Son87ME28Tottenham Hotspur2023
Luis Suarez87DC33Atletico Madrid2022
Trent Alexander Arnold87LD22Liverpool2024
Antoine Griezmann87DC29FC Barcelona2024
Aymeric Laporte87CFD26Manchester City2025
Wojciech Szczesny87BY30Juventus2024
Roberto Firmino87SD29Liverpool2023
Bernard Silva87DE26Manchester City2025
Andrew Robertson87LI26Liverpool2024
Keylor Navas87BY3. 4Paris Saint-Germain2023
Sergio Busquets87DCM32FC Barcelona2023
Giorgio Chiellini87CFD36Juventus2021
Hugo Lloris87BY3. 4Tottenham Hotspur2022
Thomas muller86MCO31Bayern Munich2023
Jamie Vardy86DC33Leicester city2023

This is the meaning of the positions:

  • BY: goalkeeper.
  • DF: central defender.
  • LI / LD : lateral left / right.
  • CDM: defensive midfielder.
  • MC / MI / MD : center midfielder / left / right.
  • CAM: attacking midfielder.
  • EI / ED : extreme left / right.
  • SD: a second striker.
  • DC: center forward.

Teams with the best players

There is a good variety of teams and positions that enjoy quality representatives. As a curious fact, there are three teams that stand out for having six or more players with a fairly high overall score. If you are looking for which teams are loaded with real stars, take a look at the following:

  • Liverpool - 8 players: Virgil van Dijk (90), Mohamed Salah (90), Sadio Mané (90), Alisson (90), Trent Alexander-Arnold (87), Roberto Firmino (87), Andrew Robertson (87), and Fabinho (87).
  • Real Madrid - 7 players: Sergio Ramos (89), Karim Benzema (89), Casemiro (89), Thibaut Courtois (89), Toni Kroos (88), Eden Hazard (88), and Luka Modric (87).
  • Manchester City - 6 players : Kevin De Bruyne (91), Sergio Agüero (89), Raheem Sterling (88), Ederson (88), Aymeric Laporte (87) and Bernardo Silva (87).

Top 50 Players Coming Soon

If what you are interested in is knowing who you can hire before the end date of the contract, below we group that ends their contract in 2021 and 2022:

  • End of contract in 2021 : Lionel Messi (93), Sergio Ramos (89), Sergio Agüero (89), Luka Modric (87), Ángel Di María (87) and Giorgio Chiellini (87).
  • End of contract in 2022 : Cristiano Ronaldo (92), Neymar Jr. (91), Kylian Mbappé (90), Marc-André ter Stegen (90), Karim Benzema (89), Paulo Dybala (88), Samir Handanovic (88 ), Luis Suarez (87) and Hugo Lloris (87).
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