Tier List of Saint Seiya Awakening: meet the best characters

 Saint Seiya Awakening has dozens of knights that you can choose from, each with its own characteristics and attributes. As in all games that have so many characters, the knights are not totally balanced, so some end up being better than others. For that reason, we have prepared a Saint Seiya Awakening Tier List article!

Tier S: the best knights

These are the best Saint Seiya Awakening knights that you should have in your team to win fights. They are difficult to get, but they make a lot of difference! In addition to the knights, we also say what skill levels we recommend in each case so that they are optimal in combat.

  • Thanatos: 1-1-4-5 in skill levels.
  • Gemini Kanon: 1-5-5-3 in skill levels.
  • Hades: 3-5-4-3 in skill levels.
  • Balrog's Lune: 4-4-1-1 in skill levels.

Tier A: excellent knights

The knights on this list are amazing in any lineup and will provide good damage or utility in combat. They are not as remarkable as Tier S knights, but they are capable of tipping the scales towards victory. For each knight selected in this Tier, we also propose the skill levels recommended by us.

  • Ophiuchus Odysseus: 1-5-3-1 in skill levels.
  • Hypnos - 1-3-5-4 in skill levels.
  • Underworld Shun: 1-4-5-4 in skill levels.
  • Divine Armor Shun: 1-4-5-1 in skill levels.
  • Myu: 3-4-4-2 in skill levels.
  • Shaka with Arayashiki: 4-1-4-5 in skill levels.
  • Aphrodite: 1-1-5-5 in skill levels.
  • Shion Sapuri: 1-5-4-5 in skill levels.

Tier B: good alternatives

Finally, the knights included in Tier B are good characters, but they do not stand out compared to the knights of the previous Tiers. You should not despise them for that; if you upgrade them enough, they'll be effective combatants! For each character, we also discuss recommended skill levels.

  • Athena: 1-4-4-5 in skill levels.
  • Shiryu of Divine Armor: 3-5-1-5 in skill levels.
  • Divine Armor Hyoga: 5-1-5-5 in skill levels.
  • Shion: 1-5-5-3 in skill levels.
  • Kanon: 3-5-5-3 in skill levels.
  • Garuda Aiacos : 1-5-5-5 in skill levels.
  • Ichi: 1-5-5-1 in skill levels.
  • June: 1-3-3-5 in skill levels.
  • Shaka: 1-5-1-4 in skill levels.
  • Saga: 1-4-3-5 in skill levels.
  • Dohko: 1-4-4-1 in skill levels.
  • Milo: 5-1-1-5 in skill levels.
  • Divine Armor Ikki: 4-3-1-5 in skill levels.
  • Minos: 1-5-1-3 in skill levels.

That's it with our Saint Seiya Awakening Tier List! Keep in mind that a knight's utility can be higher or lower depending on what team he's on. Feel free to experiment with different lineups, always looking for a balance in attack damage, control abilities, and defense.

Although there are many knights not included in this list, that does not mean that they are not useful, especially during the first hours of the game. Upgrade the characters you already have, but prioritize resources on knights included in this list, especially Tier S and A.

As a final note, it is necessary to accumulate several skill tomes to improve the skills of the best characters. We recommend saving the volumes to upload mainly to the characters of this Saint Seiya Awakening Tier List. The skill levels we have shown are only a proposal. Experiment and, if you can, maximize the abilities of the most powerful knights!

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