The 24 best games for the SNES (Super Nintendo)

 The SNES or Super Nintendo is not a single-generation console. It represents a fundamental part of the history of video games. Many of his games served as the basis for consolidating franchises that are memorable today. On the other hand, other unique games deserve to be mentioned.

To celebrate what the SNES has given us over the years, we've rounded up the 24 best games for the SNES. Rediscover all the classics that once enchanted hundreds of thousands of players, such as Super Metroid, A Link to the Past, or Super Mario Kart.

1. Super Metroid

Super Metroid

It is a unanimous opinion that Super Metroid was one of the most difficult and unique games on the Super Nintendo. It was necessary to have patience and for many, it was impossible to finish it completely. That does not mean that the game was fun and visually beautiful experience, as it was the first game to work with 24-bit on the console. For the time, that was quite a graphic revolution!

With complex gameplay and damage-resistant enemies, that was enough of a reason for many players to give up. Super Metroid had a few open-world touches, allowing you to explore the fictional world of Zebes. Searching every corner rewarded you with various weapons, armor, and items to fight enemies and explore more areas.

In short: it is a game you must try. You will suffer several deaths, but if you persist, it will be worth it!

2. Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is a JRPG different from what the genre has accustomed us to. The game was the result of the creative minds of Akira Toriyama, creator of Dragon Ball, with those involved in Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. Its main asset has nothing to do with the playable experience, but with its plot: Chrono Trigger has 13 different endings.

That in itself made it impossible to complete Chrono Trigger 100%. Even so, the great attraction was discovering how each action was outlining the story until reaching one destination or another. For this reason, the plot trapped us from beginning to end, crossing our fingers so that our favorite characters achieved their goals.

3. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Today The Legend of Zelda saga is known worldwide. Popularity skyrocketed with Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time, but already with A Link to the Past, the franchise was beginning to expand. That title was the basis for Link's future adventures, as well as laying the groundwork for similar games.

A Link to the Past brought back classic elements from previous installments, such as puzzle-solving and real-time combat. The link was to explore an open world and interact with both the setting and the characters. It was necessary to use different items to progress and hunt down the final bosses.

The visual section and the soundtrack managed to fully immerse us in Link's adventure. Since then, both aspects have always accompanied us in new The Legend of Zelda games. It's like we're part of the magic of the game!

4. Super Mario World

Super Mario World

Super Mario World is a game that everyone played during their childhood in the '90s. It wouldn't be a surprise to find out that many people still have the game in their memory box. It was a graphical evolution of Super Mario Bros., in which the player-controlled the most famous and current version of Mario.

In that game, there were dozens of stages and we could even control Yoshi. In addition, we could also get some powers to beat the levels. As icing on the cake, the game contained a series of bonus stages that greatly extended the life of the game. And, of course, many were serious about speedrunning Super Mario World!

5. Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI was the subject of unusual controversy. Outside of Japan, it was known as FFIII since the real third part and even FFV was never released outside of the country. Despite that, he won the hearts of many players. The narrative was unique, serious and at the same time with comic touches and more human characters.

It was the last game in the main series to be completely in 2D. Its playable section was not so different from the previous ones, but we did move into four different types of scenarios: battles, dungeons, cities, and the world map. The combats took place in turns and it was necessary to grow and plan the strategies well. The game was not that simple!

6. Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter was already impressive in arcades with its arcade versions, but Street Fighter 2 managed to win over many new fans. In fact, this installment became the king of fighting games at the time.

Compared to the Arcade version, in Super Nintendo, it added more scenarios, and characters and received visual improvements. As for the gameplay, it kept the essence, but without having to spend coins to fight every two for three. It was amazing playing at home with friends, hitting shots, throwing Hadouken's, and proving that we were better.

7. Super Castlevania IV

Super Castlevania IV

This list could not miss the classic Castlevania saga. Specifically, Super Castlevania IV represented a great advance for the time, compared to previous games. It took us through a story where Belmont, an important character in the series, was forced to fight Count Dracula.

The game reaffirmed mechanics already known by fans and that served as the basis for future games in the saga. With a 2D perspective and beautiful graphics used by SNES Mode 7, Super Castlevania IV was well received. The soundtrack was another strong point, but the combat system is and remains one of the best-crafted aspects.

8. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Donkey Kong Country 2

Donkey Kong Country 2 is a platform game that has 47 stages, going through 8 different environments. Just with those numbers, you can already imagine why it became one of the best Super Nintendo games. Also, the title used a 3D model with pre-rendered images. For this, it was praised in its graphic section, but also for the fun it gave us.

In Donkey Kong Country 2 we had the opportunity to control Diddy or Dixie Kong. In general, the game follows the premise of the predecessor in terms of gameplay. He took advantage of the bases to improve some features, such as including a lost world, adding new currencies, or introducing a quiz in each of the worlds.

9. Megaman X

Megaman X

All the old Megaman games are a delight, that's for sure. The robot was an icon in Super Nintendo and even so managed to reinvent itself with Megaman X. The series improved a lot in its playable aspect, taking a step towards a more hardcore approach. In other words, the game was more serious and difficult, with more complicated stages.

We cannot forget that, after meeting certain requirements, the blue hero could launch his own Hadouken, one of the most famous attacks in the gaming world. Megaman X is an action platformer that you shouldn't miss out on!

10. Star Fox

Star Fox

If you didn't know how to lose, you couldn't play Star Fox. Yes, you understood correctly: it was another one of those complicated games for the SNES. The premise was very simple, just drive Fox McCloud's ship in search of enemies to defeat. It was necessary to dodge the obstacles and take advantage of the improvements. How could it be otherwise, at the end of the phase a boss awaited you!

A differentiating touch that Star Fox had, compared to other similar games, was the power to accelerate and slow down the ship. That helped you move away from obstacles more easily. Another detail was the protective shield of the ship, which deteriorated with each impact.

Even so, that did not imply that the game was easy since the challenge was to beat Star Fox completely. To do this, it was essential to finish the game three times, each at a different level of difficulty. Levels 1 and 2 were affordable, but Level 3 put you to the test!

11. Super Mario Kart

Super Mario Kart

It's no mystery that Super Mario Kart was the absolute leader in racing games for the Super Nintendo. When it was released back in 1992, it quickly became the life of the party with groups of friends and families. The funny thing was that it was not enough to run, but it was necessary (and the game invited it) to throw shells and bananas at the opponents.

The game was so successful that it is to blame for having a good number of Mario Karts today, with Mario Kart Tour being the last big surprise. Super Mario Kart is a tremendous game that hooks fans of racing games and the Super Mario franchise in equal parts.

12. Mortal Kombat II

Mortal Kombat II

Mortal Kombat was quite a surprise due to its brutality and quite striking graphics for the time. The characters were actors who had been previously recorded and then moved into the game. Between that and some fights that demanded to be precise in the execution of movements, many players fell in love.

Mortal Kombat II introduced more characters and even more ways to finish off the opponent. Not only were there the famous Fatalities, but you could also perform Babalities and Friendships. The game gave a little more history and background to the characters, with a plot that challenged you to win a new tournament, with a character of your choice. Did you manage to beat Shao Kahn without taking damage?

13. ActRaiser


ActRaiser was a game with a very strong identity of its own. The story tells how a divine being seeks to recover his powers after being defeated by the Evil One and seeing that humanity no longer believes in him. It takes place in two types of phases: simulation phases and action phases.

On the one hand, in the simulation ones you will seek to recover the favor of the humans, rebuilding towns and doing tasks to regain their faith. On the other, you will be a statue that has come to life and must overcome combat phases and platforms. The end goal? Defeat all six Guardians and finish off the Evil One.

Rarely has a game like it been seen and it remains a fond memory of those who played it back in the day.

14. The Adventures of Batman & Robin

The Adventures of Batman & Robin

In the SNES console, there were quite a few adaptations of series or movies. The Adventures of Batman & Robin is a great example of that, adapting a very famous animated series at the time. The quality of the game was spectacular, doing full justice to the hero of Gotham. Surprisingly, the difficulty was high, so it required a lot of patience.

Much of the 8 phases were made to mimic many moments from the series. Although the game was criticized for leaving Robin in a very minor role, it was praised for including numerous main villains. For a long time, The Adventures of Batman & Robin was the best Dark Knight game.

15. Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana

The Super Nintendo was the home of various quality RPGs. Among them, Secret of Mana was one of the few games that expanded the usual proposal of the genre. First of all, the battle system was more "free" compared to Final Fantasy. Second, it allowed us to play cooperatively, which was a revolution at the time.

In addition to those incentives, in Secret of Mana, we could equip ourselves with different armor, robes, and weapons. It was a strategic game that required a good plan for combat. To this was added a large number of dialogues, used to explain an interesting story and that had nothing to envy with other RPGs.

16. Contra III: The Alien Wars

Contra III: The Alien Wars

If we talk about difficulty, Contra III: The Alien Wars was a good synonym. It turned out to be one of Konami's most hardcore games, with many players trying to beat the game, to no avail. The final bosses were gigantic and the moving stages only made the battles more difficult.

The game was a great, well-done homage to the action movies of the 90s. It was also an inspiration for other big hits, like Rambo. Contra III: The Alien Wars is a great game of constant action that is a must-try. Of course, do not let yourself be frustrated by the number of retries you will have to make!



Don't expect anything realistic with NBA Jam. That game went beyond all possible standards of the sport of basketball because there were no rules to the game, to begin with! Players could make incredible jumps, set fires, and could shoot from almost anywhere. The funny thing was that the teams were made up of only two players, which created a unique dynamic.

Another interesting point of NBA Jam was the easter eggsEaster eggs could be discovered or activated by codes. Of course, if everything that the game offered us, the most impressive thing was being able to play with the president of the United States Bill Clinton.

18. Pilotwings


Pilotwings was one of those games that served as a reference for others from future generations. It was a flight simulator, in which we could control an airplane, a parachute, a hang glider, and even a kind of jet packFor certain special stages, the game also allowed us to drive a helicopter.

For each of them, we had the goal of clearing events and completing quests. We received instructions from a teacher to do the maneuvers and, as we progressed in the missions, the difficulty increased more and more. It was a perfect game to pass the time, and the first step for many other games in the genre.

19. Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG

Not everyone got to play Super Mario RPG. The mixture of the charming world of the plumber Mario with the RPG elements did not convince some groups of players. That did not prevent the game from becoming one of the best rated at the time, as it brought us a good balance of Super Mario and RPG elements.

What we found in Super Mario RPG was complete and varied. Various worlds, mushrooms, Yoshi, clouds, and monsters are everywhere. Anyone who dared to play this game was pleasantly surprised, with spectacular graphics and attractive gameplay.

20. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time

The world's most famous turtles gave it they're all on the Super Nintendo with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Time. If you were one of those who followed those series, surely you had your favorite turtle. However, being able to play cooperatively, that only generated debates between friends. The fights to get Michelangelo, Leonardo, Rafael or Donatello were constant!

The gameplay was somewhat reminiscent of games like Street Fighter and Final Fight. You had to move forward, jump and press a sequence of buttons to attack enemies. The stages, although not very difficult, were extremely fun, especially in company. For every fan of the series, this was the game of your dreams!

21. Kirby Super Star

Kirby Super Star

Kirby is one of the most popular Nintendo characters. The SNES console received several games in which he was the protagonist, but the best of all was Kirby Super Star. One of the reasons is because he put 8 games in one, focusing on mini-games. He had a strong multiplayer component, both cooperative and competitive.

Kirby Super Star introduced new elements to the franchise, the main one being the enemies known as Helpers. In that game, we got custom hats based on the copy skill we used. It seems like just one more detail, but we could use up to 25 skills!

22. Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon was one of the first games that simulated life on the farm. Despite being an apparently unfunny proposition, it was a hit on the SNES. Over the months, many got caught up in this game where you planted, cooked, and did other daily chores until you went back to bed.

Even though it was a simple game, it was the beginning of a well-respected franchise in the world of video games. The theme did not stop there, because, thanks to Harvest Moon, we can now enjoy games like Farm Simulator or Stardew Valley.

23. Super Bomberman

Super Bomberman

Today, Bomberman is still a part of the lives of many gamersIn the days of Super Nintendo, if we can use the expression, Super Bomberman was quite an explosive experience. The game was already challenging and fun enough alone, but in the company the games were unforgettable.

Super Bomberman, like every game in the franchise, was addictive even with its simple mechanics. After beating a stage, the challenge got a bit more complicated, which put you quite to the test. It was perfect for spending the afternoon into the evening with your friends, especially to see who could survive the longest.

24. F-Zero


SNES F-Zero was the beginning of a saga that added many fans. The races were fast and dangerous, with a futuristic atmosphere. You could choose between four different characters, each with their own cars that, in turn, had different characteristics.

The object of the game was to survive to the end and come first in every lap. The stages contained elements that we had to avoid if we did not want to be eliminated. F-Zero had numerous circuits in three different leagues, inviting us to participate in increasingly difficult races.

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