Skyrim: essential mods to improve your gaming experience

 Skyrim is a game that is difficult to get tired of. There is a lot to do, several ways to play, and a multitude of missions to complete. It's cute, fun, and full of curious characters. Still, no matter how big the game is, playing with mods always makes it more exciting!

With that in mind, we have created an article with the best mods available for the game. There are from visual transformations to a multitude of new quests, places, and creatures. Take note of your favorite Skyrim mods and get ready for a new experience!

  • Optimized game and player experience
  • Visual and climate
  • Quests and new places
  • Immersion, survival, and RPG
  • Creatures of Skyrim
  • Armor and animations
  • NPCs
  • Magic, skills, and combat
  • How to install the mods

Optimized game and player experience

1. Map with better quality

Skyrim quality map mod


This mod is super important for those who are tired of the appearance of the map in Skyrim since you will see everything much more clearly. The roads are better differentiated, and the terrain levels are better appreciated. With this mod, you will know for sure how to find the sites and which route to take.

2. Better textured armor and weapons

Mod Skyrim best textures for weapons and armor


It's a fact that Skyrim armor isn't all that pretty. Many of them lack elaborate details and textures closer to reality. With this mod, all armor will have a sleeker appearance, better detail, and a more realistic finish.

3. Avoid auto quests

Mod Skyrim autoquests


In this game, it's common for a quest to start without knowing how you activated it or who gave it to you. At times, some NPCs come out of nowhere, talking to you and giving you a questThis mod ensures that you always have the option to accept them or not, depending on your interest at the time. This way you will avoid filling your diary with quests!

4. Add a precise clock to the menu

Skyrim Mod reloj


You can tell when it's day or night, but you won't always know exactly what time it is in the game. With the addition of the clock, this task will be much easier. It is really a simple but efficient mod, focused on those who want to look at the game time more precisely.

5. More realistic streets

Mod Skyrim more realistic streets


Another thing that draws attention, in a bad way, to the graphic section of Skyrim is the roads. Many of them look generic or of poor quality, and this mod fixes that by adding detail. You will notice noticeable changes at any time in the game, be it a day, night, snow, or rain.

Visual and climate

1. Climate variations

Skyrim weather variations mod


We've all stopped at some point in our exploration to see the beauty of the game. Although visually beautiful, Skyrim is missing more life in the skies and the atmosphere of the game. This mod adds different variations in the skies of the game, depending on the weather of the day.

2. 3D effects on places, objects, and items

3D effects mod skyrim


Being from 2011, Skyrim doesn't contain elaborate visuals and modeling, be it in the standard PC version or the Special Edition. This mod improves objects, cities, and the people themselves with richer textures, shadows, and shapes much closer to reality.

3. More realistic rivers, oceans, and swamps

realistic water skyrim mod


In Skyrim, there are a huge number of swamps, lakes, and rivers spread across the entire map. With this mod, all the waters in the game will gain in detail. The currents in the rivers will seem real, in addition to being able to better hear the sounds of nature.

4. ENB effect

Mod Skyrim ENB effect


The ENB effect is one of the most famous in numerous PC games. It allows the shadows to be better defined, as well as to gain detail in light and textures. The image above is a good example. You can perfectly see the muscles of both the horse and the people. It's not that they went to the gym, it's part of the ENB effects!

5. Flora of Skyrim transformed

Flora mod skyrim


The ecosystems in this game are rich, but some variation in the environments is missing. Although there are caves or snowy mountains, the forested parts are abundant. With this mod, everything will be much greener and more colorful, full of new plants and trees. All with unrivaled richness!

Quests and new places

1. World of Enderal

Enderal against Skyrim


If you want more than 50 new hours of gameplay, this mod is made for you. You will go to the sunny Caribbean world of Enderal, where you will find quite strange and dangerous creatures. You will also have dozens of missions to complete and, of course, a new world to explore. You will have fun for days and weeks!

2. Quests, NPCs, and places cut by Bethesda

Quests mod skyrim


During the development of Skyrim, there were locations, characters, and quests that had to be cut. A pity! However, with this mod, you will be able to recover a good part of this content. Take this opportunity to see everything the creators had in mind for the game.

3. Pirate Life

Vida pirata mod skyrim


A ship, a crew, and 7 new missions await you in this mod. You will become a pirate captain in search of treasures and adventures through the seas of SkyrimIt's like a mix of Pirates of the Caribbean with Vikings!

4. Cities from The Elder Scrolls: Arena

TES: Arena mod skyrim


In its day, The Elder Scrolls: Arena was a celebrated game, well received by many. This mod brings all the cities that make up that game, giving them a touch of SkyrimThere are quite a few NPCs and many things to discover. Take a little trip to the past!

5. Flying to Elsweyr

Elsweyr mod skyrim


Elsweyr is the land of the Khajiit and it's about time we got to visit it. You'll be flying into this new region, which has tons of quests, creatures of all kinds, and a different adventure than what we've gotten used to with Skyrim.

Immersion, survival, and RPG

1. Snow Survival

Snow survival mod skyrim


Dying for hypothermia is not the most heroic way to end your story. Still, that should be common in Skyrim, given how much snow and cold places there are in the game. This mod will make you have to take shelter and warm up so you don't die. To do this, you can make bonfires!

2. Devotion to the gods

Skyrim religion mod


Religion is present in the game, albeit in a somewhat superficial way. This modification allows you to pray to the gods and the Daedra. With this, you will gain a multitude of blessings and new powers that will help you on your journey.

3. Skyrim sin Dragonborn

Skyrim mod sin dragonborn


Can you imagine what Skyrim would be like if you weren't a Dragonborn? This mod erases all the main narrative and allows you to create your own path until you become what you want.

4. Needs and ailments

Ailments skyrim mod


This is one of the best mods! Add ailments, physical needs such as hunger or thirst, as well as the possibility of dying in various ways. Not everything is dying in a great battle or falling from the top of the mountain. This modification will make you pay more attention to the state of your character.

5. King of Skyrim

king of skyrim mod


Here you will become the King of Skyrim, literally! You will get a castle, a town, an army and you will be able to command everything. You will be able to execute traitors again and again or simply live a reign of peace. You decide what happens in your kingdom.

Creatures of Skyrim

1. Dragons are more powerful

New dragons skyrim mod


With this mod, dragons will have more powers and spells, as well as a few immunities. That will make fighting them that much more challenging. In addition, other types of these great creatures are added.

2. Riding more realistically

realistic skyrim horses


In the photo, you can see a horse in Daedric armor. This mod adds dozens of armors for your mounts. Aside from this, you will also be able to accept quests and enter into conversations while riding the horse. As icing on the cake, horseback battles are better!

3. New creatures

new creatures skyrim mod


This mod adds a good amount of new creatures, some powerful and others rather terrifying. Some of these creatures are inspired by fictional movies, while others are different versions of existing Skyrim creatures.

4. Dominate creatures in Skyrim

Skyrim tamed creatures mod


Taming the creatures of Skyrim can be a very useful thing to do with this mod. We will have the animals and wild animals by our side to fight with extra help. This mod is very efficient in this sense, so in a short time you will have faithful companions to face every enemy.

5. Enemies with a high level of difficulty

High level of enemies skyrim mod


A very simple mod, created for those who are tired of easy enemies. Ultimately, the most powerful bandits in the game barely reach level 25. With this mod, you're guaranteed a few doses of challenge. You will have to use your entire arsenal!

Armor and animations

1. Companion robot and space armor

robot and skyrim space armor


This mod will give you a flying robot straight out of Portal 2 to follow you on all your Skyrim travels. Legend has it that if you meet certain conditions, you will get space armor. Download it and find out for yourself!

2. Firearms

Rifle skyrim mod


Skyrim with gunsWho'd say! With this mod, this is possible. Although it only adds one type of rifle as a new weapon, this will be more than enough to wreak havoc on all enemies. No one will know how to deal with you.

3. Arrows at the waist

Arrows on the waist mod skyrim


This mod does not change much of the gameplay and is quite simple. Instead of high on your back, the arrows will be placed at waist level. This will cause new battle animations, so it's a good mod if you play third person and not so much first person.

4. Legendary Blacksmiths

Legendary Blacksmiths Skyrim mod


With this addition, you will be able to hire blacksmiths who are true legends in their profession. They will be able to make practically any armor in the game, as long as you have the corresponding materials and enough money.

5. Improved battle animations

Improved battle animations skyrim mod


If you want a change in battle animations, try this mod. You will notice that even the smallest detail of each movement has changed and improved. Whether it's the way you hit or the way you move with weapons in hand, combat will feel more like a cinematic experience!


1. NPCs react more realistically

realistic npc skyrim mod


The inhabitants of Skyrim are not very expressive and do not react much in general, at least not in a varied or expected way. Even when dragons are nearby! If you install this mod, all NPCs will react better to the appearance of dragons.

2. More respectful guards

respectful guards skyrim mod


The guards tend to be a bit stupid with you, ignoring details like having saved an entire city. This mod changes this aspect so that the guards will show more respect towards your character as you progress through the story.

3. Battle between soldiers from different cities

Skyrim mod enemy troops


This mod will create quite a bit of tension between all the cities. You will see patrol groups carrying different flags fighting each other in open fields, or even in the streets of towns or taverns. A show worth sitting down to eat popcorn and watch!

4. Skyrim streets full of citizens

Citizens mod skyrim


It's sometimes sad how empty the sites are in SkyrimWe hardly ever see different people walking around towns and cities, at least not many at once. This mod adds many inhabitants, pilgrims, and citizens of all kinds, to give more life and excitement to the game.

5. Gain loyal followers

loyal followers skyrim mod


If you've always wanted to form a cult in this game, with followers screaming your name, this is your chance! The mod will transform you into a figure idolized by many. Best of all, you can give your followers tasks, as well as choose their weapons and armor.

Magic, skills, and combat

1. More skill points per level

More skyrim mod skill points


How would you like to choose how many skill points you get for each level? Well, that will allow you to do this mod.

2. Realistic combat

Realistic combat skyrim mod


This mod changes the combat mechanics a lot. The duels take much longer, as you will have to defend yourself more often than in the base game. You will have to think carefully about each attack and when to do it, or you will die trying.

3. 140 new spells

New spells skyrim mod


The list of magic in Skyrim is huge. In any case, if you've been playing the game for tens and hundreds of hours, maybe they don't know much about you. With this mod, you'll get no less than 140 new spells to experiment with.

4. New Screams

New Screams skyrim mod


The Shouts are, without a doubt, one of the best incentives we've had with this installment of The Elder Scrolls saga. If you add this mod to your game, you will have the option of dozens of new Shouts. Your Dragonborn will become even more legendary and powerful!

5. Become a dark wizard

dark mage skyrim mod


After completing a certain quest, you will be able to learn powers that are forbidden in Skyrim. That is, spells worthy of wizards of darkness. For example, one of them will let you possess another character, and the possibilities are endless!

How to install the mods

Each mod demands a different procedure from the player. For that reason, there is no single correct way to install mods. When downloading each of these, check the instructions that the creator of the file has in the description.

As a recommendation, whenever the "Mod Manager" download is available, try downloading that version. To take full advantage of the functionality, you'll need to get Vortex.

Please note that each mod you install may contain a risk of crashing your game. We advise you to have a save game without adding mods, so as not to lose progress after installing some of these mods. It is more of prevention since generally no fatal error will happen in your game.

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