Saint Seiya Awakening: How to Download and Play on PC with LDPlayer

 Saint Seiya Awakening is an excellent tactical fighting game that you can play on PC. To do this, you will need to use an emulator and download the game within it. If you don't know how to do it, don't despair! We present you a simple guide on how to play Saint Seiya Awakening on PC, with only four short steps.

Step 1: Download and install LDPlayer

There are many emulators that you can use, such as BlueStacks or MEmu, but we recommend you give the excellent LDPlayer a try. It is one of the least demanding emulators and has some of the best update support, so it always gets improvements. To get this program, download LDPlayer here.

LDPlayer emulator for Saint Seiya Awakening
View of the LDPlayer main menu, with some games downloaded

Once you have downloaded LDPlayer, the next step is to install it. To do this, double-click on the newly-downloaded file. Please note that you will need at least 2GB of free space for the program, but we recommend setting aside at least 30GB of spaceThis will give you room to play Saint Seiya Awakening and other games, as well as future updates.

Once you have LDPlayer installed, you just have to open it. You are now ready for the next step!

Requirements to play Saint Seiya Awakening on LDPlayer

If you have doubts whether Saint Seiya Awakening in LDPlayer will work on your PC, we share the requirements with you:

Minimum requirementsRecommended Requirements
Operating systemWindows XP o superiorWindows 10
CPUIntel or AMD with 2 GHz 2 coresIntel or AMD with 3GHz 4 cores
Graphics cardAny card that supports DirectX 11 (includes Intel HD Graphics) or OpenGL 2.0Any card that also has 2GB of graphics memory (VRAM)

Step 2: Obtain Saint Seiya Awakening

There are two ways to download Saint Seiya Awakening on LDPlayer. On the one hand, you can enter the program's official store, LD Store. On the other hand, you can also access the Play Store from the emulator, as if you had an Android phone in your hands.

Find games in LD Store by LDPlayer

To enter the LD Store, just click on the store icon, in the same main menu of LDPlayer. By default, the icon will always be there. When you are inside the store, put the name of the game in the search box. When it appears, click on the Saint Seiya Awakening icon to enter the page and press "Install". After some time, you will have the game ready to play!

The procedure with the Play Store is exactly the same as with the LD Store. If you prefer to do it from that store, go to System Apps from the main menu of LDPlayer and then click on the Play Store icon.

When the game is installed and you log in for the first time, we recommend linking your accountThis way, if you change PCs or there is a problem with LDPlayer, you won't lose all your progress.

Step 3 – Configure the controls

Saint Seiya Awakening has a great advantage in terms of controls: you can do everything with the mouse, without any problem. Since the fights are turn-based, you don't need to constantly press a key combination or move the camera a lot to play.

Still, if you want to progress through battles faster or prefer to use the keyboard or controller, you can configure buttons in LDPlayer. To do that, click on the emulator button that we show you in the image.

Customize controls in LDPlayer

A small menu will open where you can select between customizing keyboard or controller controls, in case you have connected one to your PC. Once the type of control has been chosen, a screen will be enabled where you can create new buttons. All you have to do is click on the screen, press the corresponding key and you are ready to go!

The default button layout is as follows:

Saint Seiya Awakening - Default Controls in LDPlayer

To configure the keys well, we recommend:

  1. Get into an easy fight to find out where to put the new buttons, or which ones to change.
  2. Create a new configuration profile. On the right of the screen, tap on "Default" and tap on "+ New".
  3. Put the buttons in the right places on the screen. Think that each button will work as if you had pressed on the screen with your finger, on your cell phone.
  4. Keep the setup as simple as possible. If you fill the screen with controls, it will be difficult for you to remember what each one does.
  5. Always activate the option "Show the mapping guide" to see the buttons on the screen.

Once all this is done, you will be more than ready to play and succeed in Saint Seiya AwakeningOf course, there is one more topic to talk about!

Step 4: Optimize the emulator

This step is all about improving the basic performance of the LDPlayer. The emulator brings with it a settings section with options that will be very useful to tweak, such as the number of dedicated CPU cores or the resolution.

LDPlayer settings

Click the gear on the top right corner of LDPlayer. That will open the emulator settings options. Hence, perhaps one of the details that most interests you is to change the language to Spanish, in case you have it in another language. Go to Basic > Language.

Under Advanced, the important things to note are the CPU and RAM sections. In general, it is better to leave it at the options recommended by the program itself, but do not hesitate to lower the number of cores or the dedicated RAM if your computer suffers. Of course, if you have a good PC, try dedicating more resources to LDPlayer!

Resolution can also influence performance. If you see the game freeze multiple times, try playing at a lower resolution. If you have a powerful PC, you can raise the resolution, which will allow you to take higher-quality captures. It is not something very important, but it is appreciated!

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