How to play Among Us for free on your PC

 Among Us has become the trending game during the summer of 2020. The game is available for PC, iOS, and Android. To play Among Us on the computer version, you need to pay. However, if you are looking for how to play Among Us for free on PC, in order to take advantage of Discord or another voice chat program, we will tell you how to do it in 3 steps!

Step 1 – Download the BlueStacks emulator

BlueStacks is one of the best Android emulators out there for PC. In addition to being very reliable, it is very easy to use. Therefore, the first step is to download BlueStacks.

After downloading the emulator, you just have to do a simple installation on your PC. You simply have to click on the BlueStacks executable file that you just downloaded and configure the installation. It won't take you more than 5 minutes in total! As soon as it finishes installing, run the program to open it.

If you have another emulator, do not hesitate to try the one you already have.

Step 2: Install Among Us

When you have BlueStacks open on your computer, access the Google Play Store from the "Game center" or "My games" section. Just click on that application's icon, as we show you in the image, and you will thus access the virtual store. To continue, you will need to sign in with your Google Play account.

Acceder a Google Play Store en BlueStacks

Once inside, go to the search field at the top of the page and type in the name of the game: Among UsSoon it will appear to you; enter the game page and press the green button on the top right to start installing. The game takes up just under 70MB, so it will be a pretty quick download and install.

Step 3 – Start the game, configure it and have fun!

When the installation is complete, go to the "My Games" section of BlueStacks and click on the Among Us icon. Immediately, the game will start as if your PC were a cell phone. It is worth mentioning that the character customization options are limited since many elements are paid for. Other than that, the game is the same as the PC version, and free!

Although the mobile version of Among Us uses touch control, BlueStacks has an automatic configuration for both the keyboard/mouse and the controller. Still, if you want to change the controls, launch the game and then tap on the keyboard icon to the right of BlueStacks.

Configure controls Among Us BlueStacks

A menu of controls will be displayed. You can switch between the joystick and touch movement scheme, swap between keyboard/mouse and gamepad, and check what function each button does. If you prefer to customize the controls to your liking, click on "Open advanced editor". You will have absolute freedom to place the buttons you want!

Finally, we inform you that Among Us has crossplay (cross-play), so all PC, Android and iOS players can play together! You just need to create a private room, share the room code, and you're ready to be a crew member or impostor with your friends.

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