FIFA 20: Top 10 players for each position

 On September 9, 2019, EA announced the FIFA 20 Top 100 Players list. Compared to the one that was presented last year, there are players that remain the same but others have received surprising changes.

Although he has gone through controversy, Neymar reaches a general score of 92, while Cristiano Ronaldo stays at 93. Messi, as many expected, has been chosen as the best player in this installment, with 94. And what about the rest of the players? Here we provide you with a list of the 10 best cracks for each position. How could it be otherwise, in the end, we propose a FIFA 20 Dream Team!

Eden Hazard Real Madrid FIFA 20
Hazard is the most outstanding Real Madrid player in FIFA 20


cloud91Atletico Madrid
Ter Stegen90FC Barcelona
De Gea89Manchester Utd
Ederson88Manchester City
Courtois88Real Madrid
Lloris88Tottenham Hotspurs
Neuer88Bayern Munich
Samir Handanovich88Internazionale (Inter Milan)
Keylor Navas88Real Madrid

De Gea is no longer the most outstanding goalkeeper in this installment. Who rules this year is Oblak from Atlético de Madrid! After him, Ter Stegen continues to rise over the years and Alisson, champion of the Champions League with Liverpool, is in the third position. In the rest of the list, we have other names that were considered the best, such as Neuer, Courtois, or Keylor Navas.


Van Dijk91Liverpool
Sergio Ramos89Real Madrid
Chiellini89Piedmont Football (Juventus)
Godin88Internazionale (Inter Milan)
Pique88FC Barcelona
Hummels88Borussia Dortmund
Laporte87Manchester City
Toby Alderweireld87Tottenham Hotspurs
Jan Vertonghen87Tottenham Hotspurs

Many people would have considered Sergio Ramos to be the best defender in FIFA 20Surprisingly, that position falls into the hands of Dutchman Van Dijk, a Liverpool player. It's not for nothing that it's on the cover of the Champions Edition! Also on this list are Chiellini and Piqué, who have had a spectacular careers as defenders.

The big surprise is the presence of Koulibaly in the TOP 5, an undoubted talent in his position but that nobody expected to see.


Jordi Alba87FC Barcelona
Kimmich86Bayern Munich
Carvajal85Real Madrid
David Alaba85Bayern Munich
Marcelo85Real Madrid
Andrew Robertson85Liverpool
Alex Sandro85Piedmont Football (Juventus)
Lucas Hernandez84Bayern Munich
Alex Telles84FC Porto
João Cancelo84Manchester City

Marcelo dropped off quite a bit in FIFA 20, considering he was leading the full-back table. Now the honor is awarded to Jordi Alba. Unfortunately, fullbacks are the worst-rated overall in the game. The proof is that Kimmich is only 86, followed by Marcelo, Alaba, Alex Sandro, and others with 85 or less. No other position has these low scores!

defensive midfielders

Sergio Busquets89FC Barcelona
Fernandinho87Manchester City
casemiro87Real Madrid
Verrati86Paris SG
Pjanic86Piedmont Football (Juventus)
Rakitic86FC Barcelona
rodri85Manchester City
De Jong85FC Barcelona

Kanté remains the king of the position this year, while Busquets falls slightly behind in FIFA 20 . The Brazilians Fernandinho and Casemiro occupy the third and fourth places, deserved for their good talent. To finish, Verrati, Pjanic, and Rakitić are great cracks even if they have lower scores. They earn their salary well!


De Bruyne91Manchester City
Modric91Real Madrid
Toni Kroos88Real Madrid
Eriksen88Tottenham Hotspurs
Pogba88Manchester Utd
David Silva88Manchester City
Bernardo Silva87Manchester City
Thiago87Bayern Munich
Isco86Real Madrid
Thomas Müller86Bayern Munich

If you are looking for quality midfielders, FIFA 20 will not disappoint you at all. Both De Bruyne and Modric are at the top as leaders in the table. Behind them, we have four talents who perform at a similar level: Toni Kroos, Eriksen, Pogba, and David Silva. Something curious is that, in this TOP 10, both Real Madrid and Manchester City have three representatives!


Messi94FC Barcelona
Neymar Jr.92Paris SG
Hazard91Real Madrid
Sterling88Manchester City
Dybala88Piedmont Football (Juventus)
Sané86Manchester City
Coutinho86Bayern Munich

Several have been surprised to see Neymar Jr. keeping the score of 92. They thought that he would be worse in FIFA 20 but he is only behind Messi, the absolute star of the year. From behind, you can see Hazard from Real Madrid and Salah from Liverpool with 91 and 90 points, respectively. How could it be otherwise, Sterling, Dybala, and Mané are the ones fighting to enter the top five football wingers.


Cristiano Ronaldo93Piedmont Football (Juventus)
Omen90Manchester City
Suarez90FC Barcelona
Kane90Tottenham Hotspurs
Mbappe89Paris SG
Griezmann89FC Barcelona
Lewandoski89Bayern Munich
Reus89Borussia Dortmund
Cavani89Paris SG

Cristiano Ronaldo is the striker par excellence in FIFA 20, outscoring the rest by 3. The others are on a similar level among themselves. Agüero, Suárez, and Kane have a score of 90, while Mbappé is at 89 and continues to grow. In addition, they are not the only talents, so players like Griezmann or Lewandoski are on the list on their own merits. It would be very easy to make a TOP 20 just for forwards!

The FIFA 20 Dream Team

Dream Team FIFA 20

It is clear that there are numerous players who are excellent for each position. To make a Dream Team, sometimes it is enough to put the best players, but other people look for alternatives to better combine the talents. In our case, we show you what a team made up of the highest scorers from all the lists would look like.

  • BY : Oblak
  • DFC : Sergio Ramos y Van Dijk
  • LI : Jordi Alba
  • LD : Kimmich
  • MCD : Kanté
  • MC : De Bruyne and Modric
  • EI : Neymar
  • ED : Messi
  • DC: Cristiano Ronaldo

And you? Have you thought about what your own Dream Team would be?

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