All cheats and commands for Valheim

 There are quite a few commands that will help you in your adventures in Valheim, and in this article, we show you what they are. Vilhelm cheats are activated in two easy steps. In the middle of the game, you must first press the F5 button. When the command console opens, type imacheater , press the Enter button, and you're ready to activate cheats in Valheim!

As an important note, many cheats work only in single-player modeThe player and manager commands do work for multiplayer, but not the other cheats. To disable cheats, re-enter imacheater .

Player and manager commands

These are the commands you can use in multiplayer. They help you manage the game comfortably, especially if someone creates problems on your server.

  • help: Shows you all the available server commands.
  • info: shows you the system information.
  • ping: Calculates server latency.
  • kick [name / IP / user ID]: kicks the corresponding player out of the game. The player can re-enter. An example: kick RaGnar .
  • ban [name / IP / user ID] : you expel the corresponding player with no option to re-enter.
  • banned: shows you the list of banned players on the server.
  • unban [user name / IP / ID]: You remove the ban for the corresponding player.
  • lodbias [1-5]: sets the drawing distance on the server. 1 is close while 5 is far.
  • save: force the game to save the game state.

Cheats that affect the character

The following cheats are suitable for upgrading your character, modifying some parameters of your character, or exploring carefree.

  • god: activate god mode. You become invulnerable.
  • heal: Heals you completely.
  • puke: restores hunger, health, and energy.
  • ghost: Turn ghost mode on or off. Enemies will ignore you if it is activated.
  • beard: removes beard permanently.
  • hair: permanently removes hair.
  • model [0 or 1]: Toggles the character's model between male and female.
  • pos: shows you your coordinates in the form of X, Y, Z. If you want to use this information as a reference for the "goto" trick, write down the first and third numbers.
  • goto [X],[Z]: Teleports you to the specified coordinates. Replace "X" and "Z" with numbers. An example: goto 34,750.
  • raiseskill [skill] [number]: Raises the skill to the indicated number. Here you can see the list of skills (in English, credits to Fandom). An example: raiseskill axes 10, to raise the skill with axes to level 10.
  • resetskill [skill]: resets the skill corresponding to level 0.
  • resetcharacter : resets your entire character.

Trick to summon items or creatures

There is a very useful trick to obtain the objects you want in Valheim and even summon creatures of all kinds. We are talking about the spawn commandThere are two ways to use this command:

  • spawn [item name] [amount]: use this format if you want to get materials, weapons, armor, tools, or food, among others. An example: spawn Iron 10 spawns 10 irons.
  • spawn [creature name] [quantity] [creature level]: Use this format if you want to spawn normal enemies and even bosses. An example: spawn Goblin 18 9 spawns 18 level 9 goblins.

Note: the names of the items and creatures must be case-sensitiveIf you write everything in lowercase, the trick won't work.

Check out this complete list of everything you can summon in Valheim (credits to Demogrim). As a warning, sometimes the command will not work well at all or will generate unexpected errors. Therefore, use this trick with caution.

More examples of how to use this command:

  • spawn Silver 30: you summon 30 silver.
  • spawn Wood 4you summon 4 wood.
  • spawn CopperOre 15: You summon 15 copper ores.
  • spawn HelmetOdin 1: you summon the helmet of Odin.
  • spawn ArrowObsidian 50: You summon 50 obsidian arrows.
  • spawn SwordIron 1: You summon an iron sword.
  • spawn Skeleton 22 5: You summon 22 level 5 skeletons.
  • spawn gd_king 1: you summon the boss El Sabio.

Weather and environment tricks

These tricks are used to change the weather, and the time of day and have control over the environment.

  • all [0-1]: sets the time of day. 0 and 1 are midnight, while 0.5 is noon. If you want to go back to the default time, write -1 as a number, that is, all -1.
  • skiptime [seconds] : skip time.
  • sleep : Go forward one-day in-game time.
  • wind [angle 0-360] [intensity 0-1]: Adjust the angle and intensity of the wind. An example: wind 190 0.3.
  • resetwind : resets the angle and intensity of the wind.
  • env [variable]: puts the environment in debug mode, which allows you to customize the weather and environment. Here is the list of variables:
    • Clear
    • Twilight_Clear
    • Misty
    • Darklands_dark
    • Heather clear
    • Deep Forest Mist
    • GD King
    • Rain
    • Light Rain
    • thunderstorm
    • Eikthyr
    • GoblinKing
    • nofogts
    • SwampRain
    • Bonemass
    • Snow
    • twilight_snow
    • Twilight_SnowStorm
    • SnowStorm
    • moder
    • ashrain
    • Crypto
    • SunkenCrypt
  • resetenv : resets the environment in debug mode.

other tricks

Here we place the cheats that have different effects on the game, from revealing the map to changing the difficulty or generating random events.

  • exploremap : reveals the entire map.
  • resetmap : the map stops being explored.
  • freefly : activates the free-fly camera.
  • ffsmooth 1 – Smooths free camera movement. To disable this option, type 0 instead of 1.
  • event [name] : Starts the named event. Here you can see the list of events (in English, credits to Fandom).
  • randomevent : Start a random event.
  • stopevent : for the current event.
  • tame - Tame all nearby creatures.
  • killall : Kill all nearby enemies.
  • removedrops : removes all dropped items.
  • players [number]: adjust the difficulty based on the number of players. The higher the number, the more difficult. Enter "0" as a number to reset the difficulty.
  • location : sets the position as the new spawn location.
  • genloc : regenerate all locations.
  • dpsdebug : shows you the DPS. Re-enter the cheat to disable it.

Creative mode (debug mode)

Valheim 's debug mode works as a kind of creative mode. It allows you to create, fly and move freely in the game, with fewer restrictions.

  • debugmode : activate the creative mode. To exit this mode, enter the same command again.
  • B - Press this button mid-game to toggle between crafting with or without a crafting/resource need.
  • Z : Press this button mid-game to turn flight mode on or off. You raise altitude with the Space/Spacebar button and you lower altitude with the CTRL/Control button.
  • K – Press this button mid-match to kill nearby enemies and creatures.

We emphasize that the letters BZ, and K are not entered in the command console, but you press these buttons on the keyboard as a switch.

And that's it for the cheats for Valheim! Keep in mind that using cheats can destroy your gameExperiment with the cheats in a new game and activate the commands at your discretion. Also, since Valheim is in Early Access, some cheats may stop working or cause unexpected errors.

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