8 tips and tricks on how to play and win in Among Us

 If you want to know how to play Among Us and win every game, you've come to the right place! Here we give you 8 tips and tricks to succeed as both Crewman and Impostor. It is a very fun game, available for PC, Android, and iOS, and everyone can play the same games thanks to crossplay. There are quite a few details to take into account, so don't hesitate to take a look at the tips and tricks we have for Among UsAhead!

1. Understand the roles of each role

Among Us Roles: Impostor or Crewman
There are Crewmen and Impostors in Among UsEach role has its own mission!

The basis of Among Us is that one or more members of the ship's crew will try to sabotage it. These members are called Impostors. In fact, there can be up to 3! To win, the Impostors must eliminate the Crewmen or succeed in the sabotage. Since they are always in the minority, the Impostors tend to lose the game.

The functions of each role are always the same in a given game. Therefore, once you are named Crewman or Impostor, you will play as such until the game ends. Here's how to play as either.

crew member

The Crewmen have the responsibility to find out who the Impostors areThe trick is that they always stick together, as Impostors take the opportunity to kill people who are alone. For that reason, get together with other players, especially if you checked that they are Crewmen.

To find out who the group's villains are, the Crewmembers must discover lifeless bodies and react to sabotage. When you have reasonable suspicions, it's a good idea to call an emergency meetingTo do that, you need to press the red button in the center of the map.

During the meeting, a discussion/vote will take place to decide which player will be kicked off the ship. If all the Impostors are driven off, the Crewmen will win!

Another way to win is to complete all the tasks before the entire crew dies.


The Impostors must make the Crew members confused as to the identity of the players. If you play as such, never skip the vote unless others decide to do so. Always vote for the person who receives the most accusations, as that will be one less Crewmember to worry about.

Either way, if you're playing as an Impostor, you need to understand that there are three ways to win the game:

  1. Kill enough Crewmen to match them in number.
  2. Kick innocent Crewmen out as Impostors.
  3. Sabotage and succeed in destroying the reactor or oxygen supply.

2. Know the rules of each game

In the waiting room, before starting the game, you will see very relevant information on the left side of the screen. If you've just started playing Among Us, it can be a bit confusing, but it's easy to figure out what's what! Plain and simple, they are the rules that govern the game.

In the following list we tell you what each rule means:

  • Map - Informs the players on which map the game is to be played.
  • # Impostors: Determines the number of Impostors in the game.
  • Confirm Ejects - Sets whether or not to reveal the identity of the ejected/skipped player.
  • # Emergency Meetings: This shows how many emergency meetings can be done in the entire game.
  • Emergency recharge: Indicates the waiting time required before the emergency meeting can be called.
  • Discussion time: mark the time that the discussion phase takes.
  • Voting time: mark the time that the voting phase takes.
  • Player Speed ​​– Changes the movement speed of players.
  • Crew Vision - Changes the range and line of sight of Crewmembers.
  • Impostor's Sight - Changes the range and line of sight of the Impostors.
  • Assassination Cooldown – Marks the time an Impostor must wait before being able to assassinate. The Impostor must wait the same amount of time to perform consecutive kills.
  • Kill Distance – Determines how far away the Deceiver can be to kill a player.
  • Visual Tasks – If enabled, some tasks will present visuals that others can see while the Crewmember performs them. It is a way of having an alibi, since Impostors cannot do tasks.
  • Common Tasks – These types of tasks are the ones that everyone needs to complete. Up to 2 can be enabled per game.
  • Long Tasks – These are individual, long-running tasks. Up to 3 long tasks can be enabled per match.
  • Short Tasks – These are individual tasks of short duration. Up to 5 short tasks can be enabled per match.

3. Crewman: move in a group, use the cameras and avoid sabotage

We continue with tips and tricks for the Among Us crew so that you have a better chance of surviving and discovering the Impostors. First of all, as we said above, never be alone in a roomThat's the basic rule of thumb for every crew member in Among Us.

At the same time, do not go in pairs. You will risk being alone with a killer, and no one may find out. That's why it's smart to team up with two or three other players. Not only will you have an alibi between all of you, but it will be easier to eliminate suspects when a body is found.

Look through the cameras

When you finish a task, especially if it's a short one, go to the cameras and look for any Impostors. You might get lucky and be able to identify it before it does too much damage. If you see that one of the players has moved back and forth quickly, he used a vent! Only Impostors can do that.

Always respond to reactor sabotage and oxygen supplies

If an Impostor sabotages the reactor or oxygen supply, defeat can be immediate for the Crewmen. Therefore, as soon as the alarm goes off, don't hesitate to rush to fix the ship! Time is not abundant and it is necessary to act quickly.

On the one hand, the oxygen supply can be quickly repaired even alone. On the other hand, the reactor requires two people to carry out the repair. For that reason, in case both are sabotaged at the same time, give preference to fixing the oxygen supply.

Do not forget, yes, to move into a group. Sometimes playing the hero can be a bad idea, as sabotages are a perfect setting for an Impostor to assassinate a lone Crewman.

4. Impostor: lie, attack distracted Crewmen, and use the conduits

Impostors have a harder time winning in Among Us, as they are always outnumbered. However, that doesn't mean they can't be successful. One simple reason is that Impostors can kill Crewmen, while Crewmen cannot attack.

Therefore, try to find Crew members who are distracted and alone on the ship. They are the easiest prey. Still, take a look around before you act, lest there's another Crewman around the corner or someone behind you. Make sure the victim is really alone, and she acts!

Ventilation ducts: the perfect way to escape

Whether you take out a Crewman or sabotage the oxygen or reactor, feel free to use the vents as an escape route. That makes sense; After all, it's not wise to walk away from a crime scene. The ducts will allow you to give an alibi of being away from the victim, as long as they have not seen you enter with them.

We repeat: it is important that you manage to have an alibi. Just running away is not enough. Do not forget that someone may have seen you through the cameras. It is useful to go with other Crewmembers to substantiate your alibi and thus prove your (false) innocence. Deception is key!

Learn to lie in emergency discussions

Emergency discussions are the most complex time for an Impostor. It doesn't matter if it's just you or there are more Impostors in the game; if you make a single mistake, you can be framed!

Being framed can work for or against you, depending on how you react. The fundamental thing is to learn to lie and cheat in the game, especially in this type of discussion. Make up an alibi, accuse someone else (with some basis, mind you), but don't lose your composure or get so defensive.

One thing is clear: if you remain silent, others will accept the silence as guilt. There you will have no escape. Speak up, but do it with intelligence and a plan in mind!

5. Always participate in the discussion phase

The discussion phase is critical, both for Impostors and crew members. If you are an Impostor, you will need to know how to defend yourself against accusations and even be able to generate false evidence. There is little time to defend yourself well, especially if other players also want to talk, so be direct and pay extreme attention to detail!

In the same way, if you see that an innocent person is being accused, you, as the Impostor, can lie and accuse that player. But don't be so cheeky or they'll suspect you! If you all communicate by voice, show a little hesitation.

If you are a Crew Member, discussing is even more important. Many times innocent players are ejected, mainly due to lack of evidenceFor this reason, it is vital to be attentive to the discussions to have a more concrete idea of ​​who the Impostors are. The best thing is, above all, to pay attention to whether someone contradicts himself throughout the game.

6. Know the tasks

There is a good variety of tasks to complete on the maps available in Among UsFrom collecting cables or littering to destroying asteroids, it's good to know what types of tasks exist and where they are. It is important both as a Crewman and as an Impostor.

For Crewmembers, asking and explaining what tasks they are doing is a way to gain trust with others, even more so if other players can vouch for you. This is especially convenient if the visual effects option for tasks is enabled. It is the unequivocal alibi!

Like an Impostor, you must be able to pretend and know what types of tasks you can do in each room and map. Even if you can't do them, it's crucial that you look like you do. A person who runs from one side to another, only standing in the middle of the corridor to sabotage, how that raises a lot of suspicions!

7. Always use the map

The map is the best friend for both Crewmen and Impostors in Among UsWith it, you will be able to see where you should go to do your tasks. This speeds up the progress of tasks for the crew and prevents you from moving around the ship without a clear direction. Someone who is clearly not doing homework may be subject to accusation, and you don't want that to happen!

Like an Impostor, the map helps you see how dangerous it is to kill a Crewman. If a room has several entrances, it is very easy for another player to appear right after your act, so keep an eye on the map and weigh the possibilities. Looking at the map also helps you think about where you can pretend to do chores. Mingle with the crew; It's one of the ways to look convincing!

8. Create or enter matches with two Impostors

This is more of a recommendation from us than a tip for winning matches. If there is only one Impostor, it is more difficult for him to win, since a single mistake is enough for him to lose. In addition, the games can be longer if the Impostor does not do much and there will not be as much dynamic. It is good to take advantage of these games to warm up, but not as the main experience.

With two Impostors, the games are much more dynamic. If one Deceiver is kicked out, there is still another one but it doesn't become overwhelming for the Crewmen. This way Impostors always have a second chance to win if one of them makes a mistake. There is also less risk of Crewmembers winning every match just for completing tasks.

Finally, we think that three Impostors is too many to be fun, even with 10 people total. The Crewmen will almost always have the losing side, as the Impostors will only need to kill 4 between them to win. Even if an Impostor is kicked out after the first corpse, it's still 2!

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