Valorant: Complete Character and Ability Guide (Updated with Killjoy)

Valorant is a shooting game with very charismatic and different characters. It is important to know the abilities of each one to better understand what roles they can play in the games. In this guide, we collect the Valorant characters and inform you of everything you need to know about each ability, its costs, recharge times, etc. Get to know who the Valorant Agents are!

  • Killoy (New Character)
  • Try
  • Jett
  • Breach
  • Sage
  • Phoenix
  • Raze
  • Brimstone
  • Cypher
  • Omen
  • Sleep
  • Viper

Killjoy (New Character)

Killjoy - Valorant

  • Role: Sentinel.
  • Nationality: Germany.
  • Strengths: excellent character to defend specific points on the map and to regain control of an area.

Killjoy's abilities

Nanoplaga (200 credits)

Killjoy throws a grenade that, when activated, unleashes a deadly swarm of nanobots, damaging enemies within its radius of effect.

Alarmbot (200 credits)

Launch a bot that stays still and covert. When an enemy approaches, the Alarmbot goes to them and explodes, applying for the Vulnerable status. Enemies affected by this status will temporarily take increased damage. You can pick up the Alarmbot to launch it at another point on the map.

Turret (free)

Deploy a turret that fires in a 180º cone at any enemy that comes near it. You can pick up the turret at any time to reposition it.

Containment (7 points to unlock ultimate)

Killjoy places a device that, after a charge time, immobilizes all nearby enemies. It's a very powerful ultimate, but watch out: enemies can destroy the device.


Reyna - Valorant

  • Role: Duelist.
  • Nationality: Mexico.
  • Strengths - Has tremendous durability and rewards aggressive play.

Reyna's abilities

The look (200 credits, 2 times per round)

Summons and casts an eye that blocks the vision of anyone who looks at it. It can be destroyed. It is good as an element of distraction.

Devour (100 credits, 4 times per round)

When you kill an enemy with Reyna, they drop soul orbs for a few seconds. With this ability, you can consume these orbs and recover lost life. If you have the ultimate active (The Empress), you will heal yourself without consuming the orb. If you exceed 100 life, you will lose life points over time until you drop to 100 again.

Discard (no cost)

Reyna becomes intangible for a few seconds upon consuming a soul orb. If you have the ultimate ability active (The Empress), you will also turn invisible. Note that when using this ability, you will not be able to attack.

The Empress (6 points to unlock ultimate)

This ultimate ability turns Reyna into an enhanced version of herself. Increases fire rate, equipment, and decreases reload time. Killing an enemy in this state will extend the duration of the ability.


Jett - Valorant

  • Role: Duelist.
  • Nationality: South Korea.
  • Strengths: Offensive character with a lot of mobility and very lethal.

Jet's abilities

Plan (Passive)

Jett temporarily levitates when holding the jump button after jumping. You are always going downhill, so you will not gain height but you will gain distance. Useful for navigating maps, but be aware that accuracy will be reduced.

Upward Burst (100 credits, 2 times per round)

It allows you to propel yourself into the air almost instantly. It works really well when combined with the other abilities, so you can catch enemies off guard.

Blast Cloud (100 credits, 3 times per round)

Releases a giant ball of vision-blocking smoke on impact with a surface. By holding down the button on this ability, you can change the trajectory of the smoke ball depending on where you aim. This is perfect for preventing the enemy from seeing you.

Cyclone Rush (no cost, recharges every 2 kills)

Cyclone Rush works like a dash, that is, a quick dash in the direction you're moving. If you use this ability while standing still, you will move forward. Great for dodging, ambushing, retreating, or going from cover to cover.

Bladestorm (6 points to unlock ultimate)

Summons a group of knives that can be thrown individually or all together (with the secondary fire). If you manage to kill an enemy with a knife, the skill will recharge and you can keep throwing knives until they run out.


Breach - Valuable

  • Role: Initiator.
  • Nationality: Sweden.
  • Strengths - Possesses a variety of tools to start fights and, in the right hands, has control over the pace of the round.

Breach skills

Aftershock (100 credits, 2 times per round)

Fires an explosive wave capable of passing through walls and dealing damage to any Agent within the area of ​​effect. It has an activation time of a couple of seconds, so enemies can avoid the damage. However, that will get them out of position!

Radiance (200 credits, 2 times per round)

Launches a charge of light that blinds all players who see it. It can also go through a wall and activates faster than the Aftershock ability.

Seismic Fault (no cost, 35-second cooldown)

Launches a seismic charge that stuns any enemies that remain within the area of ​​effect. Holding down the fire button allows you to increase the effective distance of this skill. Ideal for stopping enemy attacks or starting an ambush.

Rolling Thunder (7 points to unlock ultimate)

Launches a much more powerful seismic charge than the Seismic Fault ability. It not only stuns but also launches any enemy it hits into the air and has a greater area of ​​effect. It is one of the best skills to start a joint attack against the enemy team.


Sage - Valuable

  • Role: Sentinel.
  • Nationality: Chinese.
  • Strengths: Great support and utility Agent, provides a lot of protection and durability to the team.

Sage's abilities

Barrier Orb (400 credits)

Creates a barrier that blocks the Agents' path and vision. This barrier breaks down over time but can be destroyed by gunshots and other attacks. Holding the secondary fire button is used to rotate the barrier when creating it. It's a very useful ability, and you can even create a barrier under your feet to lift yourself up.

Slowing Orb (100 credits, 2 times per round)

Throw an orb that detonates when it hits the ground and creates a slow zone for a few seconds. Affects all players. The orb can bounce off walls before hitting the ground; use this to your advantage to surprise your enemies!

Healing Orb (no cost, 45-second cooldown)

Creates an orb that can be used to either heal injured allies within range or heal yourself (with the secondary fire). The healing is not instantaneous but increases the life over time.

Resurrection (7 points to unlock ultimate)

Resurrect a killed ally, restoring all of their health. It has a channel time, so make sure you use the ability when no enemies are nearby. Use the ability mainly in important rounds that you need to win by all possible means.


Phoenix - Valorant

  • Role: Duelist.
  • Nationality: United Kingdom.
  • Strengths: Perfect as a Frontline Agent, good survivability, and control over enemies' position.

Phoenix abilities

Scorching Wall (200 credits)

Launches a wall of fire that blocks players' vision and damages anyone who walks through it. By holding down the fire button, you can curve the wall based on where you aim. Playing as Phoenix, touching the wall of fire will heal you over time.

Curve Flash (200 credits, 2 times per round)

Fires a blinding orb to the left (Primary Fire) or right (Secondary Fire) that blocks the vision of players who see it.

Hot Tinker (no cost, recharges after 2 kills)

Throw a ball that, when it hits the ground, creates a zone of fire that damages enemies over time. Playing as Phoenix, staying in the zone will restore health. Perfect for forcing enemies out of position.

Goes on fire (6 points to unlock ultimate)

It places a marker on the ground and creates a copy of itself. Phoenix can move freely until the timer expires or dies before ending. Then he will return to the marker with all life. Perfect ability to know the position of enemies or ambush without fear of dying.


Raze - Valuable

  • Role: Duelist.
  • Nationality: Brazil.
  • Strengths: Excellent Offensive Agent with good AoE damage and some extra mobility.

Raze's abilities

Bumboat (200 credits)

Deploy a small robot that walks in a straight line and bounces off walls. It has a cone of vision and if it detects an enemy within it, it will chase them until it reaches them and explodes. It can be shot down.

Explosive Package (200 credits, 2 times per round)

Throw an explosive that sticks to any surface. His blast damages and displaces anyone nearby. With Raze you can use the explosive to boost yourself with the explosion, but be careful not to jump too high or you will take fall damage.

Paint shells (no cost, recharges after 2 kills)

Throw a cluster grenade that explodes and creates four other mini explosive grenades. There are two launch modes, depending on whether you want to launch it far (primary fire) or close (secondary fire). This ability has good area damage.

Divide Bass (7 points to unlock ultimate)

Raze equips a missile launcher that fires a powerful missile with high damage and area of ​​effect.


Brimstone - Valuable

  • Role: Controller.
  • Nationality: United States.
  • Strengths: Perfect balance in offensive power, utility to the team, and control over the enemy. It's a good idea to communicate by voice with your team to make the most of their abilities.

Brimstone's Abilities

Booster Beacon (100 credits, 2 times per round)

Throw a beacon that creates a circular area on the ground. All players within the area receive a buff that increases their rate of fire, as well as decreasing reload time and recovering before each shot's recoil. The area of ​​effect can even extend through walls.

The Arsonist (300 credits, 1 time per round)

Brimstone equips an incendiary grenade launcher that fires only one grenade. It can ricochet off walls and explodes upon landing on the ground, creating a zone of fire and damaging enemies within the zone. Useful for damaging enemies that are covered.

Heavenly Smoke (100 credits)

Brimstone can select three areas on the displayed map in which to release clouds of smoke. These clouds are very long-lasting and prevent any player from seeing through or from the inside out. As far as vision blocking skills go, this is one of the best. Essential to take control of a section of the map.

Orbital Strike (7 points to unlock ultimate)

With the ultimate ability, Brimstone can open the map and select an area on it. Chosen the place, a powerful laser with a fairly large area of ​​​​effect and overwhelming damage will be launched. In addition to being perfect for taking out grouped enemies, he forces them out of position.


Cypher - Valorant

  • Role: Sentinel.
  • Nationality: Morocco.
  • Strengths: Good defensive Agent who has powerful tools to know the position of the enemies and use the information in your favor.

Cypher abilities

Tripwire (200 credits)

It mounts a cable that automatically extends to the surface in front of it. Enemies can destroy it but if they go through the wire they will be revealed on the map and through walls. If they don't destroy the cable in time, they will be stunned. Very useful to know where the enemy is, and you can pick up the cable to put it back in another position.

Cybercage (100 credits, 2 times per round)

Throws a cage inside which blocks vision to the outside and slows any enemies that pass through it. Be careful, the cage will only be created if you activate the device after throwing it to the ground.

Spy camera (free of charge)

Create a camera on a surface. You can use the ability again to take control of the camera and see from his point of view. The primary fire is used to launch a dart that marks any enemy it touches, to see it even through walls. Powerful ability to preempt enemy movements.

Neural Assault (7 points to unlock ultimate)

Cypher throws his hat at a dead enemy. After a channel time, he reveals the position of all remaining enemies at that instant. Perfect skill if there are few left alive in the team and you need to win the round by any means possible.


Omen - Valuable

  • Role: Controller.
  • Nationality: Unknown.
  • Strengths: Great mobility due to his teleports and good Utility Agent as he can frequently block vision.

Omen's abilities

Shadow Step (100 credits, 2 times per round)

Allows you to teleport to where your crosshair indicator marks you. Extremely useful to position yourself in high places on the map or get past enemy lines. Of course, always use this ability in cover, not in the open field or you will be exposed to attacks.

Paranoia (200 credits, 2 times per round)

Launches a projectile that limits the field of vision of everyone it touches. It can pass through walls, making it useful for making surprise attacks or foiling enemy ambushes.

Dark Mantle (no cost, 2 times per round with 30-second cooldown)

Create a sphere of darkness that you can place with total accuracy on the map, even through walls. It blocks vision through and also from the inside out.

From the Shadows (7 points to unlock ultimate)

Omen opens the map to select a location on it and teleports thereafter entering a shadow state. Be careful when using this ability, as the channel time is long and enemies can cancel the ability if they destroy Omen's shadow in the process. Other than that, it's an amazing ability that can tip the scales in your favor.


Sova - Valorant

  • Role: Initiator.
  • Nationality: Russia.
  • Strengths: The best Agent for locating enemies and excellent support for both defending positions and planning coordinated attacks.

Sova's abilities

Owl Dron (300 credits)

Deploy a drone that you can control to explore the nearby areas. With the fire button, you can launch a dart to mark enemies and be able to see them through walls. As in other cases, the drone can be destroyed, so use it wisely.

Electric projectile (100 credits, 2 times per round)

Fires an electrical arrow that explodes upon colliding with a surface, dealing AoE damage. The longer you charge the shot, the further the projectile will travel. If you use the secondary fire button, the arrow will first bounce off two surfaces before exploding. It is a good ability against covered enemies.

Tracker Projectile (no cost, 35 seconds reload)

Fire an arrow that, when it hits a surface, generates a detection field and reveals the location of nearby enemies. Hold down the shot to make the arrow go further. As with the Electric Bolt ability, holding the secondary fire button will cause the bolt to ricochet twice.

Hunter's Fury (7 points to unlock ultimate)

Sova equips himself with a bow and three arrows of devastating electrical power. These projectiles have a long-range, go through walls and, in addition to doing good damage, reveal the position of the enemies hit. Make sure you shoot the arrows within the skill's duration, or you won't be able to use all the arrows.


Viper - Valuation

  • Role: Controller.
  • Nationality: United States.
  • Strengths – Very useful for defending positions, cutting paths, and in good hands can do some good damage to multiple enemies.

viper skills

Fuel (passive)

Viper uses toxic fuel for some of her abilities. He always starts with 100 fuel but, by the time he reaches 0, any abilities that are in use will instantly cease to have an effect. It's important to keep an eye on your fuel level to get the most out of your skills.

Bite (100 credits, 2 times per round)

Throw a chemical grenade that breaks on impact and creates a chemical zone above the ground that deals damage over time and slows enemies. The grenade can bounce off walls first, use that to your advantage!

Poisonous Cloud (200 credits)

Launch a gas emitter to create a large orb that blocks vision and damages, anyone, inside over time. It lasts the whole round and you can fold the emitter to pick it up and use it again in another area of ​​the map. This ability spends fuel over time.

Toxic Curtain (free, 1 time per round)

Fires a row of gas emitters that operate similar to the Poison Cloud ability. Instead of an orb, it ignites a wall of toxic gas that blocks vision and damages any enemies that pass through it. You can use the skill again to turn off the wall. This ability consumes fuel over time.

Viper Pit (7 points to unlock ultimate)

Throws an orb around Viper that limits the view range and reduces the max health of players inside the orb. Very good ability to plant bombs in important rounds and it combines very well with the use of shotguns.

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