Top 5 Call of Duty Warzone Perks

 Call of Duty: Warzone has so-called Advantages, which are abilities that help the player to be more effective. There are some Perks that are more useful than others, although this also depends on your playstyle and the type of loadout you like to use. In any case, in this article, we share with you the 5 perks that are considered the best in Warzone.

Of course, before thinking about the Advantages themselves, remember that the only way to access them is by buying a supply box. In each game of COD Warzone, when you accumulate $6000, you will be able to buy said box and thus obtain the advantages that you have equipped. Also do not forget to assign the corresponding advantages in the custom weaponry, within "Weapons".

1. Ghost

The Ghost Perk is one of the most useful for both Battle Royale and Plunder modes. The player will be undetectable by UAVs, drones, sensors, and Snapshot grenades. This Advantage is even more effective if you use silenced weapons. With this weaponry, you will be difficult to detect even by ear or radar, which will confuse your enemies much more. They don't know where you are!

  • Unlocks at level 24.
  • Type 2 Advantage (Red).
  • Combines very well with Light Step, Cold Blooded, Observer, and Tracker.

2. Light Step / Double Time

This Perk doubles the duration of your sprint and increases crouch walking speed by 30%. It is a simple but very important addition when it comes to moving freely. Crouching already reduces the sound of your movements, so being able to get from one place to another faster will help you both defend yourself and flank an enemy.

  • Unlocks at level 1.
  • Type 1 Advantage (Blue).
  • Works well in conjunction with High Alert, Ghost, and Observer.

3. Scavenger

The Scavenger Perk allows you to get ammo from eliminated opponents. Having enough bullets is crucial to surviving in Warzone, especially in the final moments of the game. With this activated, it will be easier to get ammo at all times, without having to search from top to bottom for boxes.

  • Unlocks at level 18.
  • Type 1 Advantage (Blue).
  • Pairs well with Resupply, Shrapnel, Ghost, and Veteran.

4. Tracker

Tracker is very useful both offensively and defensively. It allows you to see the footprints of enemies, so you can prepare in advance for an exchange of fire. In addition, you will be able to see where the enemies have died and hide the markers of those that you eliminate. In this way, it will make it difficult for other opponents to locate you quickly.

  • Unlocks at level 51.
  • Type 3 Perk (Yellow).
  • It is recommended to activate it together with Light Step, Ghost, High Alert, and Cold Blooded.

5. Set up / Ready

This particular Perk works differently in Battle Royale than it does in COD Modern Warfare multiplayer. For Warzone, Tune Up speeds up the time to revive teammates by 25%. It is obvious that if you choose to play solo, this Advantage will not serve you at all. But if you play with two others, make sure someone else has this Perk!

  • Unlocks at level 1.
  • Type 3 Perk (Yellow).
  • Works well with Sapper, Quick Patch, Dash, and Veteran.
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