The best Free Fire weapons and recommended combinations

 We all want to know what the best Free Fire weapons are and use them to win every game. One of the great advantages of this game is that we don't carry one, but up to three ranged weapons and one melee. In addition, it also allows us to carry grenades of all kinds.

In this guide we recommend five combinations with the best Free Fire weaponsWe try to cover various styles of play, whether it's for those who prefer long-range duels or lovers of shotguns and head-to-head. Discover five ways to focus your gameplay in Free Fire and succeed in this Battle Royale.

1st combination: country sniper

AWM Free Fire

  • Main Weapon: AWM

MP40 Free Fire

  • Secondary Weapon: MP40

This first combination is one of the deadliest you can have in Free FireThe AWM sniper rifle can easily take out almost any enemy, as long as you have good scope control. It is the main weapon of this combination and, therefore, the important thing is to look for high and safe positions to shoot from afarIn other words, you want to be a little camper!

As for the secondary weapon, the MP40 submachine gun, it is vital that you have it. It doesn't do a lot of damage, but the rate of fire is high and it gives you more security when you have enemies close. The AWM is useless at close range, so using the MP40 is a must to come out on top in head-to-head combat.

Exploring and moving around with the AWM is recommended when you're out in the open, but if you're going into close quarters or tight spaces, bring out the MP40! Knowing when to use one weapon or another is essential to get the most out of this combination. However, keep in mind that the AWM sniper only appears in supply boxes.

Combination 2: Heavy Assault

GROZA Free Fire

  • Main weapon: GROZA

M79 Free Fire

  • Secondary Weapon: M79

If you are looking to have an advantage in practically all duels in Free Fire games, you should prioritize this combination of weapons. For starters, GROZA has everything you could ask for in an assault rifle: high damage, long-range, good accuracy, and a large magazine. And its rate of fire has nothing to envy with other weapons!

The M79 uses 40mm bullets, which are explosive on contactIt will help you eliminate groups of enemies that go together or when they are taking cover behind walls or other obstacles. Ammo is in very short supply, so use the M79 only when necessary or when emptying GROZA's magazine.

Admittedly, both weapons are hard to come by and you'll need to search supply crates. Even so, if you get both GROZA and M79, rest assured that you will be a fearsome opponent to beat. And as a final note, be sure to collect plenty of ammo for the Assault Rifle!

3rd combination: terror in short and medium distance

AK Free Fire

  • Main Weapon: AK

M1014 Free Fire

  • Secondary Weapon: M1014

This combination is brutal in some exteriors, but it shines more in buildings and towns. If you know how to handle the M1014 shotgun, you'll have an absolute advantage in any close-quarters encounter. Still, the main thing is that you have an AK in hand. In addition to being also useful in closed places, for the medium distance, it is almost unrivaled, especially with extras equipped.

Pay attention to collecting a lot of ammunition for both weapons, because then it will be difficult for you to fall defeated in a duel. The main thing is to switch between the AK and M1014 depending on how the fight goes. Whenever you get close to your enemy, pull out the shotgun! And if your opponent walks away, he uses the AK and finishes what you started.

In addition to being one of the most recommended weapon combinations for Free Fire, it is also one of the easiest to get. If you land in places that are full of loot, you will most likely get an AK and an M1014 right from the start of the game.

4th combination: silent and agile shooter

VSS Free Fire

  • Arma principal: VSS

M4A1 Free Fire

  • Secondary Weapon: M4A1

If you want to be a sniper in Free Fire but you are not passionate about being a camper or trying to find the AWM, you can try this fourth combination. Both the VSS and the M4A1 work well at medium to long-range in the hands of a skilled player. These weapons have enough damage and range to do the job.

One of the great advantages of the VSS is that it has an integrated silencer. This is another important focus for this combination. It is about taking advantage of the distance as best as possible, without being detected so easily by other players. For that reason, it is imperative that you equip a silencer on the M4A1 Assault Rifle.

In case you decide to use this combination of weapons, while it is true that you will not be the most lethal player, you will be the safest. It is very useful when you find several players fighting each other, as you can wait and finish them off without revealing your position to others. You will be like an invisible predator!

5th combination: rain of bullets

M249 Free fire

  • Primary Weapon: M249

P90 Free Fire

  • Secondary Weapon: P90

M1873 Free Fire

  • Tertiary Weapon: M1873

The last combination that we present to you may not be the most serious or useful for Free Fire, but it is quite fun! If you play in squads, it is sometimes necessary to cover the rest of the team with a hail of bullets. To do this, a few combinations will fill as many enemies with a lead like this one.

The M249 and P90 are perfect weapons when you find enemies grouped together, as you will undoubtedly hit quite a few shots. However, the M249 is useless at close range and the P90's magazine empties very quickly. Therefore, you should keep the M1873 shotgun as a last resort in head-to-head duels.

With this combination of weapons, you will not have the most accurate weaponry, but it is more than enough to support your teammates. You'll shatter armor, and helmets, and whittle down enemies' lives enough for your team to finish the job.

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