The 12 most fun challenges to complete in The Sims 4

 In The Sims 4, you can do whatever you want, but it's normal to run out of ideas and fall into a virtual rut. To enhance the game experience, there are various challenges that you can do to have fun and experience a different side of the game.

The community of this game is quite active, and thanks to this, many people have created challenges to enrich this life simulator. So, without further ado, check out the 12 most fun challenges to complete in The Sims 4!

1. Legacy Challenge

The Sims 4 - Legacy Challenge

This is a classic challenge. The idea is to create a Sim who will be the founder of the family and then continue with that same family for ten generations. The main difficulty of the challenge is the beginning because you will have little money and very basic goods, both necessary to have for the next generations to get ahead.

It's also interesting and can sometimes be quite an emotional experience when you see your Sims aging and giving way to younger members of the family. An unforgettable story will be written!


  1. Seeking tips or using mods is not allowed. You must create your legacy only with what the base game offers.
  2. The ideal is to have a good career assured before you get married and establish a family.
  3. You are not allowed to reload or quit when something unexpected happens, like getting fired or getting fired. You have to figure out how to overcome those obstacles!
  4. The objective of the game is to play with the same family for ten generations.

2. 100 Babies Challenge

The Sims 4 - 100 Babies Challenge

It may seem like a simple goal, but giving birth to 100 babies is no easy feat. In addition to filling your house with little crybabies, one of the requirements of the challenge is that all the children have different fathers. Imagine: you must seduce 100 different men until you have a house full of screaming babies!


  1. You cannot have more than one child from each parent. You really have to search for 100 different men.
  2. You must choose only one young woman from your own legacy to replace the first Sim when she reaches elder. If you run out of a daughter for her to replace, you lose the challenge.

3. Insane Asylum Challenge

The Sims 4 - The Asylum Challenge

If you like crazy challenges, in this challenge you will control up to eight Sims who live in the same house. Everyone must have an "Erratic" personality! With all the constraints of a real asylum, you'll need to reach maximum happiness with all your Sims, despite their strange and unpredictable behavior.


  1. The asylum must have eight people who have the "Erratic" trait. Not one more, not one less.
  2. All of them must earn their living with manual jobs.
  3. The building can only have beds, a sink, and the cheapest possible appliances.
  4. The main objective is to complete the aspirations of your patients. The Sim or the Sim that manages to achieve it is free to leave the asylum.

4. Black Widow Challenge

The Sims 4 - Black Widow Challenge

This is a bit of a grim challenge, as the goal is to get married and kill the Sim's wives or husbands to inherit all their fortunes. You must seduce as many as you can during the game of The Sims 4 and get rich in this deadly way. And let no one else find out what's going on!


  1. Meet a Sim and get married.
  2. Throw a party and find a new romantic interest.
  3. Seduce the lover and invite him home. Let your spouse get angry and feel betrayed.
  4. Kill your partner, inherit his money and marry your lover.
  5. Collect up to ten graves of different husbands and wives. They must be on the land of your house and you cannot change your home.

5. Serial Killer Challenge

The Sims 4 - Serial Killer Challenge

For three weeks, you will have to live the life of a serial killer, trying to kill as many Sims as possible. This can be done by inviting people to your house and removing the doors to the rooms to starve them to death. This challenge is ideal to bring out that inner sadist, but don't get used to it!


  1. Create a Sim that has good social traits, so it's easy to invite and attract people to your home.
  2. When your victims are in your house, remove the necessary exits and wait for them to starve.
  3. For three weeks, try to kill as many Sims as you can.

6. Alien Invasion Challenge

The Sims 4 - The Alien Invasion Challenge

This is an interesting challenge, in which you must control an alien that infiltrated Earth in order to populate it. Use a disguise to fool other Sims and plant your seed in every house in the neighborhood. In this way, you will populate the entire region with your descendants and you will have completed the alien invasion.


  1. Create an alien Sim and start a new game.
  2. Wear a costume to bond with different humans and have them give birth to aliens.
  3. The goal is to infiltrate at least two aliens in each house in the neighborhood.

7. Community / Worship Challenge

The Sims 4 - The Community / Cult Challenge

With this challenge, you'll experience what it's like to live in a community pool the old-fashioned way. Pick a group of Sims and create a community that lives in nature, away from modern technology. Go on an awesome adventure where camping life is the only routine your Sims will know.


  1. You will first need to create a pioneer Sim. Make sure that the other members have social characteristics and personalities complementary to the leader.
  2. You can only buy basic survival items, such as tents or outdoor campfires.
  3. You are not allowed to work in a company. Members of this community will have to earn money by painting pictures, making music, or writing.

8. Decades Challenge

The Sims 4 - The Decades Challenge

This challenge can be viewed as a variant of the Legacy challenge. In this case, you start with a family as if they lived in the 1890s and you have to continue with each generation up to the present times. It is important that the decoration, clothes, and technologies used are appropriate for each era.


  1. The challenge begins in the year 1890. It is mandatory to marry someone of the same ethnicity and of the opposite sex. It is also prohibited to use electricity, pipes, furniture that is not made of wood, and any other type of technology.
  2. In the 1900s, you can already use pipes and electricity, but only men can work outside the home.
  3. In 1910, all men must go to war. You can simulate that by creating cow plants and having the male members of the family try to survive that pest.
  4. In the 1920s, women will finally be able to have a job.
  5. It includes new technologies and different styles as each generation and decade progresses, all the way up to modern times.

9. Apocalypse Challenge

The Sims 4 - The Challenge of the Apocalypse

In the Apocalypse challenge, you must use all your creativity and put your Sim to survive in a world affected by nuclear war. Fortunately, your Sim will have taken refuge in a sturdy house, but you'll have to endure until you are old without dying of any cause.


  1. Create a house that only has the essentials: the cheapest bed, a sink, and the bare minimum for cooking.
  2. Your Sim will never be able to leave home, as the world is covered in radiation.
  3. If he dies for any reason without being old, you lose the challenge!

10. Big Brother Challenge

The Sims 4 - Big Brother Challenge

This is without a doubt one of the most popular challenges. You will have to test the coexistence of several Sims that have totally different personalities, so the relationships will become quite unpredictable.


  1. Create eight Sims with super different personality traits from each other,
  2. Place Sims in a house and don't control them. Leave them all to their free will.
  3. Once per week, kick the least friendly Sim out of the house.

11. Masterchef Challenge

The Sims 4 - The Masterchef Challenge

The Masterchef challenge is perfect for fans of the show and food in general. A group of Sims will compete against each other to see who can make the best dishes. The judges will taste the different foods and determine who is the most worthy to continue with this art. Nerves are already felt in the kitchen!

Rules :

  1. First of all, create three judges and five random Sims. Of course, the judges have to have cooking skill level 5, and all the traits and aspirations that have to do with cooking.
  2. None of the Sims or contestants need to have cooking skills at the start of the competition, but they can read books or watch cooking channels on TV between competition days.
  3. Each week Sims will have to complete three specific kitchen challenges.
  4. In addition, the judges will taste the food week after week and the best quality dish will win, while the worst will be eliminated. There can only be one left at the end!

12. Tramp Challenge

The Sims 4 - Drifter Challenge

Can you imagine starting in The Sims 4 sleeping in parks and trying to make a living until you get a good house? That's what you will do with this challenge! You will see what the hard life of a homeless person is like, struggling to move on and finally have a home to live in. It's a pretty fun challenge that can be repeated as many times as you want. The imagination is the limit!

Rules :

  1. Create any Sim with the traits you prefer and put it in an empty spot. Use tricks to take away all the money.
  2. The Sim cannot have a job but can earn money by asking for it, planting, digging, writing books, playing instruments, painting, etc.
  3. Until you get to the point where you start building your house, you will need to use the public restrooms and sleep on the park seats.
  4. As you progress through the challenge, for each time you want to build, you will need to take 500 Simoleons as if it were a building fee or building permit.
  5. The game ends when you save 5,000 Simoleons and have a basic house.
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