The 12 best mods for Minecraft from version 1.14

 Minecraft is an excellent and fun game, not only because of the unique adventures it brings us but also because of the ability to play with mods. Over the years, the community has worked hard to tweak this game in impressive ways. Today there are mods that improve details such as graphics and interface or expand the playable elements.

If you want to start playing with mods or just looking for the most popular ones on the Internet, in this article we bring you 12 of the best mods for Minecraft version 1.14. If you are playing another version, nothing happens! Many of the lists are also available for earlier versions.

Important note: for each mod, we give you the link to the download page, but do not hesitate to see the other sections of the pages. You will find more specific information about what the corresponding mod provides and what you need to make it work.

1. OptiFine

Mods para Minecraft - OptiFine

  • Download the mod here.
  • Requirements: none.

OptiFine is a suitable mod for every Minecraft player. It is a tool that optimizes the performance of the game and also prepares it for graphic modifications that other people have made. If you are a gamer who has a weak computer, OptiFine will help you gain fluency by disabling options.

In case you have a powerful PC, do not lose sight of this mod either. Among other things, it enables support for HD (high definition) textures and ShadersAll in all, OptiFine is a great mod that will work whether you need to gain fluidity or want to prepare it for a graphical mod.

2. VoxelMap

Mods para Minecraft - VoxelMap

  • Download the mod here.
  • Requirements: Forge the Fabri Loader + Fabric API.

VoxelMap is a powerful mod that will make your exploration easier. It's both a minimap and a world map, allowing you to place markers and display creature icons in the area, among other features.

Not only that, but the representation that you will see on the maps will be quite faithful to what you see in the world. The colors and shapes will match almost perfectly, giving us an excellent guide to discovering the scenery around us. If you love knowing what's in every corner of Minecraft, give VoxelMap a try!

3. Xaero's Minimap

Xaero's Minimap mod para Minecraft

  • Download the mod here.
  • Requirements: Forge.

This is another mod that allows you to have a nice useful minimap. Although it is similar to VoxelMap, it has some differences that are worth mentioning. For starters, the minimap can be switched between fixed and rotating, so it changes orientation depending on where you're looking.

In addition, it consumes fewer resources compared to VoxelMap and clearly shows you the entities on the minimap. As a curiosity, a marker will appear in the place where you died last time. It also has other useful options like viewing the position of items on the minimap, and the representation on it can be modified. However, if you are looking for a world map, you will need to look for another mod.

4. Just Enough Items (JEI)

Mods para Minecraft - Just Enough Items

  • Download the mod here.
  • Requirements: none.

There are so many items and recipes in Minecraft that we can all get confused. It is difficult to remember what we need to do, so we end up looking in the web browser or with our mobile.

This mod integrates an interface within the game itself, where you can see absolutely all the items and recipes in the game. Not only that but exactly how to create each object, with the position of the ingredients and the number needed. No more headaches with item creation!

5. Storage Drawers

Mods para Minecraft - Storage Drawers

  • Download the mod here (take a good look at the version of the game!)
  • Requirements: Forge.

Hoarding resources is one of the most important aspects of Minecraft, but to be honest, it sucks to handle so many items! For that reason, it suits us to have a mod like Storage Drawers.

In it, you can have a good block of shelves where you can individually place your resources. In this way, you will not have everything piled up in your inventory or in your chests. The small shelves will be marked with a symbol that will give you a visual reference of which resource is stored in each of them.

6. Better PvP Mod

Mods para Minecraft - Better PvP Mod

  • Download the mod here.
  • Requirements: Forge.

This is a pretty complete mod for MinecraftOn the one hand, you will receive a good assortment of notifications and icons to facilitate your adventure in MinecraftYou will be able to see the effect of your potions and their duration in a clear way or see the life of the creature you are facing.

On the other, Better PvP Mod has extras like a more visual keyboard shortcut bar. It also has options to turn sprint or stealth mode on/off, as well as alerting you if you're approaching an explosive or being shot by arrows. Apart from all this, there are more details in this modification that are worth trying. Don't hesitate to do it!

7. Replay Mod

Mods para Minecraft - Replay Mod

  • Download the mod here.
  • Requirements: Fabric and Fabric API (links included on the same page).

If you have ever wanted to take good screenshots, record yourself playing or make a short film, don't think twice and try Replay Mod. You will feel like a movie director! You will be able to make videos in the easiest and fastest way possible.

For an unprecedented cinematic experience in Minecraft, this mod gives us the ability to set up mobile cameras.

8. Lycanites Mod

Mods para Minecraft - Lycanites Mod

  • Download the mod here.
  • Requirements: none.

Lycanites Mod is another great mod that comes with a nice assortment of additions. If you got tired of fighting and surviving against the same creatures over and over again, this mod brings you, numerous fearsome enemies. There are from the smallest and not very fearsome to real giants that are difficult to bring down.

The modification is expanding with the passing of the months, so you will always receive new content. Today, there are changes and additions to items, as well as a fun system of events and dungeons where you must defeat large creatures. You will not get bored!

9. Here's What You're Looking At (HWYLA)

Mods para Minecraft - Here's What You're Looking At

  • Download the mod hereMake sure you download the correct file as per the requirement.
  • Requirements: Fabric or Forge. It is recommended to use alongside the Just Enough Items mod (number 4 on this list).

This mod is simple and effective at the same time: it tells you what the item, resource, or entity you are aiming your crosshairs at. Nothing more! A detail as simple as this will make your life as a Minecraft player much easier.

As we already mentioned in the requirements, the best way to use this mod is in conjunction with Just Enough Items. In this way, you will also receive some information about the recipes with the necessary materials to create the item that you have in front of you.

10. WorldEdit

Mods para Minecraft - WorldEdit

  • Download the mod here.
  • Requirements: Fabric + Fabric API or Forge.

If you are a born creator and love to modify everything in your environment like beach sand in your hands, install WorldEdit! It is a great tool with which you can make scenarios quickly. Instantly create spheres, cylinders, and other shapes, and sculpt the blocks to perfection. There are endless possibilities!

We highly recommend watching tutorials for this mod to take advantage of its full potential.

11. Biomes O' Plenty

Mods para Minecraft - Biomes O' Plenty

  • Download the mod here.
  • Requirements: Read the instructions at the top of the description page.

Minecraft scenarios are simple and very colorful but, from time to time, more variety and color are missing. Biomes O' Plenty takes care of that, as it includes many types of trees and plants in the biomes of the game. Renew the visual aspect by adding a much more striking color and rich in diversity.

Feel free to also try the add-ons that expand this mod. They are linked at the bottom of the description page.

12. Extended Caves

Mods para Minecraft - Extended Caves

  • Download the mod here.
  • Requirements: none.

If you got bored of always being outdoors in Minecraft and you think life underground is a bit repetitive, this is your mod! Extended Caves renew the underground experience, expanding the caverns in variety, size, and content. You will find different types of new elements, among different stones, plants, and crystals.

Best of all, it goes above and beyond! From time to time, you will find small dungeons and, as one would expect to find in such a place, there will be treasures. With this mod, you will be able to enrich your adventures with a good facelift to the Minecraft underground. Pull out the whip, Indiana Jones!

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