Pokémon Sword and Shield: the initial Pokémons and their evolutions

 Pokémon Sword and Shield are two video games that were released in November 2019, thus introducing the eighth generation to the franchise. It introduces us to three new starter Pokémon: Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. All three have two evolutions and anyone is useful both for the first bars of the game and for the final stretch.

In this brief guide, we inform you of various details related to these initial Pokémons. We tell you what type they are, what their stats, abilities, resistances, and weaknesses are. Apart from this, we tell you a little about the types of movements that they can learn. It is valuable information, as it will help you to choose one Pokémon or another and be fully prepared for any challenge.

Learn all about the three starter Pokémon from Pokémon Sword and Shield, and their evolutions!

Grookey - Grass-type Chimpanzee Pokémon

The first starter Pokémon we introduce in the article is Grookey, a Grass-type Pokémon only. It is ranked #1 in the Galar Pokédex. Of the three initials, it is the creature that has the most health and defense, especially if we look at the final evolutions of each Pokémon. Therefore, if you are looking for a starter that gives you stamina, Grookey is perfect!

To get the most out of Grookey, it's good to know what his resistances and weaknesses are:

  • Resistant to: Water, Electrical, Plant, and Earth.
  • Weak to: Bug, Fire, Ice, Poison, and Flying.

Note that this Pokémon and its evolutions are always Grass-type. As for the moves they can learn, naturally, they will be able to get GrassNormal and Dark-type movesSome examples of them are Snarl (Normal), Sharp Blade (Grass), or Disarm (Dark).

Along with these movements, it is possible to learn many more through MT (technical machines) and DT (technical discs). This way you can also get PsychicFightingBug, or Fire-type moves. This will help you to have greater flexibility and form the most complete combat team possible.

Additionally, Grookey and its evolutions have two specific abilities:

  • Basic Ability: Thickness. Increases the power of Grass-type moves by 50% when the user falls below 1/3 of their maximum health.
  • Hidden Ability : Herbogenesis. When the possessor enters a fight, he creates a field of grass that lasts 5 turns. If equipped with Ground Covers, the duration will be 8 turns.

Finally, we show you Grookey's evolutions when he reaches a specific level and the basic statistics of all of them:

PokemonHealthAttackspecial attackDefendingspecial defenseSpeed

Grookey Pokémon Sword and Shield



Thwackey Pokémon Sword and Shield


(Level 16)


Rillaboom Pokémon Sword and Shield


(Level 35)


Scorbunny - Fire-type Rabbit Pokémon

The second Pokemon in this guide, Scorbunny, is Fire-type only. It is ranked #4 in the Pokémon Sword and Shield Pokédex. In this case, Scorbunny has a good balance of attack and speed, at the cost of health and defense. It is very useful to quickly defeat enemies that are weak against Scorbunny's attacks and its evolutions.

Speaking of weaknesses, below you can see Scorbunny's strengths and weaknesses:

  • Resistant to: Steel, Bug, Fire, Fairy, Ice, and Grass.
  • Weak to: Water, Rock, and Earth.

As with Grookey, both Scorbunny and its evolutions remain Fire-types. Therefore, these resistances and weaknesses will always apply. If we get into the subject of movements, as you level up you will be able to unlock some of the FireNormalFightingPsychic, and Flying types. Three examples would be Headbutt (Normal), Bounce (Flying), and Counter (Fighting).

Also, if you focus on using both MTs and DTs in Scorbunny, you'll be able to get a lot more moves. Apart from the types already mentioned, it can also have DarkBugEarthPoison, and ElectricAs you can see, with these Pokémon there are many possibilities! In the case of the Cinderace evolution, there are Steel and Ghost-type moves to unlock.

Lastly, Scorbunny, Reboot, and Cinderace have the following two abilities:

  • Basic Ability: Sea Flames. Increases the power of Fire-type moves by 50% when the user falls below 1/3 of their maximum health.
  • Hidden Ability: Libero. Allows the user Pokémon to change type based on the move it is going to use on the turn. The switch happens before any Pokemon attacks.

Below you can see Scorbunny's base stats and its evolutions:

PokemonHealthAttackspecial attackDefendingspecial defenseSpeed

Scorbunny Pokémon Sword and Shield



Raboot Pokémon Sword and Shield


(Level 16)


Cinderace Pokémon Sword and Shield


(Level 35)


Sobble - Water-type Aquatic Pokémon

Sobble is the third and last Pokémon of the starters and belongs only to the Water-typeIt ranks #7 in the Pokédex. A strong point of Sobble and its evolutions is a high speed, but the best thing is its powerful special attack since it has the highest numbers in that stat.

Sobble's strengths and weaknesses are as follows:

  • Resistant to: Steel, Water, Fire, and Ice.
  • Weak to: Electric and Plant.

It is more than apparent that Sobble is the Pokémon that has the fewest resistances and weaknesses of the three starters. If we look at the attacks it can learn, up to level 36, it can learn WaterNormalDark, and Bug-type attacks. For example, it is possible to get Hydro Ram (Water), Round Trip (Bug), or Cheap Shot (Sinister).

To these movements are added many others that are obtained through MTs and DTs. In Sobble's case, it is possible to unlock PsychicFlying, and Ground-type moves, in addition to those already mentioned except Dark.

Do not underestimate the abilities that it has, as they will be able to decant the combat in your favor:

  • Basic Ability: Torrent. Increases the power of Water-type moves by 50% when the user falls below 1/3 of their maximum health.
  • Hidden Ability: Sniper. Increases critical hit damage.

In the table below you can see Sobble's starting stats and their evolutions:

PokemonHealthAttackspecial attackDefendingspecial defenseSpeed

Sobble Pokémon Sword and Shield



Drizzile Pokémon Sword and Shield


(Level 16)


Inteleon Pokémon Sword and Shield


(Level 35)


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