PES 2020 Option File for PS4: 5 steps to install it

 The Option File is useful for updating squads, logos, and uniforms in PES 2020, using external files. This option has been around for many years, so it is already a tradition in the franchise, and every year we have new Option Files.

Although basically it is a modification and adds licenses that Konami could not pay, it is not illegal at all! This type of modification is allowed, although it is only available for the PS4 and PC versions. In this article, we show you how to download and install the PES 2020 Option File for the PS4 version. With a few steps, you will have a more complete game in-licenses!

Step 1: Download the Option File and prepare your USB

Before carrying out any installation, you must do a few things. First of all, download the Option File V5 on your PC, shared by the PESUniverse community. It is a link to Mediafire that includes a file with all the licenses. Once it's downloaded, extract everything to a known folder and type "PESUNIVERSE" as the password. This is the first part.

The second thing you should do is have an empty USB. Make sure it is at least 2GB in size and formatted in the FAT32 format. From the PC, you can select the USB with the right-click and hit "Format" for this process. Then, create a folder inside it called WEPES, in all caps. You are now ready to move on to the next step!

Step 2 – Apply the latest Live Update

PES 2020 Live Update
Before importing anything, apply Live Update!

Another preliminary step is to make sure that all the necessary updates for PES 2020 have been applied. Within the game, go to Settings and click on "Live Update". This will allow you to have the latest version of the templates and there will be no unforeseen events after installing the Option File files.

There's one thing to watch out for in the future, but we'd better tell you now: it's possible that licenses will be "lost" in a future update. If you see a team missing licensed players, uniforms, logo, or other details, just re-install the Option File for that team! We tell you now how to do this process.

Step 3 – Install files that don't require applying data

Now yes, we are going to license equipment! With the USB connection to your PC, go to the folder where you extracted the Option File. Enter the file " 2. Don't Apply " and here you can do two things. For one thing, you can copy the entire WEPES folder to the USB. On the other hand, to avoid spending unnecessary space and save several minutes in the import process, you can enter WEPES and only copy the equipment that you want to license.

Once you have the desired teams on the USB (remember, always inside the WEPES folder), it's time to go to the PES 2020 Settings :

  • Go into " Edit ".
  • Select " Import/Export ".
  • Then hit " Import Teams ".
  • Press the Square button to select all, press " Go to Detailed Options " and click "Ok". You can check the overwrite box, but you don't need to enable any options.

After a few minutes, the import process will finish and you will have all the chosen equipment already licensed.

Step 4 – Install files that need to apply data

This step is exactly the same as the previous one, with a couple of changes. First of all, delete the files that you have put inside the WEPES folder on your USB. On this occasion, you must go to the " 1. Apply " file that you have in the extracted file on the PC. As we said before, you can copy the entire WEPES folder or select the teams you want. Of course, it is necessary to copy the folder " 00. Competitions " for Step 5.

Then head back to the "Import Teams" menu and select all with the Square button. On the next screen:

  • Enable the Apply player and squad data option.
  • Enable the Overwrite image files with the same name option.

Make sure you activate both! Then you can click "Ok" and you just have to wait for the import to finish. Once complete, you will have more licensed teams in PES 2020!

Step 5 - Import the Championships

For this last step, if you included the "00. Competitions" folder on your USB, you just have to go to the " Import competitions " option. Repeat the same procedure as Step 4. Feel free to include as many championships as you like, as the entire folder takes up little space.

With this, you will have the official championships within PES 2020, thus replacing several of the unofficial tournaments in the game.

Final details

As we said in Step 2, pay attention to when the game reapplies a live update. From time to time, you will have to re-import the Option File for one computer or another. In addition, the Option File that we include in the article may not be up to date for some teams or players. If so, it's fixable!

Option File PES 2020 Edit Menu
In this menu, you can make adjustments to teams, players, and championships

Within the "Edit Menu" (you must exit the "Import/Export" menu), there are different very useful options. One of them is " Transfers ", as it allows you to change a player from one club to another. The PESUniverse community is great, but they can't always update everything!

If you need to change some details regarding the championships, you can go into " Champions " and " Champions Structure ". In these sections, it is possible to do things like decrease the size of the team draw.

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