Know all the Age of Empires 2 cheats

 In this guide, we compile a list of all the cheats from Age of Empires 2 up to Age of Empires II: Definitive EditionIf you want to activate them, you will first have to press the Enter key to open the chat. In it, type the codes and press the Enter key again to activate the corresponding commands. Find out now what all the tricks are!

Codetrick effect


+1,000 Food (+10,000 in HD and Definitive Edition).
ROBIN HOON+1,000 Gold (+10,000 in HD and Definitive Edition).
rock on+1,000 Stone (+10,000 in HD and Definitive Edition).
LUMBERJACK+1,000 Wood (+10,000 in HD and Definitive Edition).
I LOVE THE MONKEY HEADA VMDL villager appears on your land. It's fast and it's good for exploring.
AEGISIncreases the speed of training, research, and construction.
HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ONA Shelby Cobra tank appears with good ranged attack and considerable armor but can do friendly fire.
WIMPYWIMPYWIMPYYou destroy yourself and lose the game.
NATURAL WONDERSIt allows you to control the animals on the map.
FRAMEReveals the entire map. Entering the code again will allow you to reverse the effect.
FURIOUS THE MONKEY BOYControl a monkey that easily destroys buildings.
RESIGNInstant defeat.
GO WINNERInstant victory.
BLACK DEATHEliminate all other opponents and allies.
POLEDisables fog of war. Entering the code again will allow you to reverse the effect.
TO SMITHEREENSYou get a spoiler.
woof woofYou change birds into flying dogs.
TORPEDO-XKill an opponent of your choice. Define your victim by substituting "X" for a number from 1 to 8.
!MUTEYou will not hear any mockery.
!NOMUTEDisables the "!mute" code.

Exclusive cheats for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

Codetrick effect
+100,000 of all resources. Only one of these three codes needs to be entered, and they all share the same effect.
I DON'T EXISTSummons a penguin with high armor and damage.
ALPACA SIMULATORSummons Alfred the Alpaca, who possesses a lot of armor and is strong in close combat.
CATZORCreate a Sharkatzor, a kind of flying shark with rocket launchers on its back. It has great damage capacity.

Event Cheats in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

The cheats in the following table can only be obtained by completing achievements during events. These events are temporaryonce the event is over, you won't be able to unlock the cheat if you haven't completed the achievements.

Codetrick effectEvent
GOING ABOVE AND BEYONDIt allows you to research the same technology up to 256 times, stacking the effects.Greatest medieval technologies.
TECH TECH ONE TWO FREETechnologies are freeGreatest medieval technologies.
PUT ON YOUR CAPESTurn all your infantry into elite Teutonic Knights.Teuton civ/ Oktoberfest (Teutonic Civilization / Oktoberfest).
YES WE KHANIn the Genghis Khan campaign, turn all Mangudai units into Genghis Khan.Mongolian civ (Mongolian civilization).
PHOTON MANSummons a Photon Man.Age of Empire's Anniversary.
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