How to play Rust: 10 tips to get off to a good start

 Rust is a survival MMO that is unforgiving of mistakes and can be tough for beginners. We know this well, so we have compiled 9 tips that will give you an idea of how to play RustDiscover the essentials of exploration, item creation, and caring for your character. Go ahead!

1. Explore safe places first

In general, every player in Rust starts out naked and with a rock in hand; maybe you have a torch. This will depend on the server you are on. We recommend looking for beginner servers or playing with friends who know the game and are your allies.

The first thing you want to do is explore areas away from other playersYou are vulnerable at the beginning, so it is not in your best interest to take risks. Look for resources around you, close to where you spawn at the start of the game. Go a bit further into the island, but avoid facing large animals or other players until you have better equipment.

When you have your own house or shelter, which we discussed in tip 5, don't hesitate to go further to explore. It is possible to explore caves and underground places to get better materialsFrom time to time, there are planes that drop supply boxes with very useful things. Of course, there will surely be other players!

2. Create an ax as soon as possible

Stone Ax - Rust

A stone is not the best weapon or tool you can have in RustIt's useful to start with, but after a few minutes, you'll realize you need something better. After getting more stones and wood, craft a stone axeThis will improve your ability to obtain resources and, as an addition, you will be able to defend or attack better than with a stone.

In addition to an axe, it is good that you make yourself a cloth garmentYou can get cloth by hunting animals, so it won't take long to get this outfit. It's weak armor, but it's better than nothing and will protect you a bit more from the cold.

3. Feed frequently and monitor your needs

In Rust, you must take care of the level of hunger and thirst. If you don't feed frequently, your character will weaken and die sooner or later. While searching for resources and materials, don't forget to hunt animals. A little food is enough to survive and survive another day, but you better cook the meat or you will end up poisoned!

In addition to hunger and thirst, your character can also freeze to deathTo combat the cold, you need to dress the character and give him a warm placeWhile a campfire is useful, as it also allows you to cook, it is best if you build a house/shelter with an oven. All this, plus eating, helps your character to be comfortable, revitalized, and fully healed.

As a final detail, try to accumulate all possible seeds. In addition to feeding on hunted animals, you can grow some fruits! Therefore, once you have a home, do not hesitate to plant seeds nearby.

4. Do not cook at night

In pursuit of tip 3, we advise against cooking at night for a simple reason: light attracts a lot of attentionIf you cannot defend yourself against better-equipped players, it is best to stay quiet in your house until the night passes. Turn off all the lights, or at least don't move in front of them. If someone sees your shadow moving, he will declare you his next prey!

5. Build your first house or shelter

Building a house or shelter is one of the essential first steps as a Rust survivor. The advantages are not few:

  • Add another layer of protection to your character.
  • You will be able to combat the cold better, especially if you have an oven.
  • After exploring the unknown, it will serve as a safe place to return to.
  • It is a good place to disconnect from the game since your character will always be present for other players.

It is very useful! You can make a wooden house using only this resource, although you will need to accumulate enough and find a good place to build it. We emphasize that, as a first building, it is best to build the house away from the other players. If you're playing with friends, a big base is great!

Of course, the buildings in Rust are susceptible to deterioration and loss of stabilityBuild carefully and maintain your home by repairing or upgrading it

6. Make a sleeping bag

Sleeping bag - Rust

Although you don't need to sleep in Rust, sleeping bags and beds are beneficial. After dying, you can respawn in a sleeping bag or bedIt is therefore advisable to have a sleeping bag in a safe place or, at least, that you know is not inhabited by enemies. You only need a few dozen pieces of fabric to make one of these bags. It's so much better than reviving on the beach!

7. Get resources and use them to craft

Here we want to highlight an important detail: use your resources. Hoarding more and more materials is useless unless you have a plan in mind; using them will help you survive. Spend your resources to get better tools, weapons, and houses. That's crafting!

Later, when the creations are more expensive and you have boxes to store objects in, it is worth hoarding. It's good to have a plan to build big bases, and it takes a lot of resources. As a rule of thumb, always store materials in safe places, such as boxes inside houses and bases. Otherwise, if you get killed, you could lose a lot of stuff!

8. Create a Furnace and Crafting Table

To speed up crafting and create more complex items, it is necessary to have a furnace and a workbench. The furnace is used both to cook and to create metals, among other things, in addition to giving heat to the character. Once you build a wooden house, you should create a furnace as soon as possible. For this, you need a work table, which is built with stones and wood.

As you progress through the game, you will see that various objects and building pieces require a workbench and blueprints. With this in mind, don't skimp on building workbenches in as many housesshelters, and bases as you can.

9. Do not trust unknown players

Unless you're playing with friends, it's wise to assume that other players are enemies. Rarely will a stranger help you in this game, especially if he is well equipped? Therefore, whenever you see a player, run away!

When you are better armed and protected, you can choose to fight or approach other players, but always with caution. Until then, especially during the first few minutes, stay hidden and unnoticed. When night falls, we advise you to stay at home or in a place away from others.

Finally, the players are not the only threat. In Rust, there are different NPCs, wild animals, zombies, and even helicopters that will attack you on sight. Pay attention to your surroundings; Dangers abound on the island of Rust!

10. Be careful of areas with radiation

Radiation Zones - Rust

Radiation zones are places that are as dangerous as they are great. For one thing, radiation can kill your character. Fortunately, there are anti-radiation pills and syringes to combat it; As a bonus, drinking water helps reduce its effects. If you also have a suit that protects you from radiation, you will be safer from this danger!

On the other hand, these radioactive zones can contain some of the best components and items in the game. These sites are worth exploring, although they are busy places and often zombies. We recommend visiting these sites together with allies and well-armed. Never go to these radiation areas if you've only been playing for a short time.

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