How to find diamonds in Minecraft with 4 methods!

 Diamond is a very useful ore in MinecraftWith it, you can craft some of the best armor and tools. Unfortunately, it is one of the rarest items in the game, along with emerald and lapis lazuli. That is why we all like to know where we can find diamonds, so as not to waste hours of unnecessary searching. That is exactly what we are talking about in this article!

Here are three ways to find diamonds in MinecraftWe also make some recommendations to make your experience of accumulating diamonds more fruitful and enjoyable. Find out now!

Dig and mine

Digging and mining through the underground world of Minecraft is the most common method of obtaining diamonds. The odds of finding diamond ores aren't exactly high, but you're sure to find a few with every hour you spend exploring.

If you go for this method, the first thing to note is that the diamonds are at level/layer 16 or lowerTo find out what level you're at, press F3 and look at the Y coordinate number.

Specifically, the best layers in which to look for diamonds are from 5 to 12For that reason, you'll want to dig from the surface until you reach those levels, otherwise, you won't find any diamonds to mine!

Layered diamond ores below level 16 - Minecraft

Some people prefer to dig and mine only at levels 11 and 12. The reason for this is that lava appears at levels 10 and below. In addition to hurting you, she can destroy diamonds if they fall on her. As a precaution, we advise you to mine around the diamond ores to be sure that lava does not flow in the vicinity. In case it comes out, use buckets of water!

The other thing to keep in mind is equipping yourself with an iron pickaxe or higher for mining. Only then can you get diamonds from the ores. It is very useful to use a pickaxe that you are enchanted with Fortune III (to get several diamonds per ore mined) or Silken Touch and even better if it has Repaired.

Regardless of the above, it's essential that you carry multiple pickaxes, as mining takes a lot out of your tools. Make sure you have enough equipment to dig to the corresponding levels. It is good to dig in the form of stairs and not straight down, as it will allow you to move better in the underground levels.

One last note: as you explore the underworld, make sure to set up torches every 5-10 blocksIf you don't do that, hostile creatures will spawn from time to time, hindering your progress. Also, to have a higher chance of finding diamond ores, branch mining is mandatory. And what is that? Now we tell you!

2. Branch mining

Branch mining is simply branch mining. When you are at level 16 and below, it is useful to mine by following a structure. Why? Because in each chunk there is an average of 3.7 diamond oresFor clarification, a chunk is an area of ​​16x16 blocks for the X and Z coordinates, respectively. You can check which one you're on by pressing F3, and even view the chunks by pressing F3+G.

One way to branch mine is as follows:

  • Once you are in the levels where there are diamonds, it is time to dig horizontally.
  • Dig a doorway two blocks high, move three blocks to the side, and repeat the process several times.
  • At each entrance, dig forward about 20 blocks. Don't forget to put torches every 5-10 blocks!
  • When you're done, it's time to turn around and repeat the same steps.
  • You can follow the same process at different levels or chunks.

As you can see, branch mining is a more organized way of digging and mining to find diamonds, although, in essence, it is the same method as the first. On the Internet, you can see many examples of branch mining!

3. Explore caves

If you don't feel like wearing down your pickaxes digging down to such low levels, you can always find and explore underground caves that are deep. Watch out; they are most likely infested with creatures! For this reason, it is convenient to go very well equipped, not only in tools to dig and mine, but also to defend yourself and attack.

Remember that, at a minimum, you need an iron pickaxe. The deep caves are usually very dark and filled with lava, so don't forget to bring lots of torches and buckets of waterAs the caves are more open areas, you do not need to dig all the time. In fact, we recommend that you don't dig, but look around until you see a diamond ore.

If you'd rather save even more on your pickaxes, you can mine by exploding TNTYes, it is true that it is not a very orthodox method and, in fact, you have to be very careful not to fill the place with lava. In this sense, whenever you see lava near a diamond ore, it is good to pour water and wait a while. Hopefully, all the lava near the ore will cool down and you'll be free.

4. Open safes

The last methodology is easier since it only requires exploring and being attentive. In Minecraft there are a good number of chests scattered throughout the map and, fortunately, they generate different resources naturally, including diamonds. You won't have to dig for hours and hours!

The places where you can find chests with diamonds, in different probabilities, are the following:

  • Sunken ships.
  • Strengths.
  • Fortresses of the Underworld (Nether).
  • Villages, specifically in the chests of the blacksmiths.
  • Remnants or remnants of the bastion.
  • Desert temples and pyramids.
  • Jungle temples and pyramids.
  • End City.
  • Abandoned mine, usually in carts.
  • Treasure chests are buried on beaches, shorelines, and underwater. It is useful to search for them with treasure maps, or it will take a long time to find them.
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