How to evolve Tyrogue in Pokémon GO

 Tyrogue is one of the most interesting Pokémon in Pokémon GO in terms of evolutions. As with Eevee, the little fighter also has several evolution possibilities. You are probably wondering: how can I know what evolution my Tyrogue will have?

The answer is simple: look at the IVs ( Individual Values or Individual Values) of Tyrogue. The evolution of this Pokémon will vary depending on the attribute that has the highest value of the three, following this scheme:

  • The attack is the highest attribute: Tyrogue will evolve into Hitmonlee.
  • Defense is the highest attribute: Tyrogue will evolve into Hitmonchan.
  • Health is the highest attribute: Tyrogue will evolve into Hitmontop.

Therefore, Tyrogue's evolution is completely influenced by the factor of IVs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to influence the evolution, so that it transforms into the Pokémon you want. All you can do is figure out which Pokemon a particular Tyrogue can evolve into and decide if it's worth spending candy on or not.

Pokémon GO Tyrogue Hitmonlee
Tyrogue can evolve into Hitmonlee if his highest attribute is Attack

How to know Tyrogue's IVs

Thanks to an update, you can roughly discover the IVs of Tyrogue or any other Pokémon. To do so, simply select the corresponding creature in your collection, click the dropdown menu in the bottom right corner, and click "Rate." On the next screen, it will show you a rating of Pokémon's three attributes.

When evaluating IVs, if you see that two of the attributes are tied for the highest value, Tyrogue's evolution will be random with respect to those attributes. For example, if there is a tie between Health and Attack, Tyrogue will be able to evolve into both Hitmontop and Hitmonlee. In case there is a triple tie, it will be any of the three!

Information on Tyrogue and its evolutions

  • You only need 25 candies for all of Tyrogue's evolutions.
  • If you have Tyrogue as a Companion, you need to walk 5km to find candy.
  • Tyrogue and all of its evolutions are Fighting-type only. Therefore, they are weak in Psychic, Flying, and Fairy.
  • Hitmonchan's Attack, Defense, and Health are 193/197/137, respectively.
  • Hitmonlee's Attack, Defense, and Health are 224/181/137, respectively.
  • Hitmontop's Attack, Defense, and Health are 173/207/137, respectively.
  • Tyrogue's official description in the Pokédex is: "Tyrogue gets too nervous if he isn't taken out for training every day. His trainer must establish and maintain certain training methods during breeding."
  • Tyrogue is only available in the game through 7km eggs. As for their evolutions, they can be found in nature.
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