Gardenscapes: 7 tricks and tips to beat levels

 Gardenscapes is a really fun game that mixes simulation elements with item matching mechanics, similar to Candy CrushSometimes you can get stuck in a level and even spend all your lives. Do not worry! Here you will find 7 tips and tricks that will help you beat the Gardenscapes levels.

1. Get infinite lives

There is a very simple trick that is used by many players in Candy Crush that also works in GardenscapesWhen the lives are over, turn off the Internet (both WiFi and data), exit the game and go to the time and date settings of your phone. Move forward a few hours or a day. Enter the game again, and you will see that you have recovered lives!

Before you play, make sure you go back to the current time. Otherwise, you may end up with game clock setting issues, so it's best to err on the side of caution.

2. Restart the level until you have a good start

If you haven't made any moves in the level you're in, you can restart it without losing a life. Thanks to this, you can spend a few seconds until you find a good level start, with good combinations after the first move. A very useful trick!

This tactic is not at all necessary in the early levels. However, it is convenient to use this trick in the future, when the stages become difficult. After all, any advantage is welcome and even necessary to overcome the most difficult levels. And a good start is the first step to victory!

3. Use the empty spaces to make moves

Gardenscapes - take advantage of empty spaces

Unlike many games of the genre, in Gardenscapes you can place items in the empty squares around you. Take good advantage of this possibility, as it is a way to exchange positions and achieve combinations that would otherwise be impossible.

This feature adds a bit more flexibility to the game and is ideal if you don't want to switch to two-row or column items.

4. Blend vertically and focus on the lower area

Whenever possible, match at the bottom of the screen. Unless you can create bombs, dynamite, or TNT barrels, combining in the lower zone will cause more chain reactions, as more pieces will be moved around.

Likewise, vertical combinations are better than horizontal ones. By removing multiple items in a single column, new pieces will appear along the column. It is more than likely that, because of that, extra combinations will be achieved and a long chain reaction will be generated.

5. Make matches during chain reactions

Gardenscapes - chain reactions

Many players don't know that you can make moves in the middle of a chain reaction. However, you have to be vigilant and be quick to do it right, because you will lose the opportunities in the blink of an eye.

Therefore, whenever you make moves that cause chain reactions, quickly seize every opportunity to combine. That will lengthen the reaction and enhance its effects. Plus, it's also possible to create explosives in the process!

6. Spend money without fear

Gardenscapes is a game that, later on, gets complicated compared to other titles in the genre. You can get coins in various ways, be it by beating levels, using the Wheel of Fortune, watching advertisements, etc. For that reason, don't be afraid to spend the money! Take advantage of it and use the money to advance in the game, because you will get it back sooner or later.

Of course, we are not saying pay without thinking; just try to spend when it is useful to you and helps you to progress. For example, the decorations are very nice but it is better to use the money for other things.

7. Use the rainbow ray at specific times

Gardenscapes - use rainbow lightning

The rainbow beam is perfect in times when you can barely make any moves. Therefore, we recommend that you charge the rainbow ray as soon as possible, but save it until you need it. It is very useful to get you out of trouble and eliminate numerous items of the same type in a single instant.

You can also expect to have two rainbow rays. If you have any luck, you will be able to combine both and destroy all the pieces that are on the screen at that moment. That way you will surely overcome the current phase!

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