Free Fire: learn how to earn gold and diamonds, and what to spend them on

 Free Fire players not only want to win but also show off unique weapon skins and skins. To do this, it is necessary to accumulate gold and diamonds by playing or playing with real money. Due to the number of options, events, and menus, many of us can feel confused.

But don't worry: you are in the right place! Take a look at our guide and find out what are the methods to earn gold and diamonds and how to spend them to unlock different items in the game.

5 ways to earn gold and diamonds

One thing is certain: if we do not take advantage of all the opportunities to earn virtual money, the process will take forever. We know that well, so we have compiled the 5 ways to earn gold and diamonds, supported by images to help you in the best possible way.

1. Play games

The first way to earn gold is the most obvious: by playing and completing matches. We will get a sum of gold just for participating, so entering a game will always be time well spent. Anyway, if you want to earn more money, it's good to practice and put in the effort, as the game rewards survival timefinishing positioneliminations, and headshots.

In addition, by playing games you will be able to complete daily challenges, which you can see in the calendar icon located to the right of the main menu.

Free Fire complete challenges and earn explosive medals

There are a variety of different challenges, especially if you have purchased the Elite Pass (it is only unlocked with real money). When you complete a challenge, you will receive one or more exploding medalsThe tasks are usually to play a certain amount of minutes, use specific weapons, reach a specific number of eliminations, or finish in high positions.

And what are explosive medals for? They are used for the Fire Pass, which is also found in the main menu, to the left of your character.

Free Fire spend explosive medals and unlock items in Fire Pass

On this site, you will unlock items as you get more explosive medals. We emphasize that, if you purchase Elite Pass, you will get better rewards in the form of golddiamond discounts, and even skins, among other gifts. Although you have to pay for this, if you know that you are going to play a lot every week, Elite Pass is worth it.

Otherwise, you can stick to the Free Pass, but the rewards will be quite a bit scarcer.

2. Enter the game every day

free fire daily reward

This is a simple and safe way to earn gold, but in no case will we get diamonds just for entering. Daily rewards always come out when you enter the game and, as a general rule, we will get 350 gold every weekIt is a very easy way to accumulate this virtual money, so try to enter Free Fire every day.

Connecting daily not only serves what we have just mentioned. If you accumulate logins throughout the month, you will receive more gifts!

Free Fire login acumulativo

In the events section, you will see that the game rewards you just for getting into the main menu. You don't even have to play! In this way, you will not only earn up to 1500 extra gold, but you will also get memory fragments, skins, and extra items that will give you an advantage in games.

3. Open free boxes and participate in Gold Royale

Free Fire opens free boxes in the store

In addition to the valuable daily rewards, every day we will have a free box in the in-game storeTo find this box, go to the "Normal" section and click on the "Deal of the day" section. If you open it, you will usually receive gold... although it will almost always only be 5 gold coins. Better little than nothing!

Free Fire participa en Gold Royale

There is also the famous Luck Royale, which we can enter from the main menu. There we test our luck and, why fool ourselves, also our pocket. However, you can participate in Gold Royale with so-called normal vouchers or by spending gold.

If we only use normal vouchers for Gold Royale, the first two weekly spin rewards usually contain 100 gold coins each. To acquire these rewards, click on the red-colored bags, located to the right of Gold Royale.

Free Fire participa en Lucky Draw

Finally, sometimes you will get Lucky Draw, which is nothing more than an extra prize that the game awards randomly. Press one of the three cards and you will get another reward with minimal effort. It generally gives little gold, and it is also possible to get memory fragments, among other items.

4. Receive the seasonal rewards

Free Fire receives seasonal prizes

We all like to be rewarded for our efforts! As you play and rank in Free Fire ranked modeyou will receive rewards at the end of each season. Just for being part of the qualifiers, you will receive 1000 gold, but if you play more and move up the league, the prizes will be much juicier.

Be sure to keep an eye on your mail, though, as rewards expire after a month.

5. Buy diamonds

Free Fire buys diamonds

The last way is possibly the most hateful for everyone. No one likes having to spend money, but aside from Fire Pass, this is the only other way to get diamonds.

It is best to get the weekly or monthly membership, as you will receive more diamonds in total for less money. Of course, you must claim them daily. You can also take advantage of the weekly offers because, apart from buying diamonds, you will also get special tickets to exchange for diamond boxes.

Unlock characters, abilities, skins, and packs

Once you know the ways to get gold and diamonds in Free Fire, you only have to know how and what to spend them on. This virtual money is useful for unlocking all kinds of items in the game, although there are fewer options to purchase it with gold compared to using diamonds.

Free Fire buy characters in the store

For one thing, we can unlock characters with gold, except for the newer ones like Caroline, Antonio, and Moco. Some are more expensive than others, depending on the age of the character. The recommendation is to take a good look at each one, their abilities, and then decide which ones to buy, since getting them all can be a long process.

Free Fire unlock levels and skill slots

On the other hand, you can use virtual money to unlock new levels and skill slots for each character. Before buying a new level, you must first accumulate a number of memory fragments. When you reach that amount, you will be able to enter the skills and buy the new level, as long as you have enough gold or diamonds.

If you want to unlock new skill slots, you will need to buy the first one for 8000 gold or 100 diamonds, and then you can unlock the second extra slot. When assigning an ability to another character, both characters will gain memory shards after each match. A good investment!

free fire game store

Aside from purchasing characters in the store, you can use diamonds to purchase packs, weapon and character skins, pets, and even emotesIt is best to look for packages and buy the one that most convinces you. Avoid purchases that give random items, as you will waste those valuable diamonds.

To finish, we can use gold and diamonds in Luck RoyaleHowever, we do not recommend investing much in these games of chance, as most of the time you will get useless rewards. If you have gold to spare, Gold Royale can certainly come in handy, as you'll get temporary but cute clothes and skins, as well as shards, to redeem in the shop.

That's it, survivor! Now you know how to earn gold and diamonds, and you have also learned what to spend it on. You just have to get into the game, get rich and unlock all those characters and skins you want so much.

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