FIFA 20: 10 tips to succeed in Player Career mode

 FIFA 20 Player Career mode is a challenging mode and quite an exciting journey. If you just started a new career or have had problems taking your crack to success, in this article we share 10 tips to succeed in Player Career mode. If you follow the directions, the path to stardom will be easier. Above all, enjoy watching your player grow!

1. Start in small teams

FIFA 20 player career mode

The Player Career mode is very different from the Trainer version. That becomes evident from the very choice of team. If you play Manager Career mode, it doesn't matter so much which team you start with. Whether you're with Real Madrid or Manchester City or going to one of the second-division teams, the process and experience will be similar.

When you put yourself in the shoes of a player, that changes. You must make your crack stand out from the rest of the players on your team. For that reason alone, you'll want to start on a small team. This tip applies whether you're choosing an existing player or creating one from scratch.

A smaller team has players from the squad at a similar level, which makes it easier for you to stand out and improve your potential as a star. You can also start on a big team and see if you're lucky to get put on a small team on loan. If you try your best, your crack will grow a lot and have more chances when it returns to the main team!

2. Create your player according to his position on the field

If you choose a small team to start with, don't hesitate: to create a player from scratch. On the one hand, it's a lot of fun watching your virtual self become a legend on the soccer field. On the other hand, it's hard to pick an unknown player that totally fits what you're looking for in Career mode.

Of course, you do not believe to create. Think about your player's position and how you want him to play on the team. Many want to be strikers like Ronaldo or Messi, but the rest of the positions are just as important. Think about the dynamics of the game and the type of plays in which you want your crack to participate. Always create the player according to his position!

For example, a playmaking midfielder is always an interesting choice. In that case, good passes, interceptions, playmaking, and goal assists matter. If you opt for defense, clearances, long passes, and intercepting the ball or avoiding goals are vital to success.

3. You must know when to directly control your crack

Managing only your crack is the most immersive experience in Player Career mode in FIFA 20You can set the camera close to your player, although this may limit your field of vision. You will have greater control of the plays by being able to ask for the ball, but be careful! If you get a bad pass, it will count as your mistake, and asking too much can backfire on you.

It is not necessary to always play this way. It's useful if you want to make sure he hits his targets, but if you've already beaten your goals for the season or are playing a minor game, feel free to play as a team!

If your player is a goalkeeper or a defender, you should handle your crack directly. Not conceding goals is very important for your career, so it's good to make sure for yourself that your team is always 0 against.

4. Train hard

FIFA 20 career mode training

In FIFA 20 Player Career mode, your star will be able to train up to five times a week. It is more than enough to have a full evolution. Never miss this opportunity; otherwise, evolution will suffer.

There are numerous training sessions divided into various sections, such as Passing, Defense, or Dribbling. Remember the second tip: always keep in mind the position of your player. Don't waste on Shooting if you're a goalkeeper or defender, and don't neglect dribbling practice if you're managing an offensive player. Choosing a good workout is as important as taking care of the routine!

5. Buy benefits in the FIFA 20 store

We are not talking about using real money! In FIFA 20 there is a store where you can buy extras and benefits for the game modes. Money is earned as you play, and if you've played previous FIFA games, you've probably racked up quite a bit.

In that store, there are various perks and mods for your Career mode crack. Most are both clothing pieces and celebrations, but even that is interesting and adds to the whole experience of leading a player to success.

6. Accomplish all the feats you can

Your crack has the possibility of completing hundreds of feats throughout his career. There is a lot that he won't be able to do, simply because you can't play every position. In any case, it is worth taking a look from time to time, as completing feats will allow you to get skill points and items.

For example, one of the feats has to do with scoring X number of goals in a single match. There are also feats related to passing or dribbling, and there is much more! Sometimes you will receive new celebrations or changes in your clothing, especially new shoes.

Ultimately, feats are another way to see how your player progresses!

7. Remember: the coach is always right

FIFA 20 Manager

Depending on your player's performance in matches, you will receive certain tips from your own couch. He will give you various recommendations, compliments, and calls for attention throughout the seasons. Do not ignore what he tells you at all! Trainers know what's best for you, so follow their directions.

If you miss a few passes and get a slap on the wrist, it may be time to switch to safer passes. If you have made several fouls, including some yellow cards, pay attention to the coach's warnings. If you ignore them, he'll sideline you! Fortunately, he will also tell you clearly if you play according to or above his expectations. Use this as a guide in the game.

8. Focus on meeting match goals

Another thing the coach will do is give you goals over the weeks. Don't ignore them either! Your approach should be to fulfill them as soon as possible and however, it is because that way it will be easier to surprise him and make him hold you in good esteem. In addition, it is in your best interest to exceed these goals if you want your crack to stand out because soon he will be the focus of attention and other bigger teams will want to hire him.

9. Prepare for stardom

You don't become a soccer star overnight. As we said in the previous tip, there will come a time when you get offers from other clubs. If you are starting, they will almost always be loan offers. The best thing you can do is take some time to analyze the contract, and salary proposal and investigate how the club is doing. Do not be discouraged if they are small teams!

A team like Paris Saint-Germain may ask you for a loan. However, if it's your first season, do you think you'll have a chance to stand out, being surrounded by stars? In case a big team buys your contract, it is more than likely that they will still put you as a loan offer. Keep this in mind!

For all this that we are telling you, it is better to opt for teams that are not the worst, but not the best either. Either way, try your hardest at all times, help your crack grow, and after the first year, it's time to aim for stardom!

10. When the time comes, become a trainer!

Admittedly, a footballer's career is never eternal, not even in FIFA 20Your player will age, and his glory days will pass, but that doesn't have to be the end! When that day comes to hang up your shoes, you don't have to give up the game. Make your crack become a coach!

After accumulating all the experience as a player, it will be easy to receive offers from different clubs and even the national team. If you worked hard and managed to get your player recognized as the new soccer star, contracts will rain down on you. Feel free to accept any offer, as it is a new trip, different but just as satisfying.

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