Dragon City: strengths and weaknesses tables for each element

 Every dragon in Dragon City belongs to at least one element, which brings its own advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the elements and the interaction between them is crucial to succeeding in the PvP of the game. Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of your dragons in Dragon City is only one step towards victory, but a very important one.

Here you will find a brief explanation of the elements of Dragon City that will help you prepare and react better in combat. Find out how to exploit the weaknesses of dragons in Dragon City!

The basic outline of strengths and weaknesses

In the image just below you can see a simple summary of the damage bonuses or reductions. For each column, it shows how much damage the item on the top row does to the rest of the items. Any type that does not appear in that column implies that it applies 100% damage, without bonus or reduction.

Dragon City - Flaws

attack table

To go into a little more detail in the image above, we write to you what are the affected elements in case you are the attackerIt is convenient to know these relationships well or, at least, have the tables at hand. Knowing when you can do double damage, or only half or even nothing, will make all the difference in combat!

attacker200% damage50% damage0% damage
Landelectric and darkMetal and WarLand
FireNature and IceSea and WarFire
Seafire and warNatural and ElectricSea
naturesea ​​and lightFire and icenature
Electricsea ​​and metalearth and lightElectric
IceWar Naturefire and metalIce
Metalearth and iceelectric and darkMetal
Darkmetal and lightLandDark
Lightelectric and darknatureLight
warlikeEarth and firesea ​​and icewarlike

defense table

This table is basically the same as the previous one and the image we presented at the beginning but from the point of view of the defenderIt's another way to look at the relationship of strengths and weaknesses in Dragon City and, believe us, it fits perfectly. If you want to find out how attacks will affect your dragons, feel free to check this out!

Defender200% damage50% damageimmune to
LandMetal and Warelectric and darkLand
FireSea and WarNature and IceFire
SeaNatural and Electricfire and warSea
natureFire and icesea ​​and lightnature
Electricearth and lightsea ​​and metalElectric
Icefire and metalNature and WarIce
Metalelectric and darkearth and iceMetal
Darkearth and lightMetalDark
LightNatural and DarkElectricLight
warlikesea ​​and iceEarth and firewarlike
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