Champions Legion: Top 14 Heroes

 Champions Legion is one of the most recent MOBAs for mobile phones and it is having quite a bit of success. The game has undergone several changes over the months, so the Champions Legion Tier List has undergone some changes. We have set out to create a list of what we consider to be the best Champions Legion heroes, broken down by class. Find out what they are!



Brunhild - Warrior of Champions Legion

Brunhild is a Warrior whose strength is 1v1. Her skill set allows her to take a lot of hits, deal good damage, and heal at the same time. That's why she's one of the best heroines to take on in a solo lane. With how strong she is, it's hard for her to lose against an opponent other than another Brunhild or a higher-level offensive hero.

Brunhild's Abilities

  • Battle Adrenaline: For each hit given or received, Brunhild receives a physical attack bonus up to a limit (for now 90). Loses the effect when exiting combat.
  • Unstoppable Charge: Brunhild charges in a certain direction. She applies physical damage and movement slowly to all enemies she passes through.
  • Enchanted Sword: Brunhild launches a shockwave in a certain direction that deals physical damage and heals her for a percentage of it. If an opponent is hit with this ability, Brunhild will briefly increase her movement speed.
  • Valkyrie Tornado: After a channel time, Brunhild deals continuous AoE damage and is immune to CCs.


Kyouya - Champions Legion Warrior

Kyouya is another Warrior that also stands out, offering a versatile set of abilities. He is able to hold his own well as though he is not as tanky as Brunhild, he can heal himself and gain a shield. He is also perfect for chasing down retreating enemies and finishing them off.

Kyouya's abilities

  • Cursed Katana: Kyouya accumulates Sharpen for every 3 skills in a row he lands. Each stack of Sharpen grants him more physical attack and healing for the following abilities. Missing an ability will decrease a stack of Sharpen.
  • Ryusen - Attack 3 times in a direction, dealing incremental damage. The first two hits apply a movement slow to the target, and the third knocks them into the air.
  • Tsuki Dash: Kyouya dashes in a direction and gains a shield. Having stacks of Sharpen will reduce the cooldown of this ability.
  • Swallow Spin: After a charge time, Kyouya attacks 2 times in the chosen direction. While charging, Kyouya is immune to crowd control effects and takes reduced damage. If dealt damage from the front, the charge ends early, attacks 3 times, and stuns the target for a short time.



Aramis - Champions Legion Marksman

Within the Shooters, Aramis is one of the most popular options. Handling is easy and extremely efficient, with ranged DPS that can be a nightmare for opponents. Being a hero focused on dealing high damage and having tremendous mobility, it's important to position yourself well, whether playing with Aramis or against him.

Aramis Abilities

  • Aim and Reload: After using an ability, Aramis will fire 2 bullets instead of 1 on the next physical attack.
  • Leap and Siege: Aramis deals physical damage to nearby enemies and slows them for a short time.
  • Bullet Ballet: Aramis quickly moves in one direction. Should he move towards an enemy close to him, the ability's cooldown will be reduced.
  • Ballistic Hook: Aramis throws chains in one direction. The first enemy hit takes physical damage, is stunned for 1 second, and has both physical and magical defense temporarily reduced.


Tigria - Champions Legion Marksman

Tigria is one of the most played characters in Champions Legion. To make the most of it, you need to keep moving. Between the mobility she has with her abilities and the ability to stun, Tigria is one of the most well-rounded heroines in the Marksman role. She does less damage compared to others, but in the right hands, she wreaks havoc in combat!

Tiger's abilities

  • Wind Tiger – Whenever Tigria is moving, she gains a small bonus for physical damage.
  • Gale: Tigria deals physical damage and stuns the enemy target. She also damages the two closest enemy units to the target.
  • Tiger Leap: Tigria removes all slow effects and jumps in a direction. If she manages to pass through an obstacle, she gains bonus movement speed and can jump again in 3 seconds.
  • Jungle Bugler - Increases the movement speed of allied units within the area of ​​effect.


Valena - Champions Legion Marksman

Valena is a Marksman who has gained popularity over time. Due to her extremely high damage, she can take out neutral monsters and group enemies. She also has good survival tools, which only add to the lethality of this excellent hero.

Valena's abilities

  • Moon Hunter: Valena's each physical attack grants a stack of Moonblade, up to a maximum of 4. Each stack grants increased attack speed, and at maximum, each attack will bounce up to four additional targets, but with less damage. .
  • Crescendo: Valena throws her blades in a direction, dealing physical damage back and forth.
  • Lunar Shield: Valena gains movement speed and a shield against spells for a few seconds. The shield nullifies an enemy's ability, and if it happens, Valena gains all stacks of Moonblade.
  • Lunar Eclipse: Valena shoots lightning in the chosen direction and area. The bolts will randomly damage enemies in the area, applying physical damage.



Christine - Champions Legion Assassin

Christine is one of the best Assassins in the game, if not the best. Her strong point is taking out neutral targets faster than others. At the same time, she offers great flanking damage and even has some survivability. If enemies don't have a lot of resistance or health, Christine can take them out with ease.

Christine's Skills

  • Innocence: Christine transforms each Life Steal % into Critical Chance %. This hero gains Faith each time the following two skills are used.
  • Arbiter's Rush: Christine dashes in a direction, dealing damage and slowing movement to all enemies passed through. Enemies hit at the end of the ability are briefly stunned. Can stack up to 2 charges.
  • Apology of Faith: Christine charges to heal herself and gain movement speed, armor, and magic resistance for the duration of the effect. Charging for more than 1.5 seconds will grant Believer, allowing you to attack twice in a row.
  • Judgment Day: Christine becomes undetectable and dashes towards an enemy, hitting them with physical damage. She then hits 2 other enemies, +1 per 20 Faith accumulated. Upon completion of the skill, Christine also gains the Believer bonus.


Styx - Asesino de Champions Legion

Styx is another Assassin that we consider to be one of the best. This hero is focused on dealing high damage and focusing on one target at a time. He is not very durable and is somewhat vulnerable to crowd control effects. Still, with smart handling and enough patience, Styx is capable of ripping through just about any enemy.

Styx's Abilities

  • Perfect Assassin: With each ability used, Styx increases his attack speed for the next three hits. It can be accumulated.
  • Lethal Charge: Styx dashes in a direction, removing any slow effects and becoming immune to them for a few seconds. The next attack charges at an enemy, dealing extra physical damage. Each physical attack reduces this ability's cooldown by a small amount.
  • Underworld Prey: Styx launches a cone-shaped attack, dealing physical damage and a movement slow for a few seconds to all enemies hit.
  • Bloody Blades: Styx gains bonuses to movement speed and physical attack, with bonus true damage (cannot be reduced by resistances). If Styx kills an enemy under the effect of this ability, he extends the effect for 3 seconds.



Winona - Maga de Champions Legion

Winona is the Magician we recommend the most. Her skill set is totally offensive and her tremendous damage output makes her one of the best options for the early gameShe is a threat in the first few minutes of the game, and if she plays to her strengths well, you can finish the game quickly!

Winona's abilities

  • Soul Corrosion: For each successful ability on a specific enemy, its magic resistance is reduced. Expires after a few seconds, but the effect can be stacked.
  • Arcane Impact: Winona fires a magical wave in a direction, dealing magic damage to enemies.
  • Singularity: Winona deals magic damage to a single enemy and stuns them for 1 second.
  • Magic Mirror: Winona gains a shield. After a few seconds of charging, she fires a hail of bullets at a nearby random enemy, dealing magic damage.


Nivan - Mago de Champions Legion

Nivan is another mage for the early gameHe has a lot of burst damage, that is, he can take a lot of life in a single instant. He is very useful for taking out opponents as quickly as possible and for securing neutral targets like the Map Boss.

Nivan's abilities

  • Hidden Affinity – Using the following two skills will apply Hidden Affinity on enemies up to 3 times. If you use Ring of Nirvana on an enemy with Hidden Affinity, they will fire an additional beam.
  • Arcane Pulse: Nivan fires an arcane pulse in a direction. Upon hitting an enemy, he spreads to surrounding enemies dealing magic damage and movement slow.
  • Sleep Paralysis: Nivan creates a circle in the target area, dealing magic damage and knocking up any enemies inside.
  • Ring of Nirvana - Nivan fires a large arcane beam that hits enemies for magic damage. If affected and nearby enemies have Hidden Affinity, Nivan will fire an extra beam for each stack.


Hagen - Champions Legion Mage

Hagen is a perfect late-game Mage. He can stack magic damage infinitely, so with each passing minute, Hagen becomes more deadly. He requires knowing how to play wisely and safely so as not to stunt his growth. Once Hagen accumulates money and experience, he becomes an unstoppable war machine!

Hagen's abilities

  • Dark Devotion: Killing minions will grant 1 point of magic damage permanently. Hagen gets 8 if he kills an enemy hero.
  • Doomsday Omen: Hagen fires a magic damage laser in a direction. Can be charged to increase range. Each enemy hit by this ability grants Hagen a Soul Shard.
  • Path of Chaos - Hagen deals magic damage in the target area, and stunning enemies in the center. Each enemy hit by this ability grants Hagen a Soul Shard.
  • Rain of Souls: Hagen consumes all accumulated soul shards to fire them in a specific direction. Each shard deals magic damage, but subsequent shards deal less damage to the same target.


Salome - Maga de Champions Legion

The last Maga is also ideal for when you have been in the game for several minutes. The reason for this is because of how skills work: when you max them out, they upgrade to a higher version! With Salome, you will be able to deal quite a bit of damage, heal yourself, and apply crowd control on enemies. An ideal character for those looking for someone complete.

Salome skills

  • In Love: Each skill gains the Awakening effect at max level. Each attack and ability applies a Seed of Desire to an enemy. At 4 stacks, the enemy deals magic damage for a few seconds.
  • Fire of Desire: Salome shoots fire in a direction, dealing magic damage. With the Awakening effect, the skill also leaves a trail of fire in its wake.
  • Crush: Salome slams magic damage in the target area. With the Awakening effect, she creates a shockwave in the center that deals extra damage and slows the movement of affected enemies.
  • Amorous Greed: Salome launches three Wishing Hearts in a cone, dealing magic damage and pulling the first enemy hit for half a second. With the Awakening effect, Salome releases two extra hearts.
  • Vivid Romance: Salome recharges mana faster for a duration and reduces the cooldown of other abilities for 3 seconds. With the Awakening effect, Salome also heals over time and deals magic damage to nearby enemies.



Mikal - Tank of Champions Legion

In our point of view, Mikal is the best Tank in Champions Legion. It is not the most resistant, but it does have the most utility to better perform its role. Having higher health regeneration than the rest of the heroes, he can stay active longer. That allows her to start more fights, take advantage of his stun ability, and best of all, use his ultimate on key targets.

  • Devotion: Mikal regenerates with increased health per second while out of combat.
  • Righteous Rush: Mikal gains bonus movement speed for 3 seconds. Additionally, the next attack deals bonus physical damage and briefly stuns the target.
  • Redemptive Aura: Mikal summons an aura that deals damage to enemies near him.
  • Divine Punishment: Mikal leaps to the enemy target, dealing true damage based on his missing health. He also generates a cone of magic damage that affects enemies behind the target.



Idony - Champions Legion Support

Idony, as a Support, is one of the most useful in the game. His abilities heal, give bonuses, and remove negative effects. She is also able to control enemy positioning somewhat, thanks to the Explosive Seed. Her ultimate ability is one of the best in the game, as she can tip the balance of a fight in your favor.

Idony's abilities

  • Rejuvenation: When Idony's health falls below 20% of maximum health, she becomes unforgettable and casts an area heal that affects herself and nearby allies.
  • Explosive Seed: Idony launches a seed that explodes on contact, dealing magic damage and slowing the target. If he doesn't hit any enemies, he stays on the ground for a few seconds.
  • Natural Vitality: Idony and nearby allies gain bonus movement speed. After three seconds, all negative effects are removed and the bonus is reapplied.
  • Forest Fury: Idony generates a pulse that increases physical damage to nearby allies, as well as dealing magic damage and removing an amount of physical damage from nearby enemies. These effects can stack.


Loth - Champions Legion Support

The other Support character, Loth, is a wonderful partner online and in any fight. The effects of her abilities allow the team to feel safer and more secure, while at the same time the enemies are impeded when it comes to moving. If she teams up with a high damage hero, they'll both be a threat to reckon with!

loth skills

  • Signature of the Prisoner - Loth's abilities mark enemies with the Signature of the Prisoner. Marked enemies will take bonus magic damage from Loth and Loth's allies.
  • Cage of Shadows: Loth releases a Shadow Seal in one direction. The first target hit takes magic damage, is stunned, and is revealed for a short time.
  • Aura of Darkness: Loth grants a shield to the closest ally with the least health and to herself. This ability recharges faster if Loth takes damage from enemy heroes.
  • Shadow Siege – After a channel time, Loth creates a dark area that deals magic damage and slows enemies within the area. Slow can stack. Allies inside gain bonus movement speed.
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