All Valorant ranks and ranked operation

 Ranks are back in ValorantAfter testing the competitive mode during the beta, the Riot Games company brings it back and, with it, has retouched the badges of each rank. Depending on our performance, we will be ranked in the ranks between Iron and Radiant. Learn what all Valorant ranks and divisions are, and find out some details about how ranked works.

Iron I

Iron 1 Rank Valorant

Iron II

Iron 2 Rank Valorant

Iron III

Iron 3 Rank Valorant

Bronze I

Bronze 1 Ranking Value

Bronze II

Bronze 2 Valuable Rank

Bronze III

Bronze 3 Ranking Value

Silver I

Silver 1 Ranking Value

Silver II

Silver 2 Ranking Value

Silver III

Silver 3 Ranking Value

Gold I

Gold 1 Rank Valorant

Gold II

Gold 2 Rank Valorant

Gold III

Gold 3 Rank Valorant

Platinum I

Platinum 1 Rank Valorant

Platinum II

Platinum 2 Ranking Value

Platinum III

Platinum 3 Ranking Value

Diamond I

Diamond 1 Rank Valuation

Diamond II

Diamond 2 Rank Valuation

Diamond III

Diamond 3 Rank Valuation

Inmortal I

Immortal 1 Valuing Rank

Immortal II

Immortal 2 Ranking Value

Immortal III

Immortal 3 Valuable Rank


Radiant Rank Valorant

How the ranking system works in Valorant

There are a series of rules regarding the ranked game:

  • To participate in the competitive, you must first play 20 normal games. It doesn't matter if you win or lose those games.
  • To earn your first rank, the game will evaluate your performance after completing the first 5 competitive matches. Make sure you win as many as you can!
  • Each act or season of Valorant lasts for two months. You'll see a summary of your performance and match stats for each Act.
  • Groups of friends to play in ranked matches can be of any size, from duos to teams of five.
  • There cannot be a very large difference between the ranks of each player. A player on Diamond or Immortal will not be able to play with one who is on Iron or Bronze. Riot Games is working on this aspect, so it may change in the future.
  • To move up the rankings, the most important thing is to win games. However, individual performance is also taken into account.
  • If you stop playing in ranked for 14 days in a row, your rank will no longer be displayed until you participate in one of these games again. Mind you, your rank will never drop for this reason.
  • You will not keep the rank you got during the beta. It's time to climb again!
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