All ARK commands for PC, XBOX One and PS4

 ARK: Survival Evolved is a fairly popular survival game that was several years in development. It can be enjoyed both alone and in the company, but one of the best aspects is using commands and cheats. With that, you will be able to summon dinosaurs, get specific items, or switch players from tribes. And if someone bothers you a lot, you can expel him!

In this article, we have compiled all kinds of commands to do tricks in any aspect that you could imagine. There are over a hundred commands, which can be overwhelming. Do not worry! Here we have all the ARK commands divided into different sections, to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

These are the sections of the article:

  • basic commands
  • player commands
  • Get items in the game
  • dinosaur commandos
  • dinosaur ids
  • teleportation commands
  • destruction commands
  • Server administration commands
  • Tribe Administration Commands
  • Commands for creative mode
  • Tints and colors commands
  • How to activate commands on PC, XBOX One and PS4

basic commands

This is the list of basic ARK commands. You'll be able to enable cheats, activate spectator mode, or add items to your inventory, among other features.

EnableCheats [Password]It allows you to use admin commands, i.e. does cheat! If you play multiplayer, you must type your server password. Solo, no need.
CE [Type]You can stop time (stop time), activate fog (fogitup), make it rain (make it rain). There are many variations, you will have to experiment!
GameCommand [Command]It is used to activate commands specific to a game mode. The most common is "gamecommand startgame".
GFI [Object Directory] [Quantity] [Quality] [ForceBlueprint]Add an item to your inventory. You will need to know the name of the object file. ForceBlueprint gives you the recipe if you put a 1, or directly the object if you write 0.
PlayersOnlyAll creatures stop and nothing can be crafted.
PrintColorsPrint the colors of each ID.
StartNearestHorde [Type] [Difficulty]

Send a supply crate with "Crate" or an elemental node with "Element". It only works on Extinction.

ListActiveHordeEventsIt readies all the supply boxes and nodes in the console. You will need to access the console again to see it. It only works on Extinction.
ScriptCommand [Command]A command that can be implemented by mod authors. It is currently deprecated.
Slomo [Multiplier]Type a value to increase or decrease the speed of the game.
EnableSpectator [Password]Spectator mode, but you will lose everything if you don't keep your inventory in a safe place. To exit this mode, type "StopSpectating" into the console.
RequestSpectator [Password]Same functionality as above, but for servers that have passwords.
SetShowAllPlayers [True / False]Allows you to see the name of the players in spectator mode. Set "true" to see them.
DisableSpectatorTurn off spectator mode.
StopSpectatingSimilar to the above, used in combination with "EnableSpectator"
ToggleDamageNumbersTurn to show damage numbers on or off
HatchEggPuts the egg you are looking at 0% incubation. A suitable temperature is needed for it to reach 100%.

player commands

Different commands that will improve your character's attributes, customize it, or grant-specific items. In this section, there are more types of commands worth experimenting with.

AddExperience [Quantity] [Tribe or not] [Share with tribe or not]Adds an amount of experience. The next two values ​​are designated 0 ("no") or 1.
UnlockEngram [Item Directory]Unlocks the Tek Engram of an item.
HideRiders [Visible]Makes the dino rider invisible by designating the value "1". Remains invisible after leaving the mount.
ChangeSize [Multiplier]Change the size of the player.
ClearTutorialsRestart all the tutorials in your client.
EnemyInvisible [True / False]If you write "true", all creatures will ignore you.
ExecSetSleeping [True / False]Puts the character to sleep or wakes him up.
Flycharacter can fly
GhostThe character can go through everything.
GiveEngramsUnlock all crafting recipes.
GiveEngramsTekOnlyGives you all Tek Engrams
GiveTekengramsTo [player ID] [partial object name]Sends the target player a Tek Engram.
GiveExpToPlayer [Player ID] [Amount] [From Tribe or Not] [Share to Tribe or Not]Similar to AddExperience, but aimed at another player.
GiveItem [Object Directory] [Quantity] [Quality] [True or 1 / False or 0]Same procedure as GFI. You will need to know the directory of the object in the game. You can receive the recipe (true or 1) or directly the item (false or 0).
GiveItemNum [Item Number] [Quantity] [Quality] [True or 1 / False or 0]Similar to GiveItem, but using item ID number.
GiveItemToPlayerSame as GiveItem, but the player ID is added first.
GiveItemNumToPlayerSame as GiveItemNum, but the player ID is added first.
GiveResourcesAdd 50 units of each resource.
GiveSlotItem [Item Directory] [Slot Number] [Quantity]Add an item to one of the item slots.
GiveSlotItemNum [Item Number] [Slot Number] [Quantity]Same as above, but with the ID of the object.
GiveToMeChanges the owner of the selected entity.
GMBuffActivate God, InfiniteStats and EnemyInvisible true. It also adds a lot of experience.
EnvQAEjecuta GMBuff, GiveArmorSet Tek 0, Stat fps y Stat unit.
GodActivate god mode, but you can drown.
HideTutorial [Tutorial index]Remove the tutorials according to the indicated index. To see all the indexes, use the ShowTutorial command.
HurtMe [Quantity]You take an amount of damage.
InfiniteStatsAll attributes maxed out forever.
LeaveMeAloneActivate God, InfiniteStats and EnemyInvisible true. Similar to GMBuff but without the extra experience.
OnToggleInGameMenuOpen or close the in-game menu.
OpenMap [Map name]Loads the specified map.
Playercommand [Command name]It is used to give you an ascension effect (Ascend1, 2 or 3).
SetAdminIcon [True / False]Enable or remove the admin icon in chat.
SetFacialHairPercent [Longitud]Facial hair value between 0 and 1, which are equivalent to 0 and 100%.
SetFacialHairStyle [Número]Change the type of facial hair between 0 and 7.
SetHeadHairPercent [Length]Hair value between 0 and 1, which are equivalent to 0 and 100%
SetHeadHairStyle [Number]Change the hair type between 0 and 7.
SetGodMode [Enable]Enable god mode.
SetTargetPlayerBodyVal [Body Value Index] [Body Value]Select the body part between 0 and 21, and apply a value between -1 and 1 to it. More information on the indices here .
SetTargetPlayerColorVal [Index of color value] [Color value]Change the color of your character between 0 and 1. The indices are: 0 for body, 1 for hair and 2 for eyes.
ShowInGameMenuShows the in-game menu screen.
ShowTutorial [Tutorial Index] [True / False]Shows the tutorial based on its ID.
SuicideYou die.
ToggleInfiniteAmmoInfinite ammo for all your weapons.
WalkYou walk. It is a way to disable the Fly command, for example.
ToggleGunTurns the visibility of the equipped item (or hands) on or off.
RefillStatsMax out all attributes once.
GiveArmorSet [Type] [Quality]Gives you the full set of armor of a specific type. The quality can range from 0 to 20.
GiveWeaponSet [Type] [Quality]Same as above but for weapons. The types are: 0 for Primitive, 1 for Basic, 2 for Advanced, and 3 for Tek.
GiveItemSet [Type]Same as GiveArmorSet but for items. Supported values ​​are 0, 1, 2, 3, Food, Water, and Brews.
ClearMyBuffsDeactivate all your improvements. It doesn't work with all.
SetMyTargetSleepingKnock out the target dino or player.
MaxAscend [Player ID]Unlocks the Overseer and Rockwell ascensions for target player.
DefeatBoss [Player ID] [Boss Name] [Difficulty]Unlock the Boss corresponding to the specified player. The difficulties are: 0 for Gamma, 1 for Beta, and 2 for Alpha.
DefeatAllBosses [Player ID]Unlock all Bosses for the specified player.
UnlockAllExplorerNotesUnlock all exploration notes.

Get items in the game

ARK has hundreds of items that you can use on a daily basis as a survivor. There are many and the process of obtaining them through commands is somewhat complicated, but not impossible. In general, the codes used to obtain items are the following two:

  • GiveItemNum [Item Number] [Quantity] [Quality] [True or 1 / False or 0]
  • GiveItem [Object Directory] [Quantity] [Quality] [True or 1 / False or 0]

Let's say you want to get a parachute. You must write the two commands as follows if you want to get the item directly (not the recipe):

  • GiveItemNum 184 1 1 0
  • GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/PrimalEarth/CoreBlueprints/Items/Consumables/BaseBPs/PrimalItemConsumableBuff_Parachute.PrimalItemConsumableBuff_Parachute'" 1 1 false

As you can see, the second method is more confusing because the command is very long. As for typing "True / False" or "1 / 0", to get the recipe or the item respectively, it's a matter of testing. Usually, with GiveItemNum you have to type the number, while with GiveItem you have to type the word.

Please note that updates change some ID numbers and directories. Therefore, it is difficult to find a place where absolutely all the items are 100% updated.

dinosaur commandos

Here you will find all kinds of commands related to dinosaurs, whether to improve their attributes, tame them immediately or summon a group of dinos, among other things.

DestroyAll [Type]Destroy all creatures of the specified type.
DestroyAllEnemiesEliminate all creatures on the map. New creatures will continue to appear.
DoTameTames the targeted creature, whenever possible. If you are already mounted, the server will crash.
DumpDinoStatsIt shows you the attributes of the dino on your console.
ForceTameImmediately tame the dino you are targeting. If you are already mounted, the server will crash.
ForceTameAOE [Radio]Tame the dinos that are within the specified radius. 2000 is the standard number.
RainCritters [Number] [Spread] [ZOffset]Summons a mix of sheep and dodos on top of the player. ZOffset is the height.
RainDinos [Number of dinos] [Propagation] [ZOffset]Same as above, but with two races of dinos.
RainDanger [Number of dinos] [Propagation] [ZOffset]Same as above, but with two other different races.
SDF [Name Part] [True / False]Summons a specific creature that can be tamed (True) or wild (False).
SetBabyAge [Value]Gives a baby dino an age.
SetImprintQuality [Value]Gives an Imprint quality value of 0 to 1 to the target baby dino.
SetImprintedPlayer [New Name] [Player ID]Transfers the Imprint attribute values ​​of the target dino to the specified player.
TransferImprints [Old Player ID] [New Player ID] [New Name]Transfers all Imprint attribute values ​​from one player to another.
SetTargetDinoColor [Color Region] [Color ID]Changes the color of the dino to the specified one.
SpawnActor [Directory] [Spawn Distance] [YOffset] [ZOffset]Summons the specified entity.
SpawnActorSpread [Directory] [Spawn Distance] [YOffset] [ZOffset] [Name of Entities] [Spread]Same as above, with the addition of being able to summon a group of the same entity.
SpawnDino [Directory] [Spawn Distance] [YOffset] [ZOffset] [Dino Level]Spawns a dino of a specific level.
Summon [Tipo]Summons a creature based on its ID.
SummonTamed [Tipo]Same as above, but summons a creature already tamed.
GMSummon [Type] [Level]Summons a creature of a specific type and level, and tames it immediately if possible.
GiveDinoSet [Level] [Amount]Summons a set of dinos.
SpawnSetupDino [Dino Directory] [Saddle Directory] [Saddle Quality] [Dino Level] [Dino Attributes] [Spawn Distance] [YOffset] [ZOffset]Summons a dino with everything ready to ride.
ForcePoopForce the dino to relieve himself.
ClearCryoSicknessIt removes the cryo-sickness state and wakes him up.

dinosaur ids

To summon dinosaurs in ARK you will need to know the IDs for the corresponding dinosaur type, either for the Summon, SummonTamed, or GMSummon cheat. Here are the IDs for some types, using Summon as an example:

  • Allosaurus: Summon Allo_Character_BP_C
  • Ankylosaurus: Summon Ankylo_Character_BP_C
  • Archaeopteryx: Summon Archa_Character_BP_C
  • Brontosaurus: Summon Sauropod_Character_BP_C
  • Carnotaurus: Summon Carno_Character_BP_C
  • Dilophosaur: Summon Dilo_Character_BP_C
  • Dimetrodon: Summon Dimetro_Character_BP_C
  • Dimorphodon: Summon Dimorph_Character_BP_C
  • Diplocaulus: Summon Diplocaulus_Character_BP_C
  • Diplodocus: Summon Diplodocus_Character_BP_C
  • Doedicurus: Summon Doed_Character_BP_C
  • Dragon: Summon Dragon_Character_BP_C
  • Dunkleosteus: Summon Dunkle_Character_BP_C
  • Electrophorus: Summon Eel_Character_BP_C
  • Gallimimus: Summon Galli_Character_BP_C
  • Giganotosaurus: Summon Gigant_Character_BP_C
  • Hesperornis: Summon Hesperornis_Character_BP_C
  • Ichthyornis: Summon Ichthyornis_Character_BP_C
  • Kaprosuchus: Summon Kaprosuchus_Character_BP_C
  • Kentrosaurus: Summon Kentro_Character_BP_C
  • Leedsichthy: Summon Leedsichthys_Character_BP_C
  • Liopleurodon: Summon Liopleurodon_Character_BP_C
  • Lystrosaurus: Summon Lystro_Character_BP_C
  • Megaloceros: Summon Stag_Character_BP_C
  • Megalodon: Summon Megalodon_Character_BP_C
  • Megalosaurus: Summon Megalosaurus_Character_BP_C
  • Microraptor: Summon Microraptor_Character_BP_C
  • Morellatops: Summon Camelsaurus_Character_BP_C
  • Mosasaurus: Summon Mosa_Character_BP_C
  • Onychonycteris: Summon Bat_Character_BP_C
  • Oviraptor: Summon Oviraptor_Character_BP_C
  • Pachyrhinosaurus: Summon Pachyrhino_Character_BP_C
  • Paraceratherium: Summon Paracer_Character_BP_C
  • Parasaurolophus: Summon Para_Character_BP_C
  • Pegomastax: Summon Pegomastax_Character_BP_C
  • Pelagornis: Summon Pela_Character_BP_C
  • Plesiosaur: Summon Plesiosaur_Character_BP_C
  • Procoptodon: Summon Procoptodon_Character_BP_C
  • Pteranodon: Summon Ptero_Character_BP_C
  • Quetzalcoatlus: Summon Quetz_Character_BP_C
  • Raptor: Summon Raptor_Character_BP_C
  • Rex: Summon Rex_Character_BP_C
  • Stegosaurus: Summon Stego_Character_BP_C
  • Therizinosaur: Summon Therizino_Character_BP_C
  • Thorny Dragon: Summon SpineyLizard_Character_BP_C
  • Thylacoleo: Summon Thylacoleo_Character_BP_C
  • Titanoboa: Summon BoaFrill_Character_BP_C
  • Titanosaur: Summon Titanosaur_Character_BP_C
  • Triceratops: Summon Trike_Character_BP_C
  • Troodon: Summon Troodon_Character_BP_C
  • Tusoteuthis: Summon Tusoteuthis_Character_BP_C
  • Woolly Rhino: Summon Rhino_Character_BP_C
  • Yutyrannus: Summon Yutyrannus_Character_BP_C

Know the IDs of other creatures .

teleportation commands

In this section, you will find everything you need to teleport yourself, other players, and different entities.

TeleportMove your character forward until colliding with an object or terrain. Otherwise, it teleports to coordinate 0,0.
TeleportPlayerIDToMe [Player ID]Move the specified player towards your position. Use the player ID.
TeleportPlayerNameToMe [Player Name]Same as above, but using your name.
TeleportToPlayer [Player ID]Takes you to the position of the specified player.
TeleportToPlayerName [Player Name]Same as above, but using your name.
TeleportToActorLocation [Type]Positions you next to a specific entity. You will need the ID and the number.
PT [Place Name]Teleports you to a specific location.
TPCoords [Latitude] [Longitude] [Altitude]Move your character to the designated GPS position.
SPI [X] [Y] [Z] [yaw] [pitch]Moves you to the specified location with custom view settings.
SetPlayerPos [X] [Y] [Z]Move your character to the place designated by the coordinates.
MoveTargetTo [X] [Y] [Z]Change the location of the player or say what you are looking at.
TeleportToActiveHorde [Event Index]Teleports you to the specified event.

destruction commands

Here you will find all the commands that have to do with eliminating entities, creatures, dinos, and players, as well as destroying structures.

DestroyAllEnemiesDestroy all non-player creatures on the map.
DestroyMyTargetDestroy the creature or structure you are targeting.
DestroyStructuresDestroy all structures owned by players.
DestroyTribeDinosDestroy all dinos in ARK, based on the tribe of the entity you're looking at.
DestroyTribeId [Tribe ID]Destroy the specified tribe.
DestroyTribeIdDinos [Tribe ID]Destroy all tamed in the tribe.
DestroyTribeIDPlayers [Tribe ID]Destroy all players in a tribe.
DestroyTribeIdStructures [Tribe ID]Destroy all structures in a tribe.
DestroyTribePlayersDestroy all players in a tribe in ARK, depending on who or what you're looking at.
DestroyTribeStructuresDestroy all structures in a tribe in ARK, depending on who or what you're looking at.
DestroyTribeStructuresLessThan [Tribe Team ID] [Connections]More complex command to remove all structures from a specific tribe.
DestroyWildDinosDestroy all untamed creatures on the map.

Server administration commands

With the commands that we show you below, it will make it easier for you to manage your server, especially regarding the players that may or may not be on your server.

AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck [ID de Steam]Adds the specified player, based on the numerical Steam ID, to the server's whitelist.
BanPlayer [ID de Steam]Kicks the specified player and places them on the ban list.
Broadcast [Message]Send a message to all players on the server.
SetTimeOfDay [Hour: Minute: Segundo]Change the time of day in the game. The second is optional.
ShowMessageOfTheDayShows the message of the day.
TribeMessage [Tribe ID] [Message]Send a message to everyone in a tribe.
DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck [ID de Steam]Removes the specified player from the server's whitelist.
DoExitClose the server.
GetChatReturns the last chat buffer from the server.
GetTribeIdPlayerList [Tribe ID]Write a list of the players that make up the tribe. You will see both the player ID and the Steam ID.
TribeStructureAudit [Tribe ID]It returns the types and count of the IDs of the structures of a tribe.
TribeDinoAudit [Tribe ID]The same as above but with the dinos.
ServerChat [Message]Send a message to all connected players.
ServerChatTo [Steam ID] [Message]Send a direct message to the specific player. Remember that the Steam ID must be numeric.
ServerChatToPlayer [Player Name] [Message]Send a direct message to the player, based on the Steam name.
SaveWorldForce the server to save the state of the game world to your disk.
SetGlobalPause [IsPaused]Pause the entire game.
UnbanPlayer [ID de Steam]Remove a player from the banned list.
SetCheatPlayer [True / False]Enables cheat commands that affect the player, riding dinosaurs, and the game world.
ClearPlayerInventory [Player ID] [Inventory] [Slots] [Equipped Items]Clears the selected player's inventory, slots, and equipped items. You must write a 0 or 1 in each of the last three blocks.
GiveExpToTarget [Amount] [From tribe or not] [Avoid sharing with tribe or not]Similar to the AddExperience command, but adds it to the player or tell you what you're looking at.
GiveInfiniteStatsToTargetGrants infinite attributes to the targeted player or dino.
KickPlayer [ID de Steam]Kicks the specified player.
KillKill the dinosaur or structure you are targeting. Leave a body on the spot.
KillAOE [Category] [Radio]Kill all entities in a category.
KillPlayer [Player ID]Kill the specified player.
RenamePlayer ["Current Player Name"] [New Name]Change the name of a player. The old name must be in "quotes".
RenameTribe ["Current Tribe Name"] [New Name]Same as above but with a tribe.
TakeAllDinoYour tribe becomes the owner of all the dinos of the tribe you are looking at.
TakeAllStructureSame as above but with structures.
LevelUp [Attribute Name] [Levels]Add levels based on attribute name.
LevelUpAOE [Attribute Name] [Radius] [Levels]Same as above but designating a radius of effect, also affecting both players and dinos.
LevelUpTarget [Attribute Name] [Levels]Same as LevelUp but adds it to the player or tell us what you're looking at.

Tribe Administration Commands

These are a few commands related to managing tribes.

ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe [Player ID]Force the specified player to join the tribe you are looking at. You will need to use the player's UE4 ID.
ForcePlayerToJoinTribe [Player ID] [Tribe Name]Similar to the previous one, but writing the name of the tribe.
ForceJoinTribeShortest way to join the target tribe.
ForceTribes [First Player Name] [Second Player Name] [New Tribe Name]It is believed that it allows you to create a new tribe from two players.
GiveAllStructureThe player takes over all connected structures of the target structure.
MakeTribeAdminMakes you an admin of the tribe you belong to.
MakeTribeFounderIt makes you the founder of the tribe you belong to.
RemoveTribeAdminUnknown, but believed to remove your tribe admin status.
TakeTribe [Tribe ID]All dinos and structures of the specified tribe are given to you.

Commands for creative mode

The three commands that we share below are only used to activate the creative mode.

GiveCreativeModeIt puts you in creative mode. It can be abbreviated with GCM.
GiveCreativeModeToTargetPut the target you're looking at into creative mode. It can be abbreviated with GCMT.
GiveCreativeModeToPlayer [Player ID]Based on the UE4 ID, you activate creative mode for the specified player.

Tints and colors commands

In the following table, you can see what the codes are for each dye.

Codecolor / tint
GiveColors [Quantity]Gives you a specific amount of all dyes.
admincheat GFI Dye_Black 1 1 0Negro
admincheat GFI Dye_Blue 1 1 0Blue
admincheat GFI Dye_Brick 1 1 0Brick
admincheat GFI Dye_Brown 1 1 0Brown
admincheat GFI Dye_Forest 1 1 0Forest
admincheat GFI Dye_Green 1 1 0Verde
admincheat GFI Dye_Mud 1 1 0Barro
admincheat GFI Dye_ActuallyMagenta 1 1 0Magenta
admincheat GFI Dye_Olive 1 1 0Oliva
admincheat GFI Dye_Orange 1 1 0Orange
admincheat GFI Dye_Parchment 1 1 0Parchment
admincheat GFI Dye_Pink 1 1 0Rosa
admincheat GFI Dye_Purple 1 1 0Purple
admincheat GFI Dye_Red 1 1 0Red
admincheat GFI Dye_Silver 1 1 0The payment
admincheat GFI Dye_White 1 1 0White
admincheat GFI Dye_Yellow 1 1 0Yellow

Know the IDs of the colors .

How to activate commands on PC, XBOX One and PS4

The commands can be used both on PC and on XBOX One and PS4, although we warn you that, in some cases, the cheats may not work on consoles. The commands are not case-sensitive. In this article, we have simply mixed to improve the visibility of the words.

To activate the commands on these three platforms, you must:

  • On PC: press the TAB or Tabulator button.
  • On XBOX One: press the LB, RB, X, and Y buttons at the same time.
  • On PS4: press the L1, R1, Square, and Triangle buttons at the same time.

Note: If you want to use the commands in multiplayer, in many cases you will need to add "AdminCheat" or "Cheat" just before typing the corresponding command. Example: AdminCheat gamecommand startgame. It is not necessary to do this when playing solo.

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