3 Methods To Add Friends in Valorant

 There is nothing better than having a group of friends to play Valorant with. It's a team game, and honestly, playing with random players makes it hard to communicate and coordinate with others. We know this well and that is why we have made this article to tell you the ways to add friends and form groups in ValorantFind out how to do it!

Add friends via Riot ID and Tag

One of the places to add friends in Valorant is in the right sidebar, in basically any menu in the game. In the lower right area, you will see a drawing of a person with a "+" symbol, next to the magnifying glass. Click here and you will see that it asks you to fill in two spaces.

Add friends in Valorant

The first space is the Riot ID, which is nothing more than the name you use in ValorantThe second space is the Tag. In this case, it can be a 4-digit number or the region code where you play. Once both spaces are filled, you just have to press the "+" button on the right and an invitation will be sent.

If you want to know what your Riot ID and Tag are, just look at the top right of the menu, also in the same sidebar. Hover your mouse cursor over your name, and after a second, your Riot ID, as well as the Tag, will be highlighted. That's all you need to share to get your friends to add you! It is worth mentioning that the "#" symbol should not be included when writing the Tag.

View your RIOT ID and TAG in Valorant

Add friends from the Career menu

After finishing a game, sometimes we want to add a partner or rival with whom we have enjoyed playing. There is a simple way to check who participated in the most recent matches. Go to the Career menu and, within it, go to the "Scoreboard" or "Timeline" section.

Add friends in Valorant Career menu

In any of the two sections, you can see both teammates and rivals. To add one of these players, just right-click on it and a small menu will dropdown. Select "Add Friend" and the invitation will be sent automatically, without the need to enter the Riot ID and Tag. It's that simple!

Form groups in Valorant

It's pretty easy to form groups and play with friends in ValorantTo do this, you must go once again to the sidebar, specifically in the friend's section below your name and avatar. While in a room, find the player you want to invite, right-click on them and select "Invite". Now the player just has to accept the invitation!

In case your friends are in a group, you can also ask them to join it. After sending the request, your friend only has to accept it and you will enter the group with the others. One last detail: make sure that the rooms are always closed if you don't want any of your friends to enter without an invitation.

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