12 FIFA 20 Career Mode Tips

 Being a manager in FIFA 20 Career mode is a rewarding experience, full of challenges. There are several aspects to take into account to be successful in this position: you have to manage finances and players well, manage expectations, constantly make decisions, etc. It's nonstop!

That is why we have thought of 12 tips for you to be the best manager in FIFA 20 Career mode. If you follow our recommendations, you will soon turn your team into a Champions League titan, and you may even win competition after competition!

1. Set proper season goals

Career fifa 20 season goals

This advice is very basic, but not all players comply with it. Your club administration will make it very clear to you from the start of your career what you need to achieve to keep your whole team happy.

The objectives will depend on the team and the competition in which you participate. For example, Barcelona always has the expectation of winning in LaLiga and winning in the Champions League. Other teams will have lower expectations, especially those that don't usually finish in the top half of the standings.

Therefore, pay attention to the priority objectives that you must meet. An extra tip on this: it is better not to have high expectations and surprise everyone with a good performance than to be ambitious and risk not meeting them. Keep in mind that meeting the objectives will give you budget bonuses, so don't neglect this detail!

2. Keep your players in good morale

In Career mode, it is very important to keep all your players happy with the way you lead the team. If not, you will risk two consequences: being kicked out of the team or your best players leaving for other clubs.

There are several ways to keep your players' morale in good balance. On the one hand, keep your promises whenever possible. Nor do you generate preferences towards one player or another, so make sure that everyone has the opportunity to prove their worth on the soccer field.

Another recommendation is to go to press conferences, even when morale is low. If you give answers intelligently and always in favor of your team, the morale of your players will go up.

3. Look for promising young people

Promising players fifa 20 career mode

Promising players are those youngsters who, already 21 years old or younger, show great potential in their career. It is common for them to have an overall score below 70, but in a few seasons they can reach more than 80, and even 90! If you have an interest in playing Career Mode for any length of time, these players are essential and a great investment.

Pay your scouts to find new talent. It will streamline the process without having to divert too much attention from your current team. The negative point is that you have to pay them, which can compromise your finances if the results do not convince you.

4. Do not hesitate to look for talents from Brazil and Argentina

We all know that, in the world of soccer, many promising players come from Latin America. Messi and Neymar are just two examples in a list with dozens and dozens of stars. Among all the countries of America, we recommend you not take your eyes off Brazil and Argentina. Several legends come from there!

Of course, we are not telling you to limit yourself to them. If we go to Europe, Spain and England are two other countries that have high-quality players, just like Italy or Germany. When looking for new talent, keep all these countries in mind. If a new talent emerges, the best thing you can do is be the first to hire them!

5. Don't underestimate veteran players

Apart from the talented youngsters, there are other types of players that you should hire in FIFA 20 Career mode. It's about the veterans. It's easy to underestimate their value because they are quite old, but don't underestimate them! Their experience and quality can become a fundamental pillar for your team and be the key to success for a couple of years.

It is also useful to invest in free players, at the end of the contract or for loan:

  • Free Agents – These players have neither a club nor a contract, so you don't have to spend almost any money on them. You just have to offer them a good salary, and they will join your team!
  • End of contract players: they are still at a club, but you may be lucky enough not to pay for the contract. There are quality players who finish their contracts and it is convenient to take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Veteran Players – There are players like Chiellini or Ibrahimović that you can hire. They won't always be as cheap as you'd like, but their presence will raise the level of quality on your team.
  • Loan Players - This list collects players that you can borrow from yourself. You can try them for a season, before deciding whether to buy the player or not.

6. Use the option to delegate negotiations

Contract negotiations can give us some headaches, especially if we are not familiar with the system. Generally, you do not receive any clues about the price margins in terms of salary and purchase value. The game doesn't tell you! Even if you know the value it has in the market, at the moment of truth it will always be more expensive.

For this reason, a good tip to follow is to use the delegate option. When you do that, someone else on your team will negotiate with the player and the club he belongs to, revealing the minimum and maximum that the player expects to receive. Once you know, cancel the option to delegate and negotiate for yourself. This way you avoid bad surprises!

7. Take advantage of player trades

Changing players career fifa 20

In the real world, we do not stop seeing clubs exchanging players in negotiations, always trying to have the best squad. This is included in the FIFA 20 Career mode and thanks to that, some of these negotiations will be easier.

Analyze the team you want to negotiate with and find out which positions they need to strengthen. With this information, do not hesitate to offer one of your players that you are not going to take out in the matches. Hopefully, they will agree and it will be easier for you to hire one of their players. Not only will you trade one player for another, but this will further reduce the economic impact on your finances.

8. Evolve your players with personalized training

Customizing the workouts is a detail that you must take into account. Even if you put them on auto, they are a very optimal way for your players to reach higher quality levels. This is even more important in the case of young promises since they have a more extensive margin of evolution that should be taken care of and taken advantage of.

Take a good look at what position they play, the role they play and what their best attributes are. Reinforce all this and do not waste training on attributes that are not going to benefit much. Success is in these little details!

9. Rotate your starting players

There are two reasons why rotating players is effective and efficient. The first is that players will get tired if they play every match. There will come a time when they will not be able to perform well and will need to rest at least one game. In fact, they will be more likely to be injured mid-match.

The second reason is simply to give all players a chance. Earlier we talked about maintaining good morale in your team. Precisely, the fact that all the players go out on the field and make their contribution helps to have a good spirit in the club. Not only that; players develop better if they play matches.

You may be interested in this idea: write down the players that will make up team A and team B somewhere. Make sure that both have quality players and others that still need to be developed. Then it will only be a matter of changing match after match, and you will be able to put your best line-up in the important competitions. This way they rest well and everyone will grow better as players!

10. Don't forget to renew contracts

Just as you can get players without contracts very cheaply, you can lose your best players if you do not renew the contract. Don't miss the date! Already six months before the contract officially ends, it is more than possible that approaches and negotiation attempts will begin. Don't forget to take a look at the contracts and renew them as soon as possible.

11. Participate in pre-season tournaments

FIFA 20 career pre-season tournament

Pre-season tournaments are very common in Europe and the United States and help to test newly hired players. They're an easy way to see how new rosters perform, without fear of ruining an entire season.

Throughout FIFA 20 Career mode, you will receive various invitations to participate in these competitions. In addition to being another opportunity for your players to improve, they serve to earn money. Take advantage of the prizes to hire better players at the beginning or mid-season.

12. Feel free to play with the team!

In FIFA 20 Career mode, matches can be simulated, so seasons can go by quickly. This option is useful if you just want to focus on managing your team and seeing the fruits of your efforts. There is nothing wrong with that!

However, winning and meeting goals is always financially important, so don't hesitate to take direct control. Plus, it helps make sure unwanted situations don't happen. In simulation mode, your players can get injured or sent off, while if you play yourself, you can make sure that doesn't happen. It's not 100% sure, but at least that way you won't have any unexpected surprises!

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