10 building challenges for The Sims 4

 If you love building in The Sims 4 and can't stop doing it, take on these building challenges! We've rounded up some of the most fun and challenging challenges created by the wonderful community of this game. There is a good variety and surely you will spend many days trying to complete them all. Meet our selection of 10 building challenges for The Sims 4!

1. Build in black and white

Challenge Difficulty: Easy.
Rules :

  • Go into your display settings and change your monitor colors to black and white.
  • Make any build you want. There are no restrictions!
  • Put the colors back and find out what the final result of your construction is.

2. Inverted colors

Challenge Difficulty: Easy.

  • This challenge is similar to the previous one. On this occasion, you must enter the display settings and apply the filter to invert the colors.
  • Build what you want, without any construction. Of course, for a funnier result, make sure to fill it with all kinds of possible objects and furniture, as it will be easier for the colors not to combine well.
  • Remove the color inversion filter, and enjoy your masterpiece!

3. Limited size - 5x5/4x4/3x3

Challenge difficulty: normal.
Rules :

  • The base of the construction must have a maximum size of 5x5, 4x4 or 3x3, at your choice.
  • You can make it multi-tiered.
  • You can not miss anything that is essential in a house.

4. Only one color

Challenge difficulty: normal.
Rules :

  • You must choose a color and use it exclusively to build. EVERYTHING must be in that color!
  • Build a complete house meeting that requirement, no matter if it's one story or several.
  • If it is very difficult for you to select items that only have that color, make sure that at least more than half of the item in that color.

5. Dollhouse

Dollhouse Challenge as a building challenge for The Sims 4

Challenge Difficulty: Hard.

Rules :

  • Choose any lot and build the house with at least two stories, but ideally three.
  • It should be built with the concept of a dollhouse. That implies that one side of the house must be exposed, without walls.
  • Rooms should be as small as possible. Make sure they are interconnected, so Sims can walk around the entire dollhouse.
  • If you have a hard time imagining a dollhouse, look for one and get inspired by it!

6. House without walls

Challenge Difficulty: Hard.
Rules :

  • No walls! Therefore, forget about using these tools, because the house must be open.
  • Yes, you can put other things that act as a "wall".
  • At a minimum, the house should have all the basics, such as a bed, kitchen, refrigerator, toilet, and shower. Think of everything one needs yes or yes in a home!
  • Feel free to add different types of decorations.

7. Construction in less than 10 minutes

Challenge Difficulty: Very Hard.
Rules :

  • Pick a lot and build all the essentials in under 10 minutes.
  • The house must be built in a way that makes sense. It is not worth putting things at random!
  • If you want to go further and think you're skilled at building, make a two-story house with multiple rooms.

8. House for people with reduced mobility

Mobility Impaired House Challenge - Sims 4 Building Challenges

Challenge Difficulty: Very Hard.
Rules :

  • There are currently no Sims with reduced mobility, but you never know with future content! Therefore, make a house thinking of them.
  • When you build the house, make sure that the accesses to the entrances and different parts of the house are suitable for people with crutches or in wheelchairs.
  • As a final challenge, find a way to make a two or three-story house meet these requirements.

9. Build a city from scratch

Challenge Difficulty: Very Hard.
Rules :

  • You have to demolish all the lots in Oasis Springs or Willow Creek to start from scratch.
  • Choose an aesthetic or theme.
  • Two of the houses must be worth 20,000 Simoleons at most.
  • It is mandatory to build a mansion worth around 200,000 Simoleons.
  • The city must have a park.
  • On top of all this, build a variety of buildings on at least 4 other lots.

10. No bugs

Challenge Difficulty: Very Hard.
Rules :

  • You cannot make mistakes, that is, you cannot correct anything at all.
  • Whatever you put down, however you put it down, it stays there.
  • If you got the wrong object, window, bed, or wall, you'll have to keep it and move on!
  • It's much more fun if you try to create an entire home in less than a time limit, like 15 minutes, or give yourself the extra challenge of recreating a building from memory.
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