Top 50 Free Agents for FIFA 19 Career Mode

 If you want to succeed in FIFA 19 Career Mode, hiring free agents is one of the cheapest and most effective tactics. Not only are there old players out of contract, but there are plenty of youngsters looking for opportunities to lead your team to victory. If you choose well, you will strengthen your squad a lot with little money.

In the list that we present to you below, you will find 50 free players of all positions, with a minimum overall score of 70. Many of them have great potential, so it is worth betting on these players. You will notice that there are players from Russia, Sweden, and Ivory Coast who play in teams not available in FIFA 19Don't waste time and hire the best free agents for your team!

L. Paredes8085MC, MCD24
A. Granqvist8080DFC33
A. Lunev7981BY27
I. Smolnikov7979LD30
A. Dzyuba7878DC30
M. Berg7878DC, SD32
D. Kuzyaev7780MC, MCD, MD26
Luís Neto7777DFC30
G. Sio7777DC29
C. Riveros7676MC, MCD36
P. Tau7581DC, ED, EI, MCO24
K. Fofana7575DC26
K. Traore7575MCO, MC26
M. Mevlja7577DFC28
Y. Gazinsky7575MCD, MC29
cave7575MI, MCO, MD27
V. Caceres7575MCD, MC33
B. Jokic7575CAI, LI32
C. Rodriguez7575MCO, MI32
I. Horse7474DFC, LI30
K. Konaté7474ED, MD26
A. mitrita7480EI, MI23
M. Degenek7481DFC24
P. Aguedar7474DFC30
S. Vilakazi7474MCO, SD, ED29
T. Hlatshwayo7475DFC, LD29
Kahraba7479MI, MD, EI, DC24
R. Ortiz7475MCD, MC28
A. Semenov7475DFC29
M. Etxeberria7474MI, MD26
A. Erokhin7474MC, MCD, MCO29
R. Benzar7376LD26
J. Góralski7377MCD26
S. Ingason7378DFC, LD25
Y Banana7375DFC, MCD, LD27
I. Blacksmith7374MCO, SD26
B. Sigurdarson7374DC, MD27
M. Banguera7373BY33
K. Rausch7373LI, MI28
D. Gonzo7278MD22
A. Silbeira7272GOAL22
w angel7278DFC25
C. Ramirez7277AT THE24
Z. Kalmár7178MCO, MC23
L. Kleinheisler7176MCO24
J. Sanbenito7174DC, SD26
H. Cow7078MI, EI, DC21
M. Travnik7076MC, MCO, MCD24
P. Mahlambi7084MCO, ED, SD21
G. Varela7075LD25

As a clarification, this is the list of all the positions with their respective meanings:

  • BY: goalkeeper.
  • DFC: Defensa central.
  • LI, LD: left or right side.
  • CDM: defensive midfielder.
  • MC, MI, MD – Midfielder, left or right midfielder.
  • CAM: attacking midfielder.
  • EI, ED: extreme left or right.
  • SD: a second striker.
  • DC: a striker.

The best free-agent team

We have assembled a team with the most recommended free players in FIFA 19However, it is up to you to review the list and change one player for another, according to your needs or the positions you want to cover. Keep in mind that as the months go by, players will be recruited, so be quick to recruit.

This is the roster of players for a 4-3-3 formation:

Free Player Team - FIFA 19

  • BY : Andrey Lunev.
  • DFC : Andreas Granqvist and Luis Neto.
  • LI : Bojan Jokic.
  • LD : Igor Smolnikov.
  • MCD : Yuriy Gazinski.
  • MC : Leandro Paredes and Daler Kuzyaev.
  • EI : Cristian Rodríguez.
  • ED : Percy Tau.
  • DC : Artem Dzyuba.
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