The Witcher 3: know all the endings and how to get them

 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an RPG that contains multiple endings. To achieve each of them, it is necessary to complete the main campaign several times. Various decisions you make throughout the adventure will outline the path to one path or another. If you don't know how to achieve a specific ending, we tell you what steps you should take!

As you may have guessed, this article contains significant spoilersEnter at your own risk!

Geralt of Rivia endings

Geralt endings in The Witcher 3
The warlock also has his romantic side!

Geralt's endings all relate to Ciri and his future love, be it with Triss, Yennefer, or neither. In this section, we explain what the romantic endings of the sorcerer are, and then you will be able to see Ciri's endings.

Geralt stays with Yennefer

If you chose to love Yennefer throughout the game's missions, especially "The Last Wish," congratulations! The whole world will stop knowing more about Geralt de Rivia, as both will dedicate themselves to traveling the world. The reasons are worthy: sharing a bed and taking a bath together. A life well deserved after so much bloodshed.

Geralt stays with Triss

If you decide to help Triss and get carried away with romance with her, Geralt will end up by her side for the rest of his life. They will move to Kovir, where Triss will become the king's advisor, and Geralt will live a life of pure luxury. He lives to love his wife and, from time to time, hunt some monsters so as not to lose the habit.

Geralt ends up without a partner

This is the ending that many people accidentally received in The Witcher 3 . It is obvious that if you choose not to have an affair with Triss or Yennefer, Geralt will end up without a partner. However, if you tried to make both of them fall in love at the same time, you will have the same luck as the naive players: they will both leave Geralt!

His life will be that of a walking sorcerer, in the company of the always affectionate as well as irritable Dandelion.

Ciri endings

There are three different outcomes for Ciri. The ending will be defined in the last main quest of the game, called Something Ends, Something BeginsBut it is not enough to arrive here and make choices. Ciri's ultimate ending will very much depend on how you've treated Ciri in The Witcher 3.

Some examples are:

  1. Blood Mission on the Battlefield: Geralt comforts Ciri or passes up the opportunity.
  2. Blood Mission on the Battlefield: Geralt either visits Emperor Emhyr or chooses not to.
  3. Blood Mission on the Battlefield: Geralt accepts or rejects Emhyr's money by returning Ciri.
  4. Final Preparations Mission: Geralt decides to accompany Ciri to talk to the sorceresses or let her go in alone.
  5. Quest from A Daughter of the Old Blood: Geralt's reaction when Ciri explodes and gets angry.
  6. A Daughter of the Old Blood quest: Geralt takes Ciri to Skjall 's grave at the end of the quest or tells her there is no time.
  7. The completion rate for the missions An Eye for an EyeA Deadly ConspiracyRedania's Most Wanted, and Reason of State.

Ciri dies

Ciri can be killed if she feels unsafe when entering the tower at the end of the game. She will go through the portal during the last quest of The Witcher 3 and will never come back. On his side, Geralt decides to go hunt down the last witch of the three Moirae. The final moments are somewhat sad, with Geralt alone and remembering Ciri.

To get this ending, in the situations described above you must:

  1. Say: Relax. You don't have to stand out at everything.
  2. Visit Emhyr.
  3. Accept the money upon delivery to Ciri.
  4. Accompany Ciri in the conversation with the sorceresses of the Lodge.
  5. Reply "Calm down" to Ciri's reaction.
  6. Tell Ciri that "There is no time".

You can see the end right here

Ciri becomes a Witcher

This is the favorite ending of many players! Ciri survives the White Frost by trusting her powers. However, she hates the idea of ​​becoming Empress, so she decides to disappear. Geralt tells Emhyr that he cannot find Ciri. Later, we find out that Ciri decided to accompany Geralt in the life of a witch.

To achieve this ending, do the following:

  1. Choose the option: I think I know how to cheer you up.
  2. Do not bring her before Emhyr.
  3. Therefore, you will not be able to accept the money.
  4. Let Ciri speak alone with the sorceresses.
  5. He reacts to Ciri's anger by saying: Go ahead.
  6. Tell him: Yes, I will go with you.

You can see this ending in the following video:

Ciri becomes an Empress

Ciri also survives the White Frost and shows interest in being Empress. The epilogue brings Geralt and Ciri together one last time, who have a conversation before the final goodbye. In a sense, this is also a somewhat sad ending, but Geralt is confident that the world is now in better hands.

If you want to get this ending, you will need to do more things:

  • He takes Ciri to the Emperor and refuses the payment.
  • Keep the answer "I think I know how to cheer you up" in the Blood on the Battlefield quest.
  • Let Ciri speak alone with the sorceresses of the Lodge.
  • He reacts by saying "Go ahead" when Ciri gets angry in A Daughter of the Old Blood.
  • Accompany her to Skjall's grave.
  • Complete the missions An Eye for an EyeA Deadly ConspiracyRedania's Most Wanted, and Reason of State.
  • Be loyal to Dijkstra (for the time being) and share information about Ciri's whereabouts.
  • In the Reason of State mission, side with Vernon Roche and kill Dijkstra.

Discover this ending with the video below:

Other character endings

The Witcher 3 has dozens of important and memorable characters that are part of the main story. It is clear that your actions will affect their lives! In the following sections, you will be able to see what alternative endings exist for the main characters of The Witcher universe.

ruler of the north

There are three different governments that can command the North: Radovid, Dikjstra, and Nilfgaard. Find out what you should do for each:

  • Radovid – Completely ignore Roche and Dijkstra's side quests, which will see Radovid defeat Nilfgaard and rule both Novigrad and Velen. The problem is that he will also dedicate himself to killing magicians and people of another race.
  • Dijkstra: If you complete Reason of State and all related missions by siding with him, repression, fear, and terror will be the ruling forces of the North.
  • Nilfgaard – You will need to have Vernon Roche and Ves as your allies. Complete Reason of State on their side and Nilfgaard will end up ruling the North, and Temeria will be restored!

Gobernante de Skellig

In Skellige the politics are a bit complex and tense, although to be honest that is the case in almost every region of The Witcher 3 . It is possible to interfere in Skellige's future or not.

  • Geralt supports Cerys in the quest The King's Maneuver: Skellige becomes a region of peace and prosperity.
  • Geralt supports Hjalmar in the quest The King's Maneuver: Skellige enters a constant war against Nilfgaard.
  • Geralt doesn't do the quest The King's Maneuver: The region goes into civil war after Svanrige Tuirseach starts a dictatorial monarchy.

End of Emhyr var Emreis

If Nilfgaard rules the North, it's a happy ending for Emhyr! He will stay alive, punish the traitors of the Empire and everything goes smoothly for him. If instead, you supported Radovid or Dijkstra, Emhyr will be betrayed and end up killed.

Bloody Baron Ending

If you kill the creature on the hill, the Bloody Baron will march off with a mad Anna, leaving Velen alone. If you free the creature, the Baron will commit suicide, Anna will die, and Velen will be destroyed.

The fate of other characters

  • Sarah – If you make a deal with Sarah, she will stay with Corinne. If you expel her, she will flee Novigrad and go to the mountains.
  • Keira Metz - You can send her to Kaer Morhen, where she will help in the siege. After this incident, she will hang out with Lambert. If not, Keira can get burned if she ignores her quests or you send her to Radovid. If you force Keira not to go to Radovid, you will fight her and end up killing her.
  • Junior - If you kill Junior, Dudu will eventually replace him. If you spare his life, he will become a beggar.
  • Wizards of Novigrad – If you complete the quest Now or Never, all the wizards will flee Novigrad and save themselves. If you ignore her, everyone dies.
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