The Witcher 3: the 20 best mods to expand the experience

 The Witcher 3 is an amazing game with many tasks and quests to complete. The world is gigantic, where every corner hides secrets of all kinds. But how about we make the game even better with mods? In this article, we present to you no less than 20 excellent mods to enrich your The Witcher 3 experience. Get to know them now!

1. Automatic travel from any point on the map

Auto travel from anywhere The Witcher 3 mods

Download the mod here

In The Witcher 3 there are many automatic travel points, which is appreciated when exploring and completing missions. However, there are times when we are far from one of these points. On occasions like this, you want to be able to travel from anywhere on the map so as not to waste time. This mod is responsible for satisfying this need. A simple but very useful mod!

2. Automatic loot

Loot automático The Witcher 3 mods

Download the mod here

Do you find it tiresome having to loot manually and continuously? This mod allows you to configure it in such a way that it can automatically take what interests you. It also prevents you from accidentally stealing. In this way, you will be able to take the loot in The Witcher 3 without many problems and without extra menus.

3. Increase the weight limit

Increase weight limit The Witcher 3 mods

Download the mod here

One of the most annoying aspects is not being able to carry everything you want in the game. It is true that you can use the trunks that are scattered around the map, but many of us prefer to have everything at hand. With this mod, you can increase the weight limit to 9000, allowing you to take whatever you want on all your travels! It's not realistic at all but, hey, the detail is greatly appreciated.

4. Items are never destroyed

Ítems indestructibles The Witcher 3 Mods

Download the mod here

Another mechanic that a few players don't like is the loss of durability from armor and armor. With "Indestructible Items" you will be able to use weapons and armor smoothly and without fear of breaking. You will no longer need hammers or repair kits. Use your favorite sword as many times as you want!

5. Richest merchants and merchants

Richest merchants The Witcher 3 mods

Download the mod here

Sometimes you'll run into the problem of having a lot to sell, but the merchants won't have enough money to buy. That problem is over with this mod, where you can configure how much money these merchants have. As an addition, it is also possible to modify the purchase price, so that the products are as expensive or cheap as you want.

6. Gwent Card Vendor

Vendedor cartas Gwent The Witcher 3 Mods

Download the mod here

Gwent is the card minigame in The Witcher 3 . It is important to choose a type of deck and get all the best possible cards to win the games. Completing the collection can be a long journey, so this mod speeds up the process. Near the blacksmith where the Bloody Baron is, there will be a vendor who will show you most of the Gwent cards. If you have enough money, you will have a very complete deck!

7. Disable summary videos on loading screens

No loading screens The Witcher 3 mods

Download the mod here

An issue that bothers many players is in relation to the summary videos that appear on loading screens. On several occasions, this recap of the story takes longer than the game loads. It can also get very repetitive to see the same thing over and over again. This mod allows us to eliminate these videos in order to go to the action immediately.

8. Merchant and quest icons

Merchant icons and quests The Witcher 3 mods

Download the mod here

From time to time, you will miss having more details in The Witcher 3 map . The icons that exist in the game are quite useful and, in fact, for some it is a lot of information. This mod gives us greater clarity in the position of merchants and the location of the missions. Although this can fill the map with icons, the mod also allows us to remove or add at will.

9. Critical hits in slow motion

Download the mod here

Those from CD Projekt RED managed to make a fairly dynamic and visual combat in The Witcher 3 . If you fancy adding a bit of drama, this mod makes each critical hit go in slow motion. It has no functionality beyond aesthetics and feeling like you're in a movie production. If you're going to fight, let it be with style!

10. Apply oils automatically

Apply oils automatically The Witcher 3 mods

Download the mod here

There is nothing more cumbersome than opening the menu, applying the oil for the sword, closing it and then finally starting the fight. Imagine if you had to do that all the time! With "Auto Apply Oils" you won't have to worry about this process anymore, since it will automatically apply the oil you need in each fight.

11. Faster and simpler dodge animations

Dodge Animations The Witcher 3 Mods

Download the mod here

In the first videos this game was shown, the dodge system was less acrobatic and more direct. Geralt did more footwork than endless pirouettes to dodge. This mod brings those kinds of animations back to The Witcher 3 , so the fights will be a bit faster and easier in terms of animations.

12. Geralt's armor from the books

Clothes from the books The Witcher 3

Download the mod here

If you install this mod, you will be able to enjoy the armor that Geralt wears in the books. It's also quite reminiscent of the armor worn by the protagonist in The Witcher 1 so, in any mode, it's a nostalgia trip! New clothes are tagged Grandmaster level and have the same bonuses as the Cat set.

13. Customize camera and perspective

Customize camera and perspective The Witcher 3

Download the mod here

The 3rd person view of The Witcher 3 is more than satisfactory. Still, if you want more camera and perspective options to see everything from new angles, this is the mod for you! It will allow you to configure the camera for all possible situations. In this way, you will be able to have a perspective in combat, another on horseback, and even one for interiors!

14. Photo mode

Photo Mode The Witcher 3 Mods

Download the mod here

Speaking of camera, Photo mode is a feature that is slowly being added in more games these days. This mod allows you to hide the interface, keep the game paused and change some aspects of the environment to bring out your inner photographer.

15. Hooded Geralt

Geralt encapuchado The Witcher 3 Mods

Download the mod here

If you've been wanting to wear the hood Geralt wears in some cutscenes, the wait is over! This mod is purely cosmetic, but allows you to wear the hood with the included cape. What's more, you can choose to just have the hood or the cape. In short, a small addition that brings with it three different colors.

16. More storage chests

New storage chests The Witcher 3 mods

Download the mod here

If you don't like the idea of ​​increasing the weight limit you can carry, here's another solution. The mod will take care of adding 8 new storage chests so you can throw everything you are not going to use in the near future there. It also repositions a couple of chests that were already included in the game, to make them more accessible.

17. Realistic Weather

Clima realista The Witcher 3 mods

Download the mod here

Weather changes and the way storms are represented in The Witcher 3 are pretty well detailed. After all, it is undeniably a beautiful game! Even so, there is always room for improvement, and this mod takes the opportunity to do so. It takes care to enhance each climate and add some variety, thus achieving a feeling of constant change.

18. The Witcher 3 versión Tarantino

Versión Tarantino The Witcher 3 Mods

Download the mod here

There are those who find The Witcher 3 to be a bit violent, and at times it is! However, fans of Quentin Tarantino and the hype of him are likely looking for a bloodier fight. If you install this modification, the amount of blood will be multiplied and it will give you the feeling of being in the Kill Bill or Django movie.

19. Enhanced Edition

Download the mod here

If you've beaten the game and want to relive Geralt's adventures, give this mod a try. It changes many aspects of The Witcher 3 's mechanics , whether in combat, movement, or immersion. In a sense, it makes the game a more difficult experience when retouching. Ultimately, the author wanted The Witcher 3 to feel more like Dark Souls .

20. Play as Henry Cavill!

Henry Cavill The Witcher 3 mods

Download the mod here

Now that The Witcher saga has a series on Netflix, Henry Cavill is the new reference for Geralt of Rivia. This mod allows Geralt to have an appearance quite similar to the actor who represents the character. And it doesn't end there! You will also be able to have Yennefer in the guise of actress Anya Chalotra.

How to install The Witcher 3 mods

All the mods that we have presented to you in this article are from the Nexus Mods page. In principle, mods can work on their own, without any additions. Try to take a look at the descriptions and instructions of the mods that interest you, to know if you need to install another mod or another tool.

In general, you will have the option of installing mods manually or using one of two mod management applications. We recommend using Vortex or Nexus Mods Manager (NMM). You can find both on the same Nexus Mods website. It's an easier way to bundle all mods, install and even turn on/off as you please.

Finally, we insist that it is advisable (in fact, you should) save the game and make a backup before adding mods. In some cases, it can happen that the game is broken by including modifications, so it is important to be careful!

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