The King of Fighters ALLSTAR: Tier List with the best fighters in the game

 The King of Fighters ALLSTAR has a rich roster of diverse and charismatic characters. There are over a hundred that you can own, all belonging to the KOF franchiseTo make it easy for you to make your choices and build the best team possible, we've put together a Tier List of the best fighters in the game!

For this purpose, we have divided the characters into four different ranks, each with its own TOP 5:

  • H.H
  • yes
  • TO
  • B.

As you might guess, the strongest group of fighters is in the SS rank. Those are the characters you should work on summoning and upgrading, as they are the most worthwhile. However, don't hesitate to give the S, A, and B ranks a try, as they will also come in handy in-game.

There are other excellent characters apart from the ones we show in this guide, that's true. However, they are weak in comparison and for that reason lose strength more quickly. For this reason, we insist once again that you look at the fighters in this Tier List of The King of Fighters ALLSTARKnow who they are!


Orochi Iori is currently the best fighter in KOF ALLSTAR

FighterYearGuyElementleader skill
Orochi Iori97OffensiveYellowIncreases Attack of Offensive-type Fighters by 60% and decrease Defense by 10%
Mai Shiranui95OffensiveRedIncreases the attack and life of offensive-type fighters by 25%
Chizuru Kagura96DefensiveYellowIncreases the attack of yellow element fighters by 25% and decreases damage taken by 20%
Shermie97DefensivePurpleIncreases attack by 60% when at 70% or more health
Mai Shiranui97OffensivePurpleIncreases purple element fighters' attack by 25%, power charge rate by 20%, and life by 20%


Chris is the king of rank S!
FighterYearGuyElementleader skill
Chris97BalancedRedIncreases the damage of the active ability of the fighters of the red element by 35% and decreases the base cooldown times of active abilities by 1 second.
Athena Asamiya96OffensiveBlueAttack increases by 20% and critical rate increases by 11% after a combo of 30 hits or more
rugal Bernstein94BalancedBlueIncreases attack of blue element fighters by 25% and penetration by 25%
Kyou Kusanagi95OffensiveBlueIncreases the attack of blue element fighters by 50%
yuri sakazaki95OffensiveGreenIncreases the attack of green element fighters by 50%


King shares first position with Kim Kaphwan among A-rank fighters

FighterYearGuyElementleader skill
King94BalancedRedIncreases the life and attack of the fighters of the red element by 25%
Kim kaphwan94BalancedBlueIncreases the health and attack of blue element fighters by 25%
Yashiro Nakanase97OffensiveBlueIncreases the attack and penetration of blue element fighters by 25%
Goro Daimon96DefensiveGreenIncreases the health and attack of green element fighters by 25%
Athena Asamiya94BalancedYellowIncreases the life of yellow element fighters by 25% and the attack of active skills by 35%

Rank B

The 96 version of Iori Yagami is also an excellent option.

FighterYearGuyElementleader skill
Iori Yagami96DefensiveGreenIncreases the health of defensive-type fighters by 50%
Robert Garcia97DefensiveGreenIncreases the life of green element fighters by 50%
Ryō Sakazaki95DefensiveRedIncreases the life of red element fighters by 50%
Heidern95DefensiveRedDecreases damage taken by defensive-type fighters by 40%
Sie Kensou94DefensiveYellowIncreases the life of the fighters of the yellow element by 50%

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