The great list with all Free Fire items!

 In Free Fire, like all games in the Battle Royale genre, getting the best equipment will be the difference between victory and defeat. It is true that having good quality weapons is important, but so is staying protected.

It will not always be possible to eliminate a player with a single shot. For that reason, many firefights drag on, so we'll need items that give good protection and healing, as well as a lot of ingenuity to emerge victorious in each fight.

Read this guide and know what are all the objects that you can use in Free Fire!

Bulletproof vests

Free Fire: Chaleco antibalas

There are 4 levels of bulletproof vests that we can wear. It is common to find levels 1 and 2 when looking for loot and, if we are lucky, we will find a level 3. The only way to get the level 4 vest is by upgrading a level 3 with a bulletproof vest kit.

If after a fight we have a damaged vest, don't throw it awayAlthough it will not give the same protection, it will be better to have it than go without a vest. Of course, if you find another vest that is not damaged, change it! It is recommended not to take the vests of downed enemies unless they are almost intact.

Bulletproof Vest Upgrade Kit

Free Fire: Bulletproof Vest Upgrade Kit

This is one of the kits that are scattered all over the map. They usually appear in similar places in each game and allow you to upgrade the vest to a higher level. If you already have a level 4 one, it will be useful for repairing!

Repair kit

Currently, we can collect these types of kits that allow us to repair our protection. It will give 100 points back to our bulletproof vests and helmets and is a great addition in case you can't find the upgrade kit. However, at the moment it is only available in Casual mode.


Free Fire: Casco

In this game, there are 3 levels of helmets available that we can use to protect ourselves from headshots. Nobody likes getting headshots, so this item is very important! If you get damaged, do not throw it away either, since it is better than having your head completely exposed.

As an extra note, the level 3 helmet also protects the face, so we recommend looking for it to avoid being easily knocked down by skilled snipers.


Free Fire: Mochila

First things first: if you see a backpack and you don't have one, grab it immediately! No matter your level, carrying a backpack means more space in your inventoryHaving greater capacity will allow us to transport more ammunition, healing, and extras for weapons.

It is common to see many backpacks of level 1 and even 2. The first does not give you much space, but the second is usually more than enough for most players. Obviously, if you see a level 3 one, get it, although you will surely not take advantage of all the space.

first aid kits

Free Fire: First Aid Kit

Every time you find yourself in a fight, you will surely take damage even if you are wearing helmets or bulletproof vests. It is recommended to have at least 3 first aid kits to heal yourself, more than enough to recover after a firefight.

These kits heal us for 75 life points and take 4 seconds to apply. Because of this delay, it is important to heal in hidden places and away from any enemy, since we will be totally exposed and defenseless.


Free Fire Setas

Mushrooms are an indirect way of healing us, as they restore one life point per secondThey cannot be carried, but are consumed instantly by storing EPs. There are four types of mushrooms: 50, 75, 100, or 150 EPs. The maximum amount of EPs that we can have is 200 and they will stop being consumed when we have 200 life points.

survival items

Free Fire: Survival Items

This is the list of items that we can choose before each game. It can be accessed by clicking on the boxes that are located just to the left of the "Start" button, within the main menu.

They are divided between basic and survival itemsThese specific items can be earned by playing matches, regardless of the mode you participate in, or by logging into the game daily. You can also use diamonds to unlock more of these items, but you will need to spend real money to do so.


Free Fire: Fogata

The campfire is one of the best items if you don't need to move much in the game. When you use it, it will heal you if you are near it. Not only will it restore your life points, but it will raise your EP bar. However, you have to be careful where you put this bonfire, because we cannot carry more than one and because we will be exposed if we use it in the open field.


Free Fire: Airdrop

The airdrop allows you to carry a flare on you which, when used, signals an aircraft to bring you loot box. You will not need to look for the box, as it will fall very close to your position. Of course, that means you'll attract the attention of loot seekers! For that reason, it is best to quickly pick up what interests you and get out of there.

Treasure map

Free Fire: Treasure Map

The treasure map is a very curious item: you use it on the plane and you will see the location of the treasure on the game map. Try to jump near the marked area and take a good look around you before looting the treasure. As it always has good rewards, you will start the game with better equipment than the rest of the players.

treasure token

Free Fire: Token del tesoro

The treasure token works in a similar way to the treasure map, with one difference. Instead of activating it on the plane, this time the rewards will be enabled when we eliminate our first enemyIf we go to the objects that he has left on the ground, you will see that half of them are other items that the token is giving us.

It is worth mentioning that it only activates once. That means that even if we eliminate many other enemies during the game, we will not get more extra rewards because of the treasure token.

Basic items

Free Fire: Basic Items

  • Armor Box – You get a random piece of protection at the start of the match.
  • Supply Box – You start with a random amount of heals or ammo.
  • Pocket : The carrying capacity of items will increase by 30 units, so you will be able to carry more weapons and supplies.
  • Scanner : This special item works like a radar. It lets you know how many players are left on the plane and, once you land on the map, how many enemies are near you.

Other objects

resurrection token

Free Fire - items: Resurrection Token

The Resurrection Token will allow you to return to the match after being eliminated. It is used only once and it costs real money or diamonds to get one. It's not really very useful unless you really want to win that particular game.

Arbusto Ghillie

Free Fire: Arbusto Ghillie

It can only be obtained in drops or with the treasure map. This bush serves to camouflage you in areas where there is vegetation. The best thing is that you can remove it and give it to a partner of yours, which comes in handy if your group wants to explore in turns.

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