The dictionary of all Free Fire words and expressions! Loot, ranked, skin and more

 Loot? Skin? Ranked? Carry? If you are new to Free Fire or to the world of Battle Royales, there may be words and expressions that you do not quite understand what they mean. Each genre has its own terms that gamers and professionals use on a daily basis, and it's good to know them. For this reason, we have compiled a list with the vocabulary of this famous game.

As you will see, most of the words are in English. It is common for online games to adopt terminology from that language, due to the habit of veteran players of naming everything in English. For that reason, take this as a survival guide to better communicate and understand Free Fire matches.

What are you waiting for? Discover all the words and expressions of Free Fire!



This word literally means "carry", but the expression "carry in Free Fire " goes beyond that. When we say that one player is carrying another, what we mean is that he is winning the match on his own. In the context of ranked or qualifiers, the word "carry" is also used to say that someone of high rank is helping another person of lower rank to move up in the ranking.

For example, you are a Heroic player. You make a new account to play in duo with your friend. Thanks to your skill and knowledge of the game, you help him rise from Bronze to Diamond. You have carried your friend!


Airdrops are the supply crates dropped by planes flying over the battlefield. They can appear randomly, or by using an item called "Call Airdrop". The content of these boxes can vary, but they usually contain ammunition, grenades, weapons, first aid kits, etc.


AFK comes from the English "Away From Keyboard", that is, away from the keyboard. On several occasions, you will find characters that are totally still, standing up, without moving. No matter how long you wait, they don't move! The player is probably AFK, so he's off to cook dinner, pee, or maybe he's on a phone call.

It is usual that, within the squads, one warns that "AFK" is leaving. If that happens, it will be time to watch his back until he comes back to continue playing.

AR (Assault Rifles)

Balas AR Free Fire

This term refers to a specific type of ammunition: that of assault rifles. These rifles require AR ammo, which is found throughout the map and in weapons of the same class. For example, if you have an M14, SCAR, or AK, you better search for ARs or you won't be able to use these weapons!


Bug / Bugeado

We would all like games to work perfectly, but that never happens. When there is a reproducible error in Free Fire, we call it a bug. At times when we see that something is not going as we want, it is common to say that it is "bugged". However, many players use bugs to their advantage!


Bots are characters controlled by the game's artificial intelligence. It is common to see them in your first Free Fire games, but as time goes by, there will be fewer bots and more players.


Botsita is a term used by several girls who make Free Fire gameplay videos or direct videos of said gameIn a way, it's a joke towards the word "bot", which we've explained just before. Botsita is like the feminine version of that word.


It is a term referring to the expulsion of a player. This game, as in all the others, does not tolerate certain toxic behaviors and, if you get caught or reported in any way, you can end up with the account banned. In other words, you will have to create another account from scratch.

Bronze / Bronze

Bronze can be two things: rank or an allusion to the player's level. The game has a ranking system where we go from Bronze to Grand Master, from worst to best. On several occasions, calling another player "bronze" is like telling him that he doesn't know how to play.

Burst / Bursted

This is a burst firing mode found in some weapons, such as the FAMAS. In turn, explosive damage in general, like that of shotguns, is also called burst. It is common to talk about this in close-range combat, referring to who manages to do more damage in less time.


Free Fire Booyah!

Have you won a game and seen this on your screen? Congratulations: you've earned yourself a nice Booyah! If you don't understand what this word really is, it's just an expression that exists in Free Fire that identifies the winners. And, why deny it, it always boosts one's morale when they tell you that!

Outside the game, the expression "Booyah" is used as a sign of joy and extreme happiness before an event.



This word can refer to both the game mode and a certain group of players. In Free Fire there is the possibility of playing in modes where you go up in ranks and leagues, while in others you only play to pass the time. The latter is called "Casual mode". A casual player is also called a player who does not usually play to rank up, or who only spends a short time each day playing the game.

Camper / Campero / Campear

The camper is a classic in the world of online games. If you see that there is a player who is always in the same place, doing nothing more than eliminating clueless players, that is a camper. They usually have a sniper rifle or any remote weapon, to facilitate this annoying attitude for some people.

Along the same lines, saying that you are going to camp implies that you will go to a specific area, quickly grab your weapons and stay in one place as long as you can.


The Qualifiers are the competitive mode of Free Fire . Whenever you want to become the best and reach the highest rank or league in the game, you must participate in Qualifiers and of course do very well!


It is the English way of saying cheater to players who actually cheat. Still, players are often told that they are too good to be true.



Drop is a term used to refer to the fact that a weapon cannot be found lying all over the map, but must be obtained through supply boxes dropped by planes. A great example is the AWM sniper rifle, which you will only find this way.


Duo mode can be selected in the game's main menu. It allows you to play together with a known partner or someone random. The rest of the players will also be paired so that there is no inequality of conditions during the game.

Duo Free Fire

Danger area

From time to time, the game will say that the Danger zone has started. If you look at the minimap or the full map often, you'll also see a red circle at different points in the game. When this happens, stay away from this area! After a few seconds, it will be flooded with explosions and no one inside the circle will be safe.



At the bottom of the screen and just above the life bar in the game is another called energy points (energy points or PE). It is a yellow bar that we can fill using mushrooms or eliminating enemies, in case of using the character Miguel. When we lack life, this energy will be used to slowly restore it. It comes very well!


Have you ever wondered what are those gestures that the characters make during the game? Dances, salutes, and moves that have nothing to do with shooting or hitting are called emotes. They are some gestures that you can unlock and equip to annoy the opponent or celebrate your victory.


Elo is a term used in many competitive games. It is a way of saying or asking what rank a player is. It can be Elo Bronze II, or Elo Diamante IV. In general, when you play to rank up, you will be at a similar Elo to the other players in the match.



Guild is the English word referring to clan or guild. In this game, you can go lone wolf or be part of a group. If you are in a guild, it will be much easier for you to play in pairs or build squads.

GM / Grandmaster / Master

Since the inclusion of the highest rank Grand Master, in one of the 2019 patches, in Free Fire, there are now new ways to target the best players. It can be Grandmaster, in English, or its shortened versions GM and Master. Some players are content to be Platinum or Diamond, but not the thirstiest!


A glitch is similar to a bug, but with a rather temporary behavior. It is a bug that cannot be reproduced as many times as one wishes.


HS / Headshot

Headshot Free Fire

If there's one thing experienced players love to do, it's take down enemies with headshots. Said in Spanish words, it is about eliminating an opponent with a shot given to his head. It's almost always a kill shot, though it will depend on whether the enemy has a helmet or not, and what weapon you're carrying.


HP refers to the life points that each player has. It is represented as a white bar within the game, and the maximum amount you can have is 200 points. It is important to keep an eye on the bar constantly, to have it as full as possible at all times.


There are games where you will be eliminated in impossible ways, with players behaving suspiciously. It is possible that they are using hacks, that is, codes or programs that give unfair advantages. Do not fall into the trap of trying Free Fire hacks, as you will possibly be banned!


If we previously talked about casual, hardcore is the counterpart. Hardcore players are those who play Free Fire very seriously, fighting to climb the rankings and learning to be the best. If you want to improve, always look for hardcore players.


Kill / Killstreak

When you do a kill in a game, what you do is kill the enemy. Generally in Battle Royales like Free Fire, that means you permanently eliminate the player from the game. On the other hand, a killstreak is the same as saying "killstreak". The game rewards you not only for surviving but for eliminating various enemies.


This is the name given to the notifications that appear on the screen during the game when one player eliminates another. As embarrassing as it sounds, it also reports when a player eliminates themselves! You don't want to be teased, do you? Be the one who eliminates others and watch your back well.


There are different types of kits in the game: upgrade kits, repair kits, and first aid kits. The first two refer to bulletproof vests, which allow you to make them tougher or repair the damage. If you need to heal yourself, get yourself a first aid kit. It takes a while to complete the effect, but the healing is considerable.


Loot / Lootear

Loot and Loot in Free Fire

Looting is the most important activity in Free FireIt's a way of saying "pick up" and ultimately it's about taking weapons, items, and ammo to increase your chances of survival. and loot? It is another way to identify supplies and weapons that are available on the map from the beginning, as opposed to drops (explained above).


Because there are so many players in each match, you will notice that some just plain walk off the pitch. When someone does that, they are often called a leaver, a player who leaves.


The ladder is another way of naming rankings and leagues. For example, when you search for the best players in your region, you will see a ladder with the top 5, 10 or more players. It's just a list but it's ordered from best to worst, and you can access it from the main menu.


What is the biggest enemy of a player? They are not the others; neither is oneself. The worst thing that can happen to you is having lag, that is, a latency or stops in your internet connection. If this happens to you, you will begin to see everything as if by jumps and you will not be able to play smoothly. If you suffer from lag, you will surely get eliminated without knowing how.



The minimap, or simply minimap, appears in the upper left corner of your screen. When playing games, it's important to look at it as it tells you what dangers are around you and where you need to go to get to the safe zone.

Missing / Missing

Manco is a term widely used among Spanish speakers, both to annoy and to joke. It means that the player is not good or that he has made a mistake in an important move, which usually ends in "you are very one-armed". Do your best and don't give the opportunity for others to call you that!


number of left

This figure that is shown in the statistics of the games has raised several doubts. If we go to the English language, we will see that it is called "Knockdowns". That is to say, the number of "Number of left" is nothing more than the times that we have knocked down an enemy player, without counting if we have finished them off or not (that is a separate statistic). I hope we have clarified your doubt!


Have you ever been called that? Surely yes! We have all suffered this many times with Free Fire and other games. A noob is basically someone who doesn't know how to play or is very bad at it, a person who has a lot to learn. This word is often used to annoy others.



There are players who compete in leagues and tournaments to show that they are the best or for the prizes they have. O The two! In any case, these are professionals or pros, as they are usually called. In addition, someone who is very good at the game or has done a great deed is also called a pro, even if he is not a professional per se.


Free Fire Ice Wall

Don't be fooled; We are not talking about any wall of a building or everyone in ruins. In the game, there is a special grenade that creates a wall of ice, and YouTubers often call it a wall or a block. It is a very useful item because it gives you extra protection against enemies.


Ranked / Ranking / Ranker

Ranked is the English way of naming the Ranked mode, mentioned earlier in this guide. In this mode, you compete against other players to rise in rank and league.

Ranking refers to what level each player is at, the rank each player has, and the position in the regional or global ranking.

Ranking usually means that one is playing in a ranked ("I 'm going to rank for a couple of hours! "). There is also another meaning: if you tell someone that they must rank high to enter your clan, what you are telling them is that they must have a high rank to enter.

Rush / Rusher

This is a way of playing that some people have. When someone likes to run around a lot of tries to accomplish a goal as fast as possible, they are said to be rushing.


Similar to the term "leaver", in this case, the player releases all his fury and anger before leaving the game. There are times that can be frustrating for some people, and they react this way. Not everyone has the same mettle!


Rewards Recompensas Free Fire

The rewards are the rewards or prizes that we receive after fulfilling certain objectives, such as reaching a rank or completing a mission.



When you start playing and take your first steps in Ranked mode, sometimes you will meet good players. So good it's suspicious. They are probably smurfs, secondary accounts of people who have already reached high rankings with their main account. Reasons why they do this? Wanting relaxed games, trying new things, not wanting to try too hard, etc.


Skin Free Fire

In updates, main menu, YouTube videos, and more places you will see this term many times. It's all about the different skins you can unlock for your characters. Not only that: you can also get skins for your weapons, which enhance some attributes and worsen others.


This game mode can be selected in the main menu, the same thing happens when you want to play in Duo or Squad. If you choose this mode, you will go solo against other players who are also going solo, without partners or alliances. It is the absolute expression of all against all!


This last modality allows us to assemble a large team of players, or pair up with many other strangers. In any case, the big difference of playing in Squad compared to Duo or Solo is that everyone will be playing in squads. You will have support from all sides, but the enemies too!


SMG stands for Submachine Gun, referring to submachine guns or machine guns. To use these weapons throughout the game, you will need to collect enough SMG bullets. If not, time to switch weapons!


Sniper is the way to say sniper or sniper rifle in English. It alludes both to weapons of that type and to the players who love to carry such weaponry. A good sniper can be deadly, and never be found!


Shotgun is the way to say shotgun in English. It is a very powerful type of weapon in close-range combat.

SG Ammo

In order to use the Free Fire shotguns, you will need to collect ammo for those weapons. The ammo type is called SG Ammo. In the game, you will see it that way, even if it is in Spanish.


The spray isn't a widely used term outside of English speakers, but sometimes it's good to know the word if you're in a squad with other players. Spray means to spray, to fire a hail of bullets at the enemy without trying to aim. It serves to cover your companions so that they surprise them from other sides.

Safe zone

Safe zone Free Fire

The Safe Zone is the white circle that indicates the safe zone. If you always stay inside the circle, you will never be hit by the radiation storm and therefore take no ongoing damage. Try to look at the map or minimap so you don't stay outside this circle. Don't get distracted!



The UAV drone appears multiple times throughout a game. If you get a warning, try not to stay inside the yellow-orange circle, because your position will be exposed to nearby enemies looking at the minimap. If you are outside, take a look to know the position of your opponents.

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