The Complete Guide to The Sims 3 Cheats

 The Sims 3 is an excellent life simulation game, the third installment of one of the most famous franchises. In this game, you can use codes and cheats to get juicy advantages. You'll help Sims get rich, expand your building possibilities, and even unlock resources for video recording!

To activate the box of cheats, press CTRL + SHIFT + C for the Windows version and COMMAND + SHIFT + C for MacOS. Write the corresponding code and press Enter / EnterTo activate other cheats, you will only have to repeat the same operation or press the ESC button if you want to return to the game.

Know now all the cheats for The Sims 3!

Important note: some cheats may cause bugs or crashes in the game. For that reason, we recommend saving your game before using them.


Sims 3 Gameplay

The gameplay in The Sims 3 is quite affordable, but it never hurts to have extra options to enrich the experience. The game has a few codes that will allow you to earn more money for your game, reset your Sim or unlock all the islands.

Codetrick effect
helpIt shows you a guide of the codes
kachingWin $1,000
motherlodeWin $50,000
familyfunds [last name] [value]Substitute the family money for the value written in the code**
hideHeadlineEffects [on / off]Hide the speech bubbles/prisms on the Sims
fadeObjects [on / off]Objects visually disappear when approaching them
ageuptoNPC [on / off]Activate natural aging for uncontrolled Sims **
resetSim [firstname] [lastname]Reset the Sim
resetSim *Reset all Sims in the neighborhood
discoverAllUnchartedIslandsUnlock all islands in the game**
jokePleaserandom prank

** The cheat " testingCheatsEnabled true " must be enabled.

game options

Apart from the cheats related to the gameplay, these codes will allow you to activate or deactivate extra options in The Sims 3.

Codetrick effect
slowMotionViz [0-8]Modifies the speed of the game, without affecting the game clock. 0 is normal speed, at 8 everyone will move in very slow motion
fps [on / off]Shows current FPS i.e. frames per second to know how smooth the game is running
fullscreen [on / off]Turn full-screen mode on or off
quitExit game

Create a Sim

This cheat will expand the options in this mode a bit more so that you can have all the costumes available for free.

Codetrick effect
unlockOutfits [on / off]Unlock all of the costumes for each race in Create A Sim mode.

live mode

Sims 3 Live Mode

Cheats related to Live mode are meant to give you greater control over all aspects of The Sims 3 . You will be able to better modify the traits of your Sims, define their career or function, and even teleport them to a specific place. For the codes in the list below to work, you'll need to activate Live mode first.

Codetrick effect
testingCheatsenabled [true / false]Unlock all cheats for Live mode

Left Click + [SHIFT] in Sims - Will allow you to:

  1. Edit the Sim in Create a Sim mode.
  2. Add a Sim to the active family.
  3. Activate the age transition.
  4. Modify traits.
  5. Define celebrity levels.
  6. Choose your favorite music genre.

Left Click + [SHIFT] on the mailbox - It will allow you to:

  1. Define the active Sim's career and role.
  2. Fill the needs of the active family.
  3. Stabilize/stimulate the needs of the active family.
  4. Make the active Sim know the entire neighborhood.
  5. Make the active Sim randomly create friendships.
  6. Force a visitor for the current batch.
  7. Force a service visit for the current batch, such as firefighters, police, plumber, etc.
  8. Control the supernatural population, either adding or subtracting.

Left Click + [SHIFT] on the ground - It will allow you to:

  1. Teleport the Sim to the corresponding location.
  2. Enter Buy or Build mode on the selected lot.
  3. Manipulate the weather, such as the season of the year, snow level, temperature, etc.

Build Mode

Build Sims 3 Mode

With The Sims 3 cheats, you will be able to further expand the possibilities in creating homes. With the codes in the table below, you will be able to unlock new items and build without limits in Build / Buy mode. Bring out your inner architect!

Codetrick effect
moveObjects [on / off]Allows you to move and position objects without any limits
buydebugUnlock hidden items in Buy mode
constrainFloorElevation [true / false]Allows setting of terrain elevation limits
RestrictBuildBuyInBuildings [true / false]Allows you to edit public lots in Build mode
AlwaysAllowBuildBuyAllows you to activate the Buy mode in cases where it is blocked (in fire, death, etc)**
disableSnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on / off]Objects will not automatically snap while you hold down the ALT key
allowObjectsOnRoofs [true / false]Allows to position objects on the roof
enablelotlocking [true / false]Allows you to edit any type of locked lot in Edit City mode

** The cheat " testingCheatsEnabled true " must be enabled.

Movie Creation Mode

Sims 3 Movie Creation Mode

Movie Creation mode is a great help when shooting videos in The Sims 3 . It helps you easily switch between poses and animations in the game, creating unique and richly detailed scenes. If you want to make good screenshots or shorts of all kinds, take advantage of this trick.

Codetrick effect
moviemakerCheatsEnabled [true / false]Activate Movie Creation mode **

** The cheat " testingCheatsEnabled true " must be enabled.

Right-Click + [SHIFT] on Sim - Select any Sim, family or not.

Left Click + [SHIFT] on the Sim - Will allow you to:

  1. Animation: choose the animation or pose of the Sim.
  2. Disable Stares - Prevent Sim from looking at other Sims randomly.
  3. Disable Sims - Sims will no longer have autonomy, so they will only do something on your command.
  4. Loop On/Off – Enables or disables automatic repeating of the chosen pose or animation.
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