The 8 essential tips to get the most out of The Sims 4

 The Sims is a classic saga and is well known by both new and veteran players. Even so, there are details that often go unnoticed. For that reason, we've done the research and talked to experts to come up with 8 essential tips for mastering and improving The Sims 4 experience.

We've put together a fantastic guide that will help you refine your gameplay, as well as customize the game and increase your chances of building or developing your Sim.

1. Keep your Sims' needs in check

Sims 4 Basic Needs

For starters, if you like to play with large families or don't want to take care of just one Sim's needs, follow our guidelines to keep everyone happy.

When purchasing an item, check your score for each need

Items with high scores fill needs quickly and allow well-being to last longer. Beds with high scores make Sims rest better, and a good shower will make them feel cleaner for longer. So with everything!

Solve the needs of the Sims quickly

If a Sim has a basic need that is dangerously low, just click on the same need and you can find the fastest way to solve that problem. It seems a bit silly, but you can save a lot of time.

Have the special fruits at your disposal

There are some fruits in The Sims 4 that cause emotions and fill specific needs. A good example is a Strange Fruit, which can only be obtained with the Strangerville Pack. After developing a cure against the epidemic, eating a Rare Fruit will fill all needs to the fullest.

Wash your hands before going to work

When washing their hands, the Sim will have the " Self-Assured " emote. Going to work like this is an optimal tactic to have a good performance at work, in addition to having the basic needs at a high level. The chances of getting a promotion will increase a lot!

2. Get rich without tricks

Sims 4 Being Rich

Let him who has not been tempted into using the motherlode code cast the first stone. It's obvious that everyone likes to have those 50,000 Simoleons fresh in their account. However, some of us want a different gaming experience and try to make a living, just like in our day-to-day life!

sell fruits

The sale of fruits can provide a gigantic increase in your economy. The Dragon Fruit, for example, is the one that has the best cost-benefit in the sale.

collect objects

You can also find some very rare items when exploring neighborhoods in The Sims 4, from precious stones to remains of alien objects. The satisfaction you will receive from selling these items will be so high that you will want to search for more.

In addition to these, there are other fun options to earn money without tricks. Explore different possibilities and keep trying new things. In this game, you have to persist!

3. Move and transform objects freely

Sims 4 Move and transform objects

Well, let's make an exception to the use of cheats for a good cause! With the bb.moveobjects code and a few plugins, it is possible to combine and create unique objects to decorate your home.

Hide the build grid

To hide the grid, simply press the G key. This will leave the construction mode cleaner and more open, and you will better see the objects on the screen to move them to the points you want.

Position objects anywhere

When selecting an object, you can press ALT and you will get rid of the limitations of the build mode. You will be able to place the objects however you want, without being limited to predetermined positions!

Increases and decreases the original size of objects

Lastly, it's good to remind you that you can always customize the size of any object, either by making them bigger or smaller. It is quite a useful feature that needs time to spend on it, but it will make your home more unique.

4. Get free plant packs

Sims 4 Plant Seed Packets

There is a gap in the game that allows us to obtain any package of plant seeds, from the most basic to the rarest. The advantage of being a plant collector is the ease of maintaining basic needs at a high level by eating fruits. They can also be sold for sky-high prices, as is the case with the aforementioned Dragon Fruit. It is a piece of very useful advice for those who want to get rich without using tricks.

For this, you need:

  1. Start a science career.
  2. Accompany the Sim to work.
  3. Open build mode and find the furniture category for Gardening.
  4. Choose and obtain for free the package of seeds that you want, both common and rare.
  5. Open the packages , since the seeds will go immediately to your inventory.

It is possible to get berries from cow-plants or even an unidentified fruit item! After acquiring the seeds, it will be time to prepare the ground, and we can only wish you good luck in your new life as a farmer.

5. Build curved fences


As well as being extremely easy to do, building curved fences can change the look of your garden, terrace, or balcony.

  • Build the bases - For that, build a flat circular base. The curve of this base will be the same as the one that will make the fence bend.


  • Create Shapes - Position the bases the way you want, as seen in the image below. You can alter the height or size of the bases.


  • Fill with fences - To finish, simply fill the curves with the desired fences in the "replace fences" mode. If empty spaces are visible, you can complete the construction with the build normal fences function.

Now that you have some curved fences, it's time to decorate the surroundings in the way you want. It can be putting a pool at one end, creating an outdoor area, putting a space for exotic plants or anything else you can think of. To hide the base color of the circles, you'll need to add a floor.

6. Create different stairs

Stairs are essential items in most large buildings in The SimsFritosaurus is a Youtuber who does different game tutorials, including the one you have just above. With his advice, you can learn how to make different types of stairs to give your houses a unique touch. They are simple steps, but the results are impressive! It's worth taking a look.

7. Master the terrain tools

If you use the terrain tools wisely, you can achieve amazing results. As it is a tool little explored by gamers, we think it is time to invite you to investigate more in Construction ModeYoutuber Kate Emerald is a building guru on The Sims 4, and she created a very comprehensive tutorial to help us understand and master the terrain tools.

8. Put your own music in the game


Finally, if you're tired of listening to the same Sim-style music every time you turn on the radio, we suggest you put on your own songs.

To do that, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the Electronic Arts folder, which you can find in Documents or My Documents.
  2. Go into The Sims 4 folder and then Custom Music.
  3. Inside, you will find various folders related to different musical genres. You just have to copy your music into any of the folders, in MP3 format.
  4. Start the game and select the corresponding genre on the radio. Enjoy your music!

These are the 8 essential tips for you to get the most out of The Sims 4 in every possible way.

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