Terraria: All bosses for Normal and Hard modes

 Terraria has many challenging bosses to defeat, each with its own characteristics and ways to summon. In this list, we focus only on the mandatory bosses to beat to progress through the game, both on Normal and Hard modes. We include the ones from the PC, Android, and iOS versions, and we inform you about the attributes of each boss, how to summon them, and the drops they leave when they are defeated.

Note: quite a few figures are presented as 2,000/2,800 or 15/30. In these cases, the second number corresponds to the Terraria Expert mode.

Normal mode bosses

The bosses in this section are the first ones you'll encounter in Terraria before you can enter Hard mode. It is necessary to defeat them all and take advantage of their drops to progress in the game and unlock the next difficulty.

Rey Slime

King Slime Terraria Bosses

  • Hitpoints : 2,000/2,800.
  • Damage: 40/64.
  • Defense: 10.
  • Immune to: confusion, poison, and poison.
  • How to Summon: Use the Crown of Slime. It can also appear in the Rain of Slimes event if you defeat 150 slimes, 75 if you have already defeated King Slime before.

The Slime King is the easiest boss in the game. He moves like any other Terraria Slime: jumping at you. As he takes damage, he gets smaller and more agile, as well as summoning little blue Slimes that will make combat more difficult. Avoid getting trapped in a closed space, don't let him corner you!

Drops del Rey Slime:

  • 1 Gold Coin, Slime King Mask, Solidifier, Minor Healing Potions, and Sticky Mount.
  • Only one between Ninja Hat, Ninja Shirt, and Ninja Pants.
  • Only one between Slime Gun and Slime Hook.
  • In Expert mode: Treasure bag and Royal Gel.

eye of Cthulhu
Eye of Cthulhu Terraria Bosses

  • Hitpoints : 2,800/3,640.
  • Damage: 15/30.
  • Defense: 12.
  • Immune to : Confusion.
  • How to Summon : Use a Suspicious Looking Eye at night.

The Eye of Cthulhu will hover above you and summon minions that pass through walls and other obstacles. He uses fast attack weapons to get rid of them and tries to do it just as they leave the Eye. This way you will hit both the boss and the servants.

After taking an amount of damage, the Eye will transform. As soon as that happens, attack him as many times as you can until he charges. He will do three lunges in a row. Dodge and make sure to attack again at the end of his third charge.

Eye of Cthulhu Drops :

  • 3 Gold Coins, Eye of Cthulhu Mask, Eye of Cthulhu Trophy, Minor Healing Potions, Vile Arrows, and Binoculars.
  • On worlds with crimson: Crimson Seeds and Crimson Ore.
  • On worlds with corruption: Corrupted Seeds and Demon Ore.
  • In Expert mode: Treasure bag and Shield of Cthulhu.

World Eater

World Eater Terraria Bosses

  • Hit points : 7,485/10,479.
  • Damage : 22/48 the head, 13/20 the body, and 11/17 the tail.
  • Defense : 0 the head, 2 the body, and 4 the tail.
  • Immune to : Poison, On Fire!, Hellfire, Confusion, Venom, and Dark Flame.
  • How to Summon : Use a Lure of Worms on Corruption or break 3 Shadow Orbs.

Eater of Worlds is like a worm divided into three segments, each of which can deal damage to you. You can attack anywhere on this boss, but if the body loses all its health, the Eater of Worlds will separate into smaller worms. This can be avoided if you attack mainly in the head and tail.

Eater of Worlds Drops :

  • 3 Silver Coins, Eater of Worlds Mask, Eater of Worlds Trophy, Minor Healing Potions, Demonic Minerals, Shadow Scales, Suspicious Apple, Rotten Chunk, and Eater's Bone.
  • In Expert Mode: Treasure Bag and Worm Scarf.

Brain of Cthulhu

Brain of Cthulhu Terraria Bosses

  • Life points : 1,000/1,700.
  • Damage : 27/30.
  • Defense : 14.
  • Immune to : Confusion.
  • How to Summon : Use a Bloody Spine on Crimson or break 3 Crimson Hearts.

The fight against the Brain has two phases. In the first one, you will have to eliminate all the creatures that this Boss summons. Don't try to attack him directly, it won't work. In the second form, the Brain will quickly teleport and you must attack him while dodging his attacks.

The brain of Cthulhu Drops :

  • 5 Gold Coins, Brain of Cthulhu Mask, Brain of Cthulhu Trophy, Minor Healing Potions, Crimson Ore, Tissue Sample, and Bone Rattle.
  • In Expert Mode: Treasure Bag and Brain of Confusion.

Queen bee

Queen Bee Terraria Bosses

  • Hit Points : 3,400/4,760
  • Damage : 30/54 contact or 22/44 with stingers.
  • Defense : 8/8-20 depending on remaining health.
  • Immune to : Confusion.
  • How to Summon : Break a Larva in any hive or use a Bee Swarm inside the jungle.

The Queen Bee can attack you with horizontal lunges, shooting poisonous stingers, or summoning small bees. You must avoid all possible attacks, especially the stingers since the poison interrupts the regeneration of life. And as little as it may seem, taking 2 points of damage every second for 10 seconds can make all the difference!

Queen Bee Drops :

  • 10 Gold Coins, Queen Bee Mask, Queen Bee Trophy, Bottled Honey, Beeswax, Granabejas, Honeycomb, Nectar, and Honey Glasses.
  • Only one between Bee Gun, Beekeeper, and Bee Knees.
  • Only one between Bee Hat, Bee Shirt, Bee Pants, and Beehive Rod.
  • In Expert Mode: Treasure Bag and Hive Backpack.

Skeletron Terraria Bosses

  • Hitpoints: 4,400/8,800 for the skull, 600/1,560 for his hands.
  • Damage: 32/70-85 on contact with the skull, 20/44 with his hands.
  • Defense: 10 his skull (0 when he is spinning) and 14 his hands.
  • Immune to: Poison, On Fire!, Hell, Poison, Confusion, Dawn, Pierced, and Cellulated.
  • How to Summon: Talk to the Elder in the Dungeon at night and hit the "Curse" button. To summon him after defeating this boss, he equips the Pedlar's Voodoo Doll and kills the Pedlar at Night.

Skeletron is made up of hands and a skull. The objective is to destroy the skull, although in Expert mode you are forced to defeat his hands first. The attacks with the hands are somewhat irregular, so pay attention to their movements. From time to time, the skull will begin to rotate. Try to hit him at that moment since he will have no defense, but avoid him touching you; it will do a lot more damage!

Skeleton Drops :

  • 5 Gold Coins, Skeletron Mask, Skeletron Trophy, Minor Healing Potions, Skeletron Hand, and Book of Skulls.
  • In Expert Mode: Treasure Bag and Bone Glove.

fleshy wall

Fleshy Wall Terraria Bosses

  • Life points: 8,000/11,200 both the wall of meat and the eyes and mouth.
  • Damage: 50/150 on contact, 22-30/44-60 from lasers fired from the eyes.
  • Defense : 0 eyes, 15 mouths.
  • Immune to: Confusion, On Fire!, Poison, Poison, The Inferno, and Dark Flame.
  • How to Summon: Throw the Guide's Voodoo Doll into the lava. For this to work, the Guide NPC must be alive.

A fleshy Wall is literally made up of a wall of flesh moving towards you. Keep in mind that, once the battle begins, you must be before him and defeat him yes or yes without being able to escape. Either he dies, or you die! This boss can attack with his eyes using lasers or with his mouth. You will also have to fight Starving and Leeches. Defeat them as soon as possible!

Fleshy Wall Drops :

  • 15 Gold Coins, Fleshy Wall Mask, Fleshy Wall Trophy, Healing Potions and Great Hammer.
  • Only one (or two in Expert mode) between Shatterblade, Precision Assault Rifle, Laser Rifle, Warrior Emblem, Guardian Emblem, Warlock Emblem, and Summoner Emblem.
  • In Expert mode: Treasure bag and Demon Heart.

Hard mode bosses

Hard-mode bosses are much stronger. Some are improved versions of other bosses, while there are new ones. Whenever one of these bosses appears, you will receive a warning so you can prepare. How could it be otherwise, these bosses leave you better drops!

Also, if you have destroyed at least one Altar, on Hard, there is a 10% chance that The Twins, The Destroyer, or Major Skeletron will spawn automatically.

The Twins

The Twins Terraria Bosses

  • Hit Points : 20,000/30,000 in form 1 (left) and 8,000/12,000 in form 2 (right) for Retinator (top). 23,000/34,500 in form 1 and 9,000/13,500 in form 2 for Spasmatizer (below).
  • Damage: 40/76 laser and 45/76 contact in form 1; 50/92 lasers, 36/68 shots, and 67/113 form 2 contact for the Retinator. 50/88 the flame and 50/85 the contact in form 1; 60/108 fire and 75/127 contact in form 2 for Spasmatizer.
  • Defense: 10 in form 1, 20 in form 2 for Retinator. 10 in form 1, and 28 in form 2 for Spasmatizer.
  • Immune to: Confusion.
  • How to Summon: Use the Mechanical Eye at night.

The Twins are an upgraded version of the Eye of Cthulhu. Spasmatizer is more responsible for attacking melee, while Retinator does it from a distance. From time to time they shoot lasers or fireballs. You want to keep an eye out for their attacks and defeat one of the eyes first as soon as possible.

The Twins Drops :

  • 10 Gold Coins, Mask of the Twins, Retinator Trophy (if the last one dies), Spasmatizer Trophy (if the last one dies), Greater Healing Potions, Vision Souls, Holy Ingots, and Horned God Boots.
  • In Expert Mode: Treasure Bag and Clockwork Wheel Part.

The destroyer

The Destroyer Terraria Bosses

  • Hitpoints : 80,000/120,000.
  • Damage: 70/280 head, 44/72 body, 40/68 tail, 55/93 laser.
  • Defense : 0 head, 30 body, and 35 tail.
  • Immune to: everything.
  • How to Summon: Use the Clockwork Worm at night.

The Destroyer usually approaches you on the ground, trying to hit you from other angles. Throughout the fight, he will also fire several lasers and summon Probes as he loses health. He tries not to let the Probes not fill the battlefield or it will be impossible to get out alive.

Destroyer Drops :

  • 12 Gold Coins, Destroyer Mask, Destroyer Trophy, Major Healing Potions, Souls of Power, Holy Ingots, and Horned God Dress.
  • In Expert Mode: Treasure Bag and Mechanical Cart Part.

Major Skeletron

Skeletron Major Terraria Bosses

  • Hitpoints : 28,000/42,000.
  • Damage: 47/79 normal and 94/158 with the skull spinning.
  • Defense: 24 normal, 48 with the skull turning.
  • Immune to: On Fire!, Confusion, Poison, Poison, Hell, Dawn, Pierced, and Cellulated.
  • How to Summon: Use a Mechanical Skull at night.

It is an upgraded version of Skeletron. In this case, he will throw lasers at you, shoot bombs, and charge in a much more aggressive way. Also, unlike its normal version, the Elder Skeletron increases its defense when it rotates its skull. Be careful when he is about to chase you because he will attack you again and again!

Major Skeletron Drops :

  • 12 Gold Coins, Major Skeletron Mask, Major Skeletron Trophy, Major Healing Potions, Terror Souls, Holy Ingots, and Horned God Mask.
  • In Expert Mode: Treasure Bag and Mechanical Battery Piece.


Plant Terraria Jefes

  • Hitpoints : 30,000/42,000 in the first phase, 15,000/21,000 in the second phase.
  • Damage: 50/100 contact, 44/76 seeds, 54/96 poisonous seeds, 62/108 prickly balls, 70 spores, and 60 hooks for the first phase. 70/140 contact and 60 tentacles for the second phase.
  • Defense: 36 in the first phase, 15 in the second phase.
  • Immune to: Poison, Venom, and Confusion.
  • How to Summon: Break a Plantera Bulb in the underground jungle, after defeating the mechanical bosses.

The fight against Plantera happens in two phases. In the first, the boss will slowly move towards you. You can easily deal damage to it if you move constantly, as Plantera is not that fast. As soon as you take half of his life from him, he will start the second phase.

From then on, Plantera will be faster, do more damage, and have a higher defense. Your best option is to use long-range weapons to continue doing damage. This way you will have more time to dodge its seeds, flowers, and tentacles.

Plant Drops :

  • 15 Gold Coins, Plantera Mask, Plantera Trophy, Major Healing Potions, Temple Key, Seedling (pet), The Axe, Pygmy Staff, and Zapinator.
  • Only one between Seedling, Nettle Lightning, Wasp Gun, Venus Magnum, Little Flowers, Leaf Thrower, Grenade Launcher, and Thorn Hook.
  • In Expert Mode: Treasure Bag and Spore Sack.


Golem Terraria Jefes

  • Hit points : 16,000/24,000 for the head, 7,000/10,500 for the fists and 9,000/13,500 for the body.
  • Damage: 60/102 the contact, 36-58/72-116 the fireball and 56/112 the laser for the head, 59/94 the fists, and 72/115 the body.
  • Defense: 20 head, 28 fists, and 30 body.
  • Immune to: Poison, Poison, On Fire!, Confusion, and Knockback (except punches).
  • How to Summon: Use a Lihzahrd Power Cell on a Lihzahrd Altar, inside the Jungle Temple. You must first defeat Plantera in order to summon the Golem.

The fight against Golém goes through different phases. The important thing is to attack his head and body. In the first phase, the priority is to dodge his fireballs and get out of his arms while attacking his head. That will make the following phases easier!

In the second phase, Golem will start shooting lasers at you faster and faster the less health it has. If you take all of his life, he will reveal his final form. The goal in the last phase is to attack his body. The surprise is that Golem can go through walls and will be a much more ferocious enemy than at the beginning.

Goal Drops :

  • 15 Gold Coins, Golem Mask, Golem Trophy, Major Healing Potions, and Scarab Horns.
  • Only one among Stynger with Stynger Projectiles, Taken Handaxe, Sun Stone, Eye of the Golem, Sawbeak, Heat Ray, Earth Staff, and Golem Fist.
  • In Expert mode: Treasure bag and Shiny stone.

Duke Fishron
Duke Fishron Terraria Bosses

  • Life points: 50,000/60,000 in the first phase and 25,000/30,000 in the second phase.
  • Damage : 100/140 contact, 90/100 sharks and 100/140 bubbles in the first phase. 150/201 contact and 160/200 sharks in the second phase.
  • Defense : 50 in the first phase, 40 in the second phase.
  • Immune to : On Fire!, Poison, Venom, Ice Burn, and Confusion.
  • How to Summon : Use the Truffle Worm in the ocean as bait. You can find the material in the Glowing Mushroom Caves. There is no restriction as to when you can summon this boss.

Duke Fishron is considered to be one of the most difficult bosses due to his speed and damage. He at first he will advance 5 times towards you, with small pauses. In each of them, he will launch explosive bubbles and, from time to time, he will summon sharks. The second phase is similar, but much more aggressive and faster.

Drops del Duque Fishron:

  • 5 Gold Coins, Duke Fishron's Mask, Duke Fishron's Trophy, Major Healing Potions and Fishron's Wings.
  • Only one between Tsunami, Tempest Staff, Blade Typhoon, Flairon and Bubble Gun.
  • In Expert mode: Treasure bag and Gambeante Truffle.

Lunatic Cultist

Lunatic Cultist Terraria Bosses

  • Hitpoints : 32,000/40,000.
  • Damage: 50/70 contact, 70/100 ice ball, 60/80 fireball, 90/120 electric orb, and 120/160 light projectile.
  • Defense: 42.
  • Immune to: everything.
  • How to Summon: After defeating the Golem, go to the dungeon and find four cultists praising a mysterious tablet. defeat them

Don't be fooled. The Lunatic Cultist looks weak, but his attacks are strong. At first, he becomes invincible for a few seconds and teleports several times. He has a fixed pattern of attacks, which is to throw 3 fireballs, an ice ball, and create an electrical orb. Try to attack during this pattern and before he teleports.

After taking an amount of damage, the Lunatic Cultist adds the fourth attack: 2 groups of 5 light projectiles. After using this attack 5 times, he will create two clones of himself. If you damage the clones, the boss will summon a Ghost Dragon or Ancient Vision if there is already a dragon in play. As you can see, it's a rather complex boss!

Lunatic Cultist Drops :

  • 1 Gold Coin, Lunatic Cultist Mask, Lunatic Cultist Trophy, Major Healing Potions, and Ancient Manipulator.

lord of the moon

Moon Lord Terraria Bosses

  • Hit points : 45,000/67,500 for the head, 25,000/37,500 for the hands and 50,000/75,500 for the core (torso).
  • Damage: 150/300 phantom death ray and 60/120 phantom ray to the head. 100/200 ghost sphere, 60/120 ghost eye, 60/120 ghost ray, and 80 hand contact.
  • Defense: 50 head, 40 hands, and 70 core.
  • Immune to: Confusion.
  • How to Summon: After defeating the Lunatic Cultist, the Lunar Event will start, spawning four columns (Solar Column, Nebula Column, Vortex Column, and Stardust Column). They are spread over different parts of the world. You must defeat 100 enemy guardians (150 in Expert mode) and then destroy the corresponding column. By destroying all four columns, the Moon Lord will appear. If you've already completed the event, you can summon it with a Celestial Seal.

This is the last boss in Terraria and therefore also the most difficult. He is the one with the most hit points in the game and the most damaging attacks. The trick with the Moon Lord is that in order to defeat him, you must first destroy the eyes on his hands and head. It's the only way to hurt him!

The eye on the head fires laser beams, while those on the hands alternate between different types of projectiles. When you defeat one of the eyes, it will detach and become a True Eye of Cthulhu, which deals damage on contact and attacks similar to the eyes of the hands. Instead, the holes left on the hands or head will become thorny. These also do damage on contact!

To top it off, the Moon Lord can also summon a tongue that, when touched, will prevent you from healing. Not only that, but Leeches will be summoned on contact and if you don't kill them before they reach the boss, the Moon Lord will be healed for 1,000 health.

Moon Lord Drops :

  • Moon Lord Mask, Moon Lord Trophy, Major Healing Potions, Luminites, and Portal Gun.
  • Only one between Filomiau, Terrarian, Starwraith, ADEE, Celebration, Last Prism, Moon Flare, Moongate Staff, and Rainbow Crystal Staff.
  • In Expert Mode: Treasure Bag, suspicious-looking Tentacle, and Gravity Globe.
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