Succeed in FIFA 19 Career Mode with these 11 tips

 FIFA 19 Career mode is a great challenge and we must know what are the best tips to achieve success. There are several details to take into account to make good contracts and manage our team in the best way.

It is obvious that starting well in FIFA 19 is very important, but if you follow these tips, you will be able to complete all your objectives in Career mode.

1. Pick the best teams with the most money

PSGLeague 1$221M
Real MadridLaLiga$219M
FC BarcelonaLaLiga$218M
Manchester UtdPremier League$203M
Manchester CityPremier League$197M
FC BayernBundesliga$116M
ChelseaPremier League$110M
ArsenalPremier League$107M
JuventusA league$104M
LiverpoolPremier League$104M
Tottenham SpursPremier League$99M
Atletico MadridLa Liga Santander$80M

These are the 12 teams that have the most money in FIFA 19 and if you choose one of these, it will be much easier for you to hire the best players. The richest team is PSG, which is still in the lead despite having spent a lot of money with Mbappé and Neymar.

If you want to focus on the Premier League, there are several great options, but the best at the moment are the two Manchester teams. As for Spain, both Real Madrid and Barcelona are among the top three teams with the most money. The German league has FC Bayern and the Italian league, in case there was any doubt, actually has Juventus.

2. Hire the best players

FIFA 19 Hire best players

The best teams in FIFA 19 are built with the best players! Even so, in order not to spend money unnecessarily, it is good to know what the cheapest options are. Young or veteran players can be tremendous additions to the team. Take a look at these player lists for Career mode:

3. Restart Career mode

To get started in the best possible way, there is a method used by many people. It is about restarting the Career mode and going back to the initial transfer period, in case you cannot sign good players from the beginning.

Starting in Career mode with a good team is very important to the success of the first season. Do not see this as a trap, but as another strategy. If the first team you make doesn't work for you, just try again!

4. Create a large team

The seasons are extensive and, at the same time, there are several competitions in which we can participate. However, no player is going to be able to bear the burden of playing so many games. As you build your team, also think about hiring different players for each position.

Our suggestion is always to bet on strong starters and recruit reserves capable of substituting in various positions. In this way, when one of your best players gets tired or injured, you will have players available to cover the absence.

5. Sell more expensive

FIFA 19 make money sell high

Being a good salesperson is the key to good team money management. He thinks that we should benefit from the players we buy, even if our teams are millionaires.

When someone wants to buy a player from you, try to raise the price. Of course: do not exaggerate, because you will end up driving away potential buyers. Whatever amount they ask for your player, stay close to that number, but always above it.

6. Try to renew in advance

Nobody likes to lose the stars of their team, and all because they are looking for new teams and bigger salaries. If you see that a player of yours is about to end the contract, he renews as soon as possible. Do not let them escape from you!

In some cases, players will ask for much more money and, although it is a financial sacrifice, it is worth keeping them in your team. Remember that later we can sell these players and recover the money invested in them. If nothing is invested, in the end, it ends up being detrimental to us.

7. Listen to what the players are saying

Players who play little will ask for more opportunities to show off their skills on the pitch. It is important to give these opportunities to keep our team satisfied. If not, we will risk them wanting to go to another team and we will lose the advantage in FIFA 19 Career mode.

We must manage young players who have potential well. Every time there is a minor competition, it is even an obligation to take out these players as starters so that they shine, practice, and feel useful in the team.

8. Use scouts

FIFA 19 improve searches

You must give specific instructions to the scouts to find good players. One of the filters that we recommend using is to find players who are at the end of their contract. In this way, we can be aware of the opportunities to hire cracks for our team.

Don't forget to send scouts to other leagues. Without a doubt, you will find great players in Spain, England, France, Germany and Italy.

9. Don't ignore workouts

Training is essential for the growth of young people with potential. It is true that playing matches improve the overall rating, but if the player's train, the skills will rise faster.

If you carry out the workouts manually, you will get better results. On auto, scores tend to be very low, and therefore growth will be limited. It can become repetitive and tiresome work, but if you are patient, your team will benefit.

10. Know the rumors

If you hear rumors of a possible transfer, it is because there really is a real interest on the part of the player. For this reason, be aware and pay attention to these rumors, as they can be potential contracts with a good chance that the player will accept.

Therefore, if you see transfer rumors starting to spread about a player of your interest, negotiate as soon as possible.

11. Save the best players for important competitions

FIFA 19 Champions League

If you want to win the Champions League, you have to bet big. Our advice is that, as long as you have the league more or less controlled, put all your best players in the Champions League matches.

Remember that we earn much more money by winning this competition, compared to other internal championships in each league. Try to have your cracks at 100% for these games.

Follow these 11 tips for FIFA 19 Career Mode, and we assure you that you will succeed! 

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