Soul Knight codes: codes and tricks to obtain Gems and other items

 Having more Gems in Soul Knight is appreciated and, for this, we help ourselves above all with the codes. It is a fun game in which we can get pets, weapons, materials, and other items, so any help is always welcome. If you are looking for a list of Soul Knight codes to obtain Gems and Seeds, among other things, you will find a complete list here!

To activate the codes, you must:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click the lock button
  • Write the desired code
  • Click to confirm
  • And you will have the code activated!

Note: for some cheats, you may need to change the date of your device to May 1, 2017. Also, the codes only work on Android and cannot be applied more than once.

Codes to get free Gems

Codetrick effect
100000You get 500 Gems
SKNIGHTYou get 488 Gems
SKBACKYou get 999 Gems
DUOSHOUYou get 500 Gems
DRUIDYou get 999 Gems
NDAYSKYou get 800 Gems
KLWYXYou get 666 Gems
XNYDJYou get 500 Gems
SFXMAS2017You get 666 Gems
SFESTIVYou get 888 Gems
DCDYXYou get 333 Gems
VDAYKLEYou get 600 Gems
ZSDHMKYou get 500 Gems
LWYXZYBGXYou get 800 Gems
HMBSJYou get 369 Gems
QDKYSYou get 577 Gems
DXGTMYou get 600 Gems
NEWHALLYou get 999 Gems
BYETIGERYou get 777 Gems
GOSDADYou get 666 Gems
DESTLADYou get 1111 Gems
18NTDROYou get 1010 Gems
ROMMOYou get 800 Gems
GDX6KKYou get 888 Gems
6KKNTQEYou get 1000 Gems
SUPER5You get 666 Gems

Soul Knight General Codes

Codetrick effect
19newyearYou get 999 Gems
2thanivYou get 1000 Gems
Tdy8etYou get 888 Gems
jinkelaYou get 3 Fertilizer
BigmouthYou get 500 Gems, 1 Titan Arum, and 1 Fertilizer
CgdthYou get 700 Gems
WillbebyYou get 888 Gems
En3fkzgeYou get 1888 Gems, 5 Iron, and 5 Wood
GestpwierdYou get 888 Gems, 1 Iron, and 1 Wood
Frbk1You get 666 Gems
F9z3ha1sunYou get 1000 Gems
Siont74scjYou get 600 Gems
nerd7ZYou get 1288 Gems, 3 Iron, and 3 Wood
70yearsYou get 777 Gems
irobotYou get 515 Gems, 5 Parts, and 5 Batteries
imobsessiontYou get 1888 Gems
sunforgetYou get 1111 Gems
bu3YcNYou get more gold
C21mKoImmediately increases attack damage
JipxQlUnlock new places
PLsW6aAllows you to play offline
VE2Xzxrestore your health
QPjKnRYou get unlimited energy and ammo
u92SbIUnlock all weapons
WEAPONS1 Liana Seed, 1 Green Onion Seed, and 1 Carrot Seed
FLOWERS5 Heptacolor Violet Seeds
GARDEN1 Angel Trumpet Seed, 1 Ironwood Seed, 1 Gem Flower Seed, and 1 Oak Seed
WISH500 Gems, 1 Heptacolor Violet Seed, and 1 Fertilizer
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