Mobile Legends: what are shards and how are they used?

 All Mobile Legends players would love to unlock every hero and skin in the game. Unfortunately, we know that it is a long road that can be frustrating. Shards play an important role in this purpose and for that reason, they are worth knowing about.

In this guide, we tell you everything about the fragments that are used to get heroes and appearances, but also other items. We explain how to use them and give you tips to accumulate a lot of fragments quickly.

Find out how you can get that hero and skin you want using shards in Mobile Legends!

Fragment Types

Premium Appearance Fragments

Mobile Legends: Premium Skin Fragments

These types of fragments are used to unlock a series of skins or appearances that have been first enabled in special eventsIn the list, you will see, for example, Bruno Elite Forward, Eudora Christmas Carnival, or Fanny Punk Princess. They are the easiest and fastest shards to collect, as they can be obtained in many ways.

Odd Appearance Fragments

Mobile Legends: Rare Appearance Fragment

Rare Appearance shards are used to obtain high-quality skins that you can hardly ever obtain through other means. They are unique skins dedicated to certain heroes and not part of any particular event. The bad point is that it is the most difficult type of fragment to accumulate in Mobile Legends, so you will need patience!

Hero Shards

Mobile Legends: Hero Shards

This type is used to unlock heroes and, along with battle points and bonuses, is a good and free way to increase your collection. Hero shards can be obtained quickly, although not as quickly as in the case of Premium Skin.

Good Luck Gem Fragment

Mobile Legends: Good Luck Gem Fragment

These Good Luck Gem shards are of a very specific type and extremely difficult to accumulate. They are very valuable fragments that serve both to unlock heroes and appearances, as well as special and unique effects for the games. Do not acquire anything with these types of fragments unless you are very sure.

Protection Shard

Mobile Legends: Protection Fragment

The last type of fragment is different from the rest since it has nothing to do with acquiring heroes, appearances, or anything similar. This is extra protection you get when you play RankedIf you see that you have these shards in your inventory, you can exchange them for Protection Cards. These cards will prevent you from losing a star in the next game!

How are snippets used?

Premium, Rare, and Hero Appearance Shards

To use any of these three types of shards, you'll need to head over to the store and go to the 'Shards' section at the bottom of the menu.

Mobile Legends: Using Premium, Rare, and Hero Appearance Shards

Once you are there, you can use the shards obtained to unlock skins and heroes. For Premium Skin shards, the costs will vary between 75100150, and 250 shardsHowever, some of the skins can be purchased with diamonds, such as Akai Summer Party.

In the Rare Skins section, the number of shards per item is around 60100, and 200At first glance, they may seem cheaper, but don't forget that these types of shards are the most difficult to accumulate! As with the Premium ones, some of these skins can also be purchased with diamonds, such as Yi Sun Sin's Major General.

Lastly, the Hero Shop section will be the place to use the Hero shardsYou will almost always see two costs: 100 and 120 shardsIf you look closely, you'll notice that some heroes can be purchased at any time with these shards. However, there are others that are temporary and rotate, so your most desired heroes will come out at some point!

Good Luck Gem Shards

Mobile Legends: Use Good Luck Gem Fragments

To access the section where you can use this type of fragment, you need to go to the in-game store and go to "Raffle", "Luck". Within this menu, at the top, you will find the "Lucky Shop" button.

You will notice that there is a hero and an appearance. Unfortunately, there won't be any more options than these, so it's very limited compared to the other sections. Think of it as an extra option, making you more likely to get that hero or skin you're looking for. The options available for purchase will change over time and are permanent purchases.

In addition to obtaining both types of items, in the "Treasure" section you will find an elimination, appearance, or return to the base effect. It also changes over time but be careful: they are usually only unlocked for a few days. That is, they are not permanent acquisitions!

Protection Shard

This type of fragment is easy to use since you really only have to exchange them for Protection Cards. Once that's done, if you play ranked, the next time you lose the match it won't count as a loss. Therefore, the Card will be spent automatically and you will keep the same number of stars.

Beware, Protection Cards will not always be available in the store or event menu.

Tips for getting shards!

It is true that it even hurts a lot how long it takes to get skins and heroes, and they are also expensive. It is not necessary to have absolutely everything unlocked because surely you only control the heroes that you like the most. Still, here are a few tips for getting shards as quickly as possible.

  • Do not stop opening Free Chests. You will have one available every 4 hours, and there is a slight chance of getting one of these shards.
  • Always try to have a good performance in the games. This will help you get more Medal Chests, which have a higher chance of dropping shards.
  • Complete as many Daily Prizes as possible. Throughout the week, you will be able to unlock two chests: one at 400 points, the other at 800. You are guaranteed to get shards when you open them.
  • As you level up your account, you will sometimes get shards. Don't stop playing!
  • Connect every dayOn many occasions, the reward for entering the game will be a small sum of shards.
  • Try to check the "Events" menu frequently. You will get prizes for winning a game, connecting, or fulfilling an objective. And several times the prize includes shards!
  • As you play matches, you will also get gifts in the "VIP" menu. Do not forget to enter there from time to time, as they will give you bonuses and fragments, among other things.
  • Inside the store, in the "Luck" menu under "Draw", you can play a kind of roulette. You will get various types of prizes, including shards.
  • Always do your best in qualifying or ranked games. Don't waste those protection shards you've earned! After all, more wins mean better prizes.
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