Meet the best TeamFight Tactics champions with this Tier List!

 This is our first Tier List of TeamFight Tactics ( TFT ) champions! The great phenomenon of autobattlers already has some champions that are better and more useful than others. For that reason, understanding the current meta is important for most competitive players.

If you are wondering what guidelines we have followed to determine the list by ranks, they are the following:

  • the individual strength of each champion,
  • quality of the synergies in which it participates,
  • its versatility,
  • ability to lead the team to victory, and
  • crowd control effects or CCs.

We will update the list based on changes to the meta with patches. Find out who the best champions are!

Tier List - TFT Ranked Champions
List of TeamFight Tactics champions by ranks

S rank champions: the best in the game

S Rank Champions - TFT

  • Champions: Cho'Gath, Draven, Gnar, Kayle, Pyke, and Swain.

These are the best champions that you can use in TeamFight TacticsThey have well above average attributes and utility, as well as having good synergies due to their classes and origins.

Cho'Gath - Not the most effective when it comes to synergies, but his ult is too powerful not to use.

Draven – He was definitely the best champion in the game, but he already got his first nerfEven with that, the damage he deals on enemies is still pretty high, remaining one of the best carries you can have on your team.

Gnar: individually it is quite strong, especially with items that increase attack speed and its total life. If he manages to do the special ability, he will most certainly turn the round in your favor.

Kayle – Takes a long time to appear in the game, but she can complete two very powerful synergies. Her special ability is one of the most useful in TFT, as she will allow one of your champions to last longer in combat.

Pyke – He is incredibly strong and useful even if you don't use him to complete synergies. Without items, he may not be the best in the game, but if you equip a Shojin Spear to him, he will turn into quite a monster. In addition, his area stun can destroy entire teams.

Swain: a very complete character. Not only is he optimal on his own, but the synergies from him are very good, especially if you get the demon origin effect. Apart from this, his special ability is also one of the best in the game for area damage and healing.

A-Rank Champions: Powerful Units

Champions Rank A - TFT

  • Champions: Akali, Anivia, Brand, Garen, Leona, Miss Fortune, Morgana, Sejuani, and Volibear.

The characters of this rank are also quite strong, but they do not reach the exaggerated levels of the S rank ones.

Akali – Is useful for assassin class synergy and has good attributes. Her ability charges up quickly so, equipped with magic damage items and well-positioned on the board, she'll rip through enemies with ease.

Anivia – Has good base attributes and is of glacial origin, one of the best synergies, and a favorite of many players.

Brand – His special ability can hit up to 6 different targets, depending on their level, for good damage. Also, he belongs to the demon origin who got an upgrade.

Garen - This is one of the most common and useful champions in the game. His spin attack is a pretty good ability, and the noble origin synergy is easy to come by, as well as being a clear advantage for your team.

Leona: good special ability and with good stamina as a tank unit, in addition to not taking as long as its level would suppose.

Miss Fortune: We can tell you that she deserves this position just because of her special ability, which is extremely damaging.

Morgana – Deals good damage if positioned well, and if she completes her ult well, she can stun multiple enemies. Her caster class synergy comes in handy for various comps.

Sejuani: Her special ability is quite powerful due to CC, and has the great advantage of being of glacial origin.

Volibear – He is very good because of the mix of his special ability and glacial origin synergy. If you give him attack speed items, he'll be a damaged machine against the opposing team!

B Rank Champions: Strong or Versatile

Champions Rank B - TFT

  • Champions : Aatrox, Ashe, Aurelion Sol, Braum, Elise, Karthus, Kennen, Kindred, Lissandra, Lulu, Shyvana, Vayne, Yasuo, Shen, and Nidalee.

B rank champions have medium attributes and utility. Some have optimal abilities to win rounds; others are better for their contribution to synergy. Surely these characters will receive modifications in the following patches, so they will change their ranks.

Aatrox: special ability and good synergies, especially for the one of demon origin.

Ashe – Her huntress synergy, which increases her attack speed, allows for an earlier stun with the special ability. She becomes lethal with the synergy of the glacials, as she stuns more times with basic attacks.

Aurelion Sol – Received an attribute reduction as well but is still a strong unit. The dragon origin and sorcerer class synergies are some of the best in the game, and on top of that, his special ability is pretty damaging.

Braum – One good point is that it contributes to Glacial and Protector synergies, which is a good combination. The other is that his special ability greatly reduces the attacks he receives.

Elise - She's not the best of all the shapeshifter class champions, but at least she's part of the demon origin ones. Her low cost and special ability will help you stay ahead of the game.

Karthus – Very useful for damage and for ghost origin synergy, but not very good on its own and is slow to appear.

Kennen: It is indispensable for the composition of the Elementalist class and is a great unit when adding also for the ninja origin.

Kindred – Enjoys two of the best synergies in the game, Hunter class, and Ghost origin.

Lissandra - She is a similar version of Anivia but somewhat weaker.

Lulu: belongs to the sorcerer class and yordle origin, two recently improved synergies, and her ability is one of the most useful in TFT.

Shyvana: It is necessary to complete a great synergy, the one of dragon origin. She is also decent on her own.

Vayne: It has optimal synergies, those of noble origin and hunter class, and improves a lot with leveling up and obtaining items.

Yasuo - Takes too long to appear but has a unique synergy, that of exiled origin. He isn't always useful, but in certain builds, he can deal quite a bit of damage and break up the opposing team.

Shen - Good individually but lacks powerful synergies, ninja origin, and swordsman class. He starts off with a good amount of mana, so he grants evasion to nearby allied units, which is valuable!

Nidalee - She's just perfect for the first 9 rounds of the game. Do not hesitate to recruit her to have a good start.

C-Rank Champions: Medium Units

Champions Rank C - TFT

  • Champions: Blitzcrank, Darius, Gangplank, Graves, Kassadin, Katarina, Kha'Zix, Lucian, Poppy, Rengar, Twisted Fate, Warwick, Zed, Veigar, and Tristana.

These champions are medium units that perform below B ranks. Most of the time they are used provisionally, waiting for better champions. However, with a good level and useful items equipped, they can tip the scales in your favor.

Blitzcrank - A highly situational character with a synergy unique to himself, that of robot origin. Still, his ult can give the opponent some good scares and starts with a full mana bar.

Darius - He is very similar to Garen but with slightly worse overall attributes.

Gangplank – Due to special ability, if equipped with a Spear of Shojin, it can constantly deal AoE damage to almost all enemies. However, his attributes do not accompany him much.

Graves – A good pick early in the game and for extra gold with pirate origin synergy. His basic attacks can hit multiple targets, making him a good unit to go against stacked comps.

Kassadin – He is also a Sorcerer, and if equipped with a Spectral Dancer, he becomes a difficult target to take down. However, he is not always an effective champion.

Katarina – Despite having two of the most optimal synergies, Imperial Origin and Assassin Class, her attributes are somewhat low. For that reason, she is in danger of dying without using her special ability but, when she can, she deals good damage.

Kha'Zix – Somewhat low baddies, but useful for completing Void Origin synergy, should you need it. He is also a powerful assassin with the right items.

Lucian – He is an optimal champion during the first half of the game, for noble origin synergy.

Poppy – Does a good function of completing the synergy of 6 knights. Other than that, his special ability has been upgraded to stun up to 3 targets, but for that, she needs to level up.

Rengar – He's a bit weak individually, like the other assassins, but he comes in handy for Wild Origin synergy.

Twisted Fate - He's a champion with good numbers and an interesting, as well as useful, special ability. Unfortunately, said ability is somewhat unpredictable, so it can be both a star unit and a liability.

Warwick – Part of a useful synergy, Wild Origin, and is usually easy to level up. However, his attributes are lower than average in TFT.

Zed: He is one of the assassin class champions that are good individually, but Akali is a better choice.

Veigar - Has medium attributes but contributes well towards the Warlock class and can execute enemies.

Tristana – Has medium attributes, but her yordle origin and gunslinger class synergies need a couple of buffs.

D-Rank Champions – Situational

D-Rank Champions - TFT

  • Champions: Evelynn, Rek'Sai, and Varus.

Champions who are honestly bad, but may still have some utility.

Evelynn - Individually very weak. It can be because of her demon origin and also if you want to complete the synergy of assassins.

Rek'Sai - Doesn't have as effective synergies, but the special ability allows her to be more durable than other units. For that reason, it is not totally useless.

Varus: Good only in the early game, in the early rounds, but his demon origin and hunter class can come in handy.

E Rank Champions – Too Weak

E Rank Champions - TFT

  • Champions : Ahri, Fiora, and Mordekaiser.

Definitely the worst champions in the game. Individually, his utility and attributes are inferior to the rest of the champions in TeamFight TacticsThe only strength of these characters is their contribution to completing synergies, but other than that, avoid spending gold on these characters!

Ahri – Wild origin and Sorceress class, makes it easy to have a composition with good synergies but has lousy attributes.

Fiora – Her only good point is that she is absolutely necessary to complete the synergy of 6 nobles. Her special ability and individual attributes really need improvement.

Mordekaiser – Provides good early game, but then only serves well to fill in the ghost origin synergy.

That's the entire Tier List of champions in this game! Also, discover everything about the

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