Mario Kart Tour: how to perform 10 Ultra Mini-Turbo in one race

 Mario Kart Tour has many challenges to overcome throughout the seasons, some more difficult than others. Among them is the challenge of pulling off 10 ultra mini-turbos in a single run, one that has been a bit frustrating for many players. If you are one of those who cannot complete it, we will tell you how to do it in 3 steps!

Step 1. Activate Manual Drift

The first thing you need to do is activate Manual Drift in Mario Kart TourIf you play with this option disabled, it is true that you will notice better control of the vehicle, but you will not be able to perform Ultra Mini-TurboTherefore, make sure to enable the option before attempting to complete the challenge.

To activate it, go to the Settings menu:

Activate Manual Drift in Mario Kart Tour

Under "Controls", click on "Manual Drift" so that it is colored yellow. That is the signal that the option is activated. Taking advantage of the image, we also recommend that you have the Smart Steering wheel activated, to avoid going too far off the road during the challenge.

If you're not used to driving Manual Drift, take a few practices runs until you feel comfortable with the controls. At first, it will cost you, but in a matter of minutes you will end up doing long skids with ease.

Step 2. Choose the right circuits

It is not so important to choose a specific pilot, vehicle, or wing for this type of challenge. In fact, any combination will do! It is a good opportunity to choose characters or cars that you do not use regularly to increase your score. What will matter most to you is to select the best possible circuit.

The most recommended track to perform 10 Ultra Mini-Turbo is Koopa Beach, in any of its variants. It contains a good number of corners, which means plenty of opportunities for long drifts. As well as that track, there's also Daisy Hills, where if you do it right, you can do 5 ultra mini turbos for every lap.

Apart from these circuits, you can try your luck with others like Mario CircuitWith patience and practice, you can also get 10 Ultra Mini Turbos in the whole race, and even more. Finally, some players have been able to do it with the Kalimari Desert, but the difficulty skyrockets compared to the rest of the tracks we have mentioned.

Step 3. Compete in 50cc and don't try to win the race

The last step to successfully meeting the Ultra Mini-Turbo challenge is all about speed. Let's make things clear: what matters to you is completing the challenge, not winning the race. For this reason, we advise you to compete in the 50 cc-mode and never start with a turbo.

It is best if you are behind the others, as their powers and items can interrupt your skidsAlso, by playing in the lowest mode, you will go slower and therefore have more time and opportunities to perform Ultra Mini-Turbo. Don't despair if you don't get it right away. With patience, we assure you that you will achieve it!

Note that you can adjust the drift twistWhen you're drifting, with your finger still pressing on the screen, you can swipe to one side or the other. This will make the character turn more or less. It is a crucial detail to lengthen the skids as much as possible and avoid crashing into the sides or an obstacle.

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