Mario Kart Tour: discover how to complete the challenge 30 miniturbos

 One of the most difficult challenges in Mario Kart Tour is without a doubt using 30 mini-turbos in a single race. It's one of the new challenges introduced in October 2019. If you're having a hard time completing it, don't give up hope! We help you with this quick and easy tutorial to carry out.

Miniturbos and Mario Kart Tour
In addition to completing the challenge, you will surely win the race after using that many mini-turbos!

Step 1 – Activate the Smart Steering Wheel option

Whenever you want, you can switch between manual control of the car and assisted control, called Smart Steering in the game settings. If you want the best result for this challenge, the best thing you can do is use this assisted control. It's possible to do it with manual control, but it's making your life a little more complicated than necessary.

To activate the Smart Steering Wheel option in Mario Kart Tour, go to Menu > Settings > Controls.

Step 2: enter the Yoshi Circuit in the 50 cc-mode

Choosing this circuit is the most important step! Yoshi Circuit is a track that has a large number of curves, which will help a lot to meet the objective of the challenge. It doesn't really matter what character, car, or glider you choose to get the 30 mini-turbos.

The only thing you have to worry about is choosing the 50 cc-mode. Going slower will help you get more chances to drift and therefore activate mini-turbos in the same race.

Step 3 - Keep drifting all the time

Forget about getting powers or winning the race. Your mission is not to be the best racer, but to take advantage of every curve to drift until the blue fire appears under the car. Don't forget to count how many mini-turbos you've done but, whether you've reached 30 or not, don't stop drifting!

At the end of the race, you will return to the start menu and the game will inform you that you have completed the challenge. Collect the Maxistars and continue racing in Mario Kart TourAnd who knows, maybe with that many mini-turbos you won the race handily!

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