Mario Kart Tour: all about Gold Rush mode

 Mario Kart Tour is a totally free game. It has micropayments and loot boxes, the mysterious boxes of random content, but none of that is necessary to grow in the game. The main reason is the existence of the Gold Rush mode. There you can collect more than 300 gold coins in a single spin, and the figure can be multiplied up to 10 times!

In this tutorial type article, we show you how to earn lots of coins in this mode. There are small details that will help you take advantage of this mode much better. With the gold earned, you will be able to buy many new racers, cars, or gliders.

How to enter and participate in Gold Rush

Mario Kart Tour Gold Rush Mode

Gold Rush mode can be a bit hidden for some players. That's why we show you and remind you how to play this mode. At the top of the game, you will see the number of coins you have. Next to it is the "+" symbolBy clicking there, you will access a screen where you can participate in a race to collect coins.

You will control a Mario made of gold who, during a whole turn, will attract the nearby coins. If you are a good driver and pay enough attention, you will be able to earn more than 300 coins without much trouble. The best of all? At the end you will get x2, x6 or x10 depending on the multiplier you have chosen.

Please note that you must have at least 5 rubies to participate.

Always keep 25 rubies

You already know what the Gold Rush mode is about, so let's go with the tips. Since you need rubies to play this mode, your first step will be to accumulate these precious stones. With 5 you can already participate in Gold Rush, but the idea is to have 25 rubiesThe reason is that you will have the highest multiplier.

These are the multipliers and the number of rubies you need:

  • Coins x2 = 5 rubies
  • Coins x6 = 15 rubies
  • Coins x10 = 25 rubies

If you notice, participating with the x6 multiplier is like participating in three races with a x2 multiplier, for the same value in rubies. However, spending 25 rubies gives you 2 multipliers. For the same reason, we recommend you accumulate rubies and always participate in the race with the x10 multiplierNever lower than that!

Drive down the center of the track

After choosing the corresponding coin multiplier, you will start the race. Once it starts, you will see that there is no opponent competing against you. It will be only you against hundreds of coins. Collecting them is relatively easy, as the Gold Mario will attract them like a powerful magnet.

Of course, do not think that just driving is enough. Always stay in the middle of the circuitThat's the critical detail because if you do that, you'll guarantee that Mario's magnet will attract all the coins along the way. It's not worth doing a lot of drifting or spinning, just a little bit to make sure you get the farthest coins.

Using the turbo will make the task more difficult, so avoid it completely. That also includes the initial turbo, since it is better to start slow to get the first coins easily. Think that, if you go too fast, you could lose control of your car and, therefore, you could lose some.

At the end of the race, the number of coins obtained will be multiplied according to the multiplier that you have previously selected. Now you only have to use or save the juicy prize to acquire new characters. Remember that these are available in rotation in the in-game store.

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