Know the best cheats for Hearts of Iron 4

 Hearts of Iron 4, also known as HOI4, is a war game packed with strategic elements. You will be able to assume control of a nation during the time of World War II. To make your life easier, it's good to use cheats from time to time! That is why we have compiled the best Hearts of Iron 4 cheats.

To activate them, you must first open the console. You can do it with one of the following combinations: SHIFT + 3, SHIFT + 2, ALT + 2 + 1, SHIFT / CTRL + ^ or SHIFT / CTRL + *. It depends on your keyboard configuration and key layout. Once the console is open, you just have to type, press ENTER / INTRO, and enjoy the cheats!

Attention: Cheats do not work in Ironman mode.

Hearts of Iron 4 Latinoamérica
In HOI4, you will be able to be in control of one of the Latin American countries!

cheat list

Codetrick effect
gain_xp (cantidad)Add experience to a Leader or General selected by you
pc (quantity)Add command power
st (quantity)add stability
ww (quantity)Add war support
add_equipment (quantity) (equipment name)Add any equipment. Must have been researched before and must not be naval
whitepeace (country TAGs)Force peace with the indicated countries
teleport (province ID)Transport anything to a specific province
allowdiploAllows you to use diplomatic actions without rules
debug_nukingAllows you to use nukes in any province
instantconstructionAll builds end immediately
event (event ID) (country TAG)Start an event in any indicated country
research allComplete all equipment research
research_on_icon_clockDo instant research in the selected research tree
annex (TAG del país / all)Annexes the territory of the indicated country or all countries
winwarsGives you the maximum war score in all battles you participate in
day (TAG del país)You change to the selected country
observeYou will stop actively participating and you will be able to see how the AI ​​plays the game
setcontroller (country TAG) (province ID)You will come to control the specified province
xp (amount)Add experience to all your units. Can only be done once a day
pp (amount)Grants you an amount of political power
civilwar (ideology) (country TAG)Start a civil war in a country based on the selected ideology
add_party_popularity (ideology) (value)Add popularity to a certain group
set_ruling_party (ideología)Determines the main ideology of a province
Decision.NoChecksAllows you to ignore the requirements to make decisions
nuke (quantity)Add nuclear bombs to your country
yesmanThe AI ​​will always accept your diplomatic proposals
deleteallunitsDelete all units of a country
aircombatCreate a fighter plane in the region of the map indicated by you
frontsEnables display of all borders
traderoutesEnables the display of trade routes
deltat (speed factor)Speed ​​up or slow down the speed of game animations
building_healthModifies the health of a building
morehumans (quantity)Add a specific number of people to your country
pause_in_hoursPause the game after a certain amount of time
ai_invasionEnable or disable AI naval invasions
ai_acceptForce or stop forcing the AI ​​to accept your diplomatic proposals
fow (OPTIONAL: ID of the province)Removes the fog of war in the game or in a given province
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