How to make fences in Minecraft with 3 easy steps

 The world of Minecraft is full of possibilities, at the service of your creativity. The game gives you enough tools to let your imagination run wild, but you also have to protect what you've created! It's important to build buildings that keep rival players or world creatures away from your prized possessions.

Among all these constructions, there is one that is very basic and useful: the fence. We tell you what you need to make a fence and how to make it to protect your animals, plants, and items.

The importance of the fence

Valla and Minecraft

Building a fence prevents animals from outside your home from roaming freely in your territory. It will also be easier to define your area to ward off aggressive creatures or enemy players. At the same time, you will be able to see what is inside, a very useful detail if you have plants or animals.

The negative point is that the fences are not very resistant to attacks. On the other hand, the positive thing is that they are very easy to make, due to how cheap the resources necessary for their creation are.

How to make a wooden fence

There are 3 fairly easy steps to take to build a wooden fence. The requirement is to have 6 wooden boards of the same type to make a fence. If you mix different types of wood, you won't be able to craft successfully, so make sure you don't mix at all!

1. Build all 6 wooden planks

Minecraft Wooden Planks

Place a wooden block in the crafting window and you will get four wooden planks. Repeat the process to get all the tables you think you need. Four of these boards will be used to make the fence itself, while the other two boards will be used to make branches.

2. Create two posts from the same wood

Ramas and Minecraft

Place two wooden boards in the manufacturing window, in the same way that we show you in the image. It's important that one of the boards is on top of the other, or it won't work. With this process, you will create 4 wooden branches.

3. Gather boards and branches to create a fence

Make fences in Minecraft

Now that you have the necessary branches and wooden boards, all you have to do is go back to the crafting window and place the items correctly. Put the two branches in the center and, on the sides, you should put the boards, covering the same lines as those of the branches.

With this recipe, you will make three pieces of fenceRepeat this process over and over until you get all the pieces you need. It can be a bit of a long process, but you will soon get the hang of it and, in no time, you will have your home protected by fences!

How to build a wooden door

minecraft wooden door

You already created the fence! However, you will lack a door to come and go as you please. To craft one, follow the same steps to get wooden boards and branches. Once that's done, place the boards in the center of the crafting window, with the branches on both sides. In this way, you will have a wooden door.

To finish, you should know that you can make fences both on the grass and on the stone. You can even do diagonal fences! Experiment with different ways to build these fences, but first and foremost, make sure your home is well protected.

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