How to earn and use gems in Arena of Valor

 Confused about what these red stones are and what to do with them? In Arena of Valor, gems are very valuable items and you have to manage them very wellHere we have the answers to your questions!

What are they?

Gemas AOV

Red Gems are a type of in-game currency that can be used to purchase itemsAt first, we will easily receive these gems but, as we level up, we will notice more difficulty in obtaining them.

We can get gems:

  • completing different missions (click the Missions icon on the main menu),
  • logging in frequently,
  • playing on the weekend, and
  • winning at Roulette (access this option in the Store menu).

Where are they used?

Use AOV gems

From the main menu, we have to enter the Store and access the Gems menu, under the Objects section. As the name suggests, this is the main place to use this currency. In Gems we can acquire:

  • Magic Crystal.
  • Arcana pack level 2.
  • Diaochan's Diamond Vault.
  • Arcana Vault.
  • Heroes Pack.
  • Double EXP card for 1, 3, or 7 days.
  • Double EXP card of 4 or 10 wins.
  • Double Gold card of 4 or 10 wins.

Please note that many items displayed as Popular or Daily have a daily limitApart from buying in the Store, there are other ways to spend gems:

  • Purchasing additional Arcana pages.
  • Improving the chances of getting new heroes in special game modes.

Red Gems can be used to purchase certain Heroes on the European and Southwest Asian servers, as noted above. Unfortunately, this option is not available on the Latin America server.

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