How to catch Ditto from Pokémon GO

 Ditto is one of the most wanted Pokémon in Pokémon GO, due to the fact that it is one of the rarest. Although somewhat weak, this Pokémon is popular due to its transformation mechanic. Also, capturing it is necessary to complete one of the tasks in the quest "Let's GO Meltan! 3/9".

Let's be clear: Ditto can only be obtained by finding it in the wild. What happens is that he never appears in his original form, that is, he will always disguise himself as another PokémonTo know if there is a chance that you will be facing a Ditto, it is convenient to know which Pokémons it is posing as.

Costumes used by Ditto in Pokémon GO (2022)

Bidoof - Ditto Pokémon GO


Gulpin - Ditto Pokémon GO


Hoothoot - Ditto Pokémon GO


Hoppip - Ditto Pokémon GO


Ledyba - Ditto Pokémon GO

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Numel - Ditto Pokémon GO

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Best - Ditto Pokémon GO


Remoraid - Ditto Pokémon GO


Seedot - Ditto Pokémon GO


Skitty - Ditto Pokémon GO


Spinarak - Ditto Pokémon GO


Venonat - Ditto Pokémon GO


Weedle - Ditto Pokémon GO


Whismur - Ditto Pokémon GO


In the table above you can see all the Pokémon that Ditto will transform into in the wild. So whenever you see one of these Pokémon, try to catch it! Do not miss any opportunity. On the other hand, knowing which Pokémon he transforms into will help you not to catch other creatures that aren't on the list in vain.

From time to time, Ditto's list of "costumes" may change a bit, especially in updates that include new Pokémon. In the event that you catch one of the Pokémon shown above, if it turns out to be a Ditto, it will be revealed upon successful capture.

Ditto - Pokémon GO

It's worth mentioning that any Ditto already in your collection is used to complete the "Let's GO Meltan!" quest. The game forces you to capture a Ditto from the moment the task is enabled, not before! Therefore, if you have not yet reached that phase of the mission, we recommend that you do not spend a lot of time looking for Dittos.

Basic information about Ditto in Pokémon GO

  • Ditto has a maximum of 832 Combat Points at level 40.
  • This Pokémon only has two possible attacks: Transform (as a Quick Attack) and Combat (as a Charge Attack).
  • Ditto cannot be used in battles between trainers but can be used to defend Gyms. In those cases, Ditto will always transform into his opponent, copying his attacks and gaining a CP bonus.
  • Ditto cannot be evolved! Still, you can get Ditto candies to upgrade it.
  • You can take advantage of baits and incense to make the task of capturing Ditto easier.
  • If you know that a friend of yours has captured a Ditto, ask him where he did it. It is very possible that there are other Dittos near where he managed to capture one.
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